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Dr Sajad Ali – Amazon Wizard Course Review

So you’re looking into the FBA course by Dr Sajad Ali called Amazon Wizard. You should – it’s a great course but there aren’t many reviews out there?

I’ve been selling on the US marketplace for quite some time now. From this, I realized the immense opportunities that the UK marketplace presents.

YouTube is a great place as you can find some excellent mentors. They give away a lot of free content so you can then see if they’re the right fit for you as a teacher.

When I came across Dr Sajad Ali, his Amazon Wizard course made me a little concerned as there are minimal reviews. Plus you can get free FBA courses now actually.

πŸ‘‡This software trial includes FREE Amazon FBA Training πŸ‘‡

That said, I still wanted to have a good look here. I saw some serious potential.

My opinion on Dr Sajad Ali

On YouTube, he usually uses just his first name ‘Sajad’ which I like. This makes him more relatable to more people.

In addition, I have huge respect for his decision to walk away from an existing career.

It’s not easy to walk away from an established career in the medical field where you have excellent job security and benefits, especially when family pressure would often make us stay too.

But then again, a lot of us are waking up to the potential of selling online, especially on Amazon.

I have too. I’ve been selling since mid-2017. It wasn’t fast or easy, but literally life-changing.

I’ve gone through a lot of Amazon courses, and they are all mostly good. Not only that, but I keep an eye on the YouTubers.

Dr Sajad Ali is one of the few I actually subscribe to. Why? His content is fantastic.

He shares a lot for free. Like, he doesn’t really hold anything back:

Now that’s a brief overview really. You will need to take a course to get through it.

At least you have the guidelines of what it takes to be successful as an FBA seller.

Amazon Wizard Review

So this is the actual course that he often talks about in his YouTube channels.

As I was looking to take my products into the UK marketplace, I had to look closely.

And guess what? I was blown away from what’s on the inside of the Amazon Wizard Sellers course.

The interesting part is that he says it’s 140 modules. It’s actually 140 videos spread cross 15 or so modules. Ok, that’s just a 1st world OCD problem here… πŸ˜…

There is a lot of content here. It’s very well laid out and sometimes a little overwhelming for beginners, but stick with it. πŸ‘ It’s great!

Going through the course content a few days ago

It’s mostly filmed over the shoulder. That is – Sajad shows you what to do and how to do it, unlike YouTube videos which are much briefer. This is why taking a course is so important.

The filming is great though it’s more of a home-style setup. I guess my preference is professional studio courses given you’re paying a small fortune for the education.

Like it’s still great that the lighting, and more importantly, the audio quality is really A-grade. I’ve done other courses where you can hear chatter in the background which is annoying.

The modules are well spaced too. Let’s have a greater look at those:

Module 1

This is where you start. Often with other courses I’ve done, it’s just an introduction module where they show you what’s coming up in the other modules. Instead, Sajad (yes, I’m omitting his Dr title which should be OK for this context…) jumps straight into the content. 😲

Here he covers:

  • Setting up your Amazon seller account
  • If you should get a company and how to do it
  • Choosing the right business bank account
  • Some information about VAT and taxes
  • He closes off with business mindset (My favourite part)

Length: Approximately 2 hours

Module 2

Wow! I must say that I’m a bit blown away here. It’s usually Modules 3 or 4 where students are lead into product research, but Sajad comes out with the guns right here.

You’re straight into:

  • Choosing Amazon product niches and products
  • How to validate that a product idea is feasible
  • Creating a differentiation to an existing product
  • Calculating profit margins (Very important this one)

Length: Approximately 4 hours. I recommend watching this module twice actually.

Module 3

This is a welcome change of pace from the previous heavy module. It’s only about 20 minutes and a few videos if I recall correctly. It talks about Online and Retail Arbitrage.

This can be a good strategy if you’re a beginner without much money. On the other hand, most people interested in private label only should skip these videos entirely.

Module 4

In this module we get into some legal things. It’s a little overwhelming especially for beginners, but important if you’re taking this seriously. And you should. Amazon is a real business model that could literally change your life (as it has for me!)

Here Sajad talks about:

  • Patents and trademarks particularly for the United Kingdom
  • Getting into restricted categories (less competition!)
  • Protecting your products from scammers and copycats

One thing to note here is the real advantage of the UK marketplace. I’m going through the trademark registry process now with 2 brand names and it only takes 4 months, while the US marketplace takes like 12 months until you can get Brand Registry.

Length: About 1 hour. Somewhat technical but recommend watching.

