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Derrick Struggle and FBA Heroes: Real Review for Beginners

I sell on Amazon FBA and make a full time income. Through this FBA Heroes review, I’ll examine the course by Derrick Struggle and if you should invest.

This blog of mine started years ago to document my journey. I’ve helped thousands of people around the world, especially those who want to get started as Amazon sellers. The opportunity is alive and well right now.

I’m praised often for my distinctive use of words. No BS or sugar coating. Just straight forward, honest and without the sensationalism of these ‘gurus’ in the marketplace. Let’s get into it…

FBA Heroes Review

This course teaches you how to build a profitable business on Amazon. FBA Heroes by Derrick Struggle was created after already having built a successful business himself on the platform. He’s catered this one for beginners.

FBA Heroes Review Amazon FBA Derrick Struggle

Here’s what is included in the course:

  • About 60 high quality training videos for new students
  • Live support and guidance (This isn’t all that frequent)
  • An in-depth knowledge base answering most questions
  • Templates that you can use when dealing with suppliers
  • Access to the FB Group (Every course has one though…)
  • Dealing with PPC advertising on Amazon and Facebook
  • Full updates for life, as the course is always improving

Going through the content, I did see it was a little light. At least compared to some others out there. I guess a work in progress here?

The biggest downsides to mention is the refund policy. It’s just 14 days, and Derrick could do so much better. This is a real ‘struggle’ for me to articulate why he’d only provide a short refund policy, when all other courses are 30 to 60 days. Heck, I found an Amazon course the other day with a 90 day refund policy. That’s 3 months!!

FBA Heroes Amazon Course Scam

Another thing, as a mild downside, is that the core demographic is young guys. For women who want to become entrepreneurs, there’s other communities out there that are best catered to you. In fact, I’ve listed a lot of Amazon courses in this list for you to check out. One course particularly has more than 50% women! Can you guess which one? Unfortunately it’s geared towards those in Australia and New Zealand.

Building a real Amazon business

Here’s the truth: BUILDING AN AMAZON BUSINESS IS HARD. Unlike most gurus, I won’t lie to you. I don’t even consider myself a guru. Amazon seller who makes a full time income? Yes. Certainly teaching isn’t my thing, I’d rather make my millions on Amazon, but also give realistic expectations too.

You will need a course to get yourself start. You can’t learn on your own, and YouTube videos are very scattered. Save your time and energy, and just do it right from Day 1. Courses help you avoid costly financial mistakes.

Some other facts include:

  • You’ll need a decent starting capital. $5,000 and above ideally
  • There is 7 to 10 hours per week required to do multiple things
  • Going to China isn’t needed but I highly recommend doing so
  • The money you invest you can’t take out, it is to be rolled over
  • Treat this like a business, and implement systems & processes

Education is an ongoing thing. I’ve taken quite a number of Amazon courses. Some are better than others. Certainly FBA Heroes I do rank well, and Derrick Struggle has done a good job. Those in the USA and Canada will do best. Prospective students in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, South Africa and Europe will find better options out there.

What Derrick has brought to the table is better than Kevin David. Yet, there’s still better courses available, with my #1 choice being this one. The god-father of Amazon FBA courses. It’s likely the same one that Derrick took and recreated the content.

Closing thoughts

This is one of my shortest reviews. I simply did find the Amazon FBA Heroes course to be satisfactory, though the content was a little lighter than I was hoping with a short refund policy. I guess Derrick Struggle will address this with his FBA Heroes course in the future.

As a reminder, this journey won’t be so easy. You might get impressed by Ferrari’s, but don’t let that fool you. It takes years to build to a million dollar business, it’s just easier via Amazon FBA. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years personally.

For those with questions and comments, you’re most welcome to drop them below. I’d love to help you out! This includes questions regarding selling on Amazon FBA. I am a real seller, and despite being from Australia, I do sell on Amazon USA only. My goods come from China, and where you live isn’t really an issue for most people.

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