Deppro Review: My experiences with their property depreciation schedules

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Today I’ll expose my experiences through this Deppro review as an Australian property investor. It’s from this you’ll be able to make a fundamentally accurate and informed decision as to whether you should use their services.

I’ve been blogging here since 2011. Tens of thousands of fellow Australians have been on my blog. They love the no-nonse and zero sugar-coating writing style that I use. I’ve bought and sold numerous properties, and today I earn a pretty decent semi-passive income in my 30’s.

From this, I’ve inspired thousands of people to go down the path of true financial freedom through 21st century digital assets. That is – online investment properties. But more on that later.

Let’s start!

Deppro: What do they do?

These guys are depreciation schedule specialists. They help Australian property investors to get the best cash return for their investment.

Deppro Review Australia
It’s good that you’re researching Deppro

Deppro have offices and presences in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. Their main markets are property investors in Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. You’ll often find their advertisements in Australian Property Investment magazine.

Features include:

  • Fully ATO Compliant as their staff are trained in-house and stay updated
  • Comprehensive reports so that investors can get their full depreciation
  • Maximum entitlements so anyone can use their services (including old houses)

Generally, as you call, you will be able to book in a time. Then one of their reps comes up and performs a full check of your investment property. No one needs to be home as long as keys are available.

Checks include:

  • Full check of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces
  • The best estimate of floor space throughout the house and outdoor space
  • Any added luxuries such as split systems will be noted for deduction too
  • A check to see what materials are used, so the costs can be best estimated

You’ll be quite surprised at what they’ll check. My experience had the guy checking my walk in robe, simply because he wanted to see if there was carpet at the base. So, be prepared to clean up!

My experiences with Deppro

The Deppro guy rocked up at the allocated time, completed with the branded car. It took about 2 hours to do the complete check on and review on my 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom investment property. The house was mostly empty, as I was planning to move out shortly, hence the report requirements.

Deppro literally went through every single piece of my house’s infrastructure

He was nice, did his job well, but also really explained why he was checking the things that he was. The guy checked if there was a TV antenna, and estimated the cost. Further, he checked the lawn, and measured how much there was. He estimated the cost of the shed. He really wanted every little thing on his checklist, in order to create the best report (and subsequent tax deduction) for me that he could!

The 20 year retirement through property plan?

Back when I started investing in Australian property, I had this plan. If I get 10 properties, then all will be great. I’ll be able to retire in on a 6 figure income. Except, that never did happen.

It’s hard to make money through investing in property, when you’re crippled with so much debt

Chances are, you’re probably in the same boat for these reasons:

  • Property prices are in DECLINE all around Australia (ouch!)
  • The old strategies of buy and hold aren’t working anymore
  • Negative gearing is certainly no more, and it costs you anyway
  • It’s hard to refinance or save for the next investment property

For these reasons I had to go looking for a better plan. Luckily, I found it. It’s called digital real estate, and it’s also real. I’ve inspired thousands of Australians to transition over to a 21st passive income strategy.

A semi-passive income in 3 years or less

That probably sounds more attractive than waiting 20+ years to retire. Trust me – I got over the daily grind of working 5 days per week. So I did something about it.

Recently I was able to ‘semi retire’ at age 29 with a 5 figure monthly income. I had been building my digital asset portfolio for several years, and decided that I was done with the race race.

You might be older than me, but that doesn’t stop you from having a go. I’m looking for more people to help through this process. In fact – I’ve already inspired thousands of Australians already to start their journey. I hope you have the courage to be next.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • You need to have a winning mentality, and are prepared to work hard
  • The end goal is passive income with a desire to quit your job in the future
  • Those aged 25 to 55 are my best candidates, especially those with families
  • Particularly, if you’re a fan of Robert Kiyosaki, Scott Pape or Michael Yardney

If you’re in that list, it’s best you get in touch. I have available the best side project right now to actually create real passive income. That is – it’s a 100% FREE course that will teach you the process.

This is not Amway. This isn’t one of those multi-level marketing schemes. If you’ve been on my blog before, you’ll know that I really don’t like those things. In the 80’s and 90’s they worked, but the world has really changed. We’re living in completely new times.

Closing thoughts on Deppro

This guys are the real deal, so I hope this Deppro review has been helpful to you. They’re not the cheapest (I have to add this negative to make it a fair review) but they really do create a comprehensive report. Their staff are both nice and professional, paired with the latest training available.

Again – if you’re committed, I have the perfect side project for you. It’s for those with 7 hours free per week, and are committed to build towards a full time income. And certainly no selling to friends or family members. It’s about creating your own real online business that you own, and could potentially sell for 7 figures.

It’s not easy, nor is it necessarily hard either. It does take courage, work, commitment and is for those willing to get their hands dirty. After all, a mostly passive income trail is waiting on the other side.

Deppro Rated
  • Service Quality
  • Report Pricing
  • Delivery Speed
  • Team Friendliness

Summary of Deppro Services

I’ve rated their services for Australian property investors

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