Module 5

Most courses actually use Module 5 as their module for shipping, so Sajad is finally on track here with the rest. πŸ€ͺ Well he actually rolls suppliers and shipping into one.

Again, this is going to be a little technical for you, especially if you’ve never dealt with the Chinese or international logistics before. You’re getting closer to the finish line so just stay on the journey here!

Length: About 2 hours.

Module 6

There is a range of different topics here. They are all inter-related actually.

Sajad talks about:

  • How to list your product
  • Getting the barcodes organized
  • Dealing with listing hijackers

It’s more relaxing than the last module.

Length: About 1.5 hours

Module 7

Now we’re on to more advanced stuff. You don’t need to do this part of the course until you really have a product on Amazon from your supplier.

He talks about keyword optimization through search engine optimization, how to increase listing conversions and how to price your products. Again, not really relevant until you’re really at this stage of your journey (3 months from now).

Length: 2 hours

Module 8

I found this really unique. Sajad has an entire module dedicated to product images. It goes for 1 hour and is split into like 6 different videos. 😎

See the thing about images is that they are the most important thing about your listing. It’s the closest that your computer is ever going to get to your product until it’s delivered. You essentially need fantastic photography which all of my products do. That said, I learned a lot more from Sajad about this too.

Length: 1 hour (My favourite module personally)

Module 9

Next up we’re taken on a journey on how to launch a product successfully. That’s the thing about Amazon – you’re the new kid on the block and no one knows you.

What you need to do is launch a product with a bang. Sajad talks about the use of coupon codes and promotions to create quick traction with your product, including the use of giveaways. While it reduces your profit margins, you’ll only need to do this in the 1st month or so of a new product launch.

Module 10

You’d think that we’re coming to the end of the course by now, but nope! Sajad continues to deliver the goods with his epic course.

In this module, he covers the reviews portion of setting up an effective product listing. Because positive reviews on Amazon is going to really help your sales and business growth for the long term.

Length: Just over 1 hour

Module 11

I’ve been let down in other courses with substandard PPC training. Like even today I’m still a little lost when it comes to effective campaigns.

The best part is that Sajad has left no stone unturned here. It gets a little technical at times and certainly this isn’t a module you need to do until your products are in Amazon’s warehouses (or at the very least, in transit).

Length: About 2.5 hours and I highly recommend watching it twice.

Module 12

We’re on to a shorter module now. In this one, Sajad talks about Amazon Brand Registry. It’s actually super short around 30 minutes. This isn’t something you can do until you have a live trademark which takes 4 months.

Length: 30 minutes and doesn’t need to be any longer in my opinion. Sajad gets right to the point!

Module 13

This module is more the “loose ends” of videos that couldn’t really fit into other modules. Almost all of them relay for existing marketplace sellers like me to optimize their listings.

Length: Just over 1 hour and some key learnings for existing sellers.

Module 14

We’re on to the final module here with Sajad is all about scale and duplication. You know – taking your Amazon products into multiple marketplaces, such as the United States, Canada, India and Australia.

He raises some key points in the videos about the hazards of having two seller accounts. You can have two (I mean…I have 2 πŸ˜ƒ) but you will need permission from Amazon first as Sajad explains in the videos.

Length: 1.5 hours

Dr Sajad Ali Course Summarized

Sajad brings his A-game here with nothing left out in the course. It’s certainly worth the Β£997 price-point. I mean – you’re getting personal mentorship too which is an excellent offer.

In my opinion, he should price this more like Β£2,000+ for what’s on offer.

Dr Sajad Ali Amazon FBA Course
A lot of couples will get value out of this course

It doesn’t have as many students as other Amazon courses (hence the lack of reviews on Amazon Wizard) but it’s made up in the more intimate nature of his student community. I’d love to see live events offered for students in the near future too.

Free Amazon course alternatives

The thing that you probably know already – Amazon courses are big business.

Like there are people making serious money just selling the course alone.

Often that eclipses the money they make with Amazon FBA in the 1st place.

Sajad chooses to do a more intimate approach with his students with mentoring.

What does that really mean? He’s not out here to make a living from his course.

He’s one of the few that actually still walk the talk today when it comes to Amazon.

Not only that, but he’s centred on the UK marketplace which is quite unique.

But here’s the thing too – there are people who have significantly higher results.

They have been selling on the US marketplace for many years successfully.

I know a guy even. Many people in this Amazon space know him actually.

He’s totally over the expensive Amazon courses. You know Β£1,997 to Β£3,997.

It’s a bit ridiculous, right? Like these people are charging you a real fortune.

Now, he’s done some serious results in the United States. 8 figures with 4 brands.

After all, he’s been doing this for 20 years now. A real and rare industry veteran.

And one morning he woke and said “I’m going to release my course for FREE

Say what? 😲

Yes, it’s totally free. His full Amazon course.

The complete blueprint – a full A to Z to sell on FBA.

He doesn’t need to make money from courses, unlike many others.

It’s his gift to the world, and my gift to share it.

πŸ‘‡This software trial includes FREE Amazon FBA Training πŸ‘‡

You need to get on to this today – it’s literally the best value-offer around.

Final verdict

What Sajad is offering with his Amazon Wizard course is seriously good value.

It’s clear that he has brought his A-game to the modules. Someone who walks the talk.

To many people, he’s relatable too. There are so many people in the medical field who are looking to Amazon right now.

After all, it’s an excellent opportunity and a scalable business model. One of the best out there.

So definitely Amazon Wizard is one of the best Amazon UK courses available.

Genuinely it’s 4.6 stars! 🀩 (Only some very minor negatives…and I’m really nit-picking)

πŸ‘‡ This software trial includes FREE Amazon FBA Training πŸ‘‡

Amazon Wizard Course
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22 thoughts on “Dr Sajad Ali – Amazon Wizard Course Review”

  1. Hi Joshua,

    I really appreciate the review being a UK resident, I did want your opinion on another course if you would be so kind.

    Amazon FBA UK Warrior

    • Hi Zameer, cheers for the feedback! I haven’t heard of Amazon FBA UK Warrior or Richard Rackowski before but I can do a review on his course in the coming months.

      • Hi Joshua,

        Thank you so much for coming back to me so quickly, as a UK resident I know the market is global with Amazon but what would in your opinion be the best course? I know you speak highly about Adam and Sophie im just not sure which is the best route being in the UK.

        Oh and your blog and site are extremely useful your work is superb
        Very well done


          • Hi Joshua,

            I really appreciate your feedback thanks you so much, I will be taking a good look and weighing up hopefully make a decision soon and begin this amazing journey to freedom as a job slave.


          • Hi Joshua,

            I had a one more question as a complete beginner in the UK, with not a huge amount of capital but enough to get started. which is the best choice im finding it difficult to choose between the following

            Market Super Heroes
            Freedom Ticket
            Amazon Wizard

            What would be the pros and cons of the above 3

            I so totally appreciate your time and feedback, without we would be really struggling.



          • Hi Zameer, I did a comparison of MPSH vs FT:

            Amazon Wizard and MPSH are UK-centric so would recommend those over FT as you’re in the UK, though FT comes free with Helium10 which you’ll need anyway. There isn’t much in the way of notable cons with any of these courses apart from the prices. Dr Sajad Ali doesn’t have live student workshops yet while Marketplace Superheroes runs a few per year (these cost extra $$$) which will resume after COVID restrictions finish.

            It’s best to go with the educator/course who resonates the most with you and that, for most people, is Amazon Wizard.

  2. Hi Joshua,

    Really appreciate the feedback and an even bigger incentive is the Amazon Wizard course is on discount at Β£490
    I will be enrolling today, and starting my journey.


  3. Hello Zameer,

    I have read through this post and it would be great to hear where you are at with your business and how this course has helped you.

    Many thanks


    • Hello joshua…

      You were talking about sajjad Ali but the free course link that you put is a course of someone else not sajad ali.. which course shall I focus on? Sajad ali or the other one?

        • OK.. so you recommend sajjad over kevin.. Great.

          Just 2 questions pls…

          How much sajjad course cost ? Also does it have to be paid all in once? or certain amount can be paid each month.. offcourse if this option available.

          • I think the current pricing details would be on his website, as would current payment plan options. πŸ™‚

          • Cheers man… anyway .. instead of having these expensive courses …have you tried udemy?.. it has many courses done by people to buy… quite cheap also.

          • Yep plenty of cheap-as-chips Udemy courses. Many people on Udemy are playing around and rarely finish anything they buy into.

            Many Udemy course creators know this, so they don’t have to put as much effort in either for their bargain-priced courses. Some of them can be really outdated too (circa 2015) which is concerning.

            It’s really a different market. Someone paying $1,000+ for their education is taking their journey pretty well seriously, have additional capital for inventory set side and really want the community aspect that guys like Sajad provide.

            Still, if money’s a problem…go with Udemy and buy up some cheap courses. But then again, consider if the FBA business model is actually right for you at this time. You’ll need a lot of capital set aside for inventory especially with recent massive increases in freight costs and the like. I’ve seen a lot of beginners struggle to get anywhere with FBA without some cold-hard cash.

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