Dennis Family Homes Review: Does It Really Take That Long?

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Dennis Family Homes have solid reviews because their house prices are affordable, but not everyone is happy. Should you wait up to 12 months with Dennis?

I wanted to write an unbiased opinion as an alternative to the typical websites out there.

Dennis Family Homes Review

Building your own family home in Australia is something to be proud of. You deserve it as you worked so hard to make it this far.

But then it’s hard. You go to so many display homes and see the options. You think you’re on to a winner then you find negative reviews about Dennis Family Homes online. It causes confusion.

Dennis Family Homes Review

To clear that up for you, I’m going to spill the beans.

Building a house is an emotional time. So much is at stake here. And there is so much that can go wrong.

For them as a builder, there are so many moving parts too. Paperwork, tradies, weather delays. The list goes on.

So when something does happen (and trust me, it will happen…) the most common thing that people do is run to tell the internet about their bad experience.

It happens with every single builder in Australia. I mean really – look up their reviews of Dennis Family Homes and every other builder too.

There is that common trend. And you know, most people are actually happy. If your gut feeling is to go with Dennis Family Homes and you’ve been out to the display village to talk to the rep, then I’d be jumping on board.

Of course, there are other options out there too. This is why I often recommend on my blog that you should shop around and compare options.

The big problem

This wouldn’t be a fair review unless I shared a common problem. It’s something that most people experience when they build their dream home. And that is the mortgage.

Unfortunately for most people, the mortgage becomes a massive expense in the household family budget. It costs us the freedom that we all crave.

The dreams from our 20’s simply vanished because we’ve got this 30-year mortgage to deal with, month after month. It’s simply frustrating.

So then, what can you do?

The answer

Digital assets. I believe digital assets are the way forward.

Years ago it was real estate. You buy an investment property and your tenant pays it off. A smart strategy actually.

However, it’s so much harder to do this today. This is why I’m so passionate about what can be done online.

Because you’re not restricted by where you live or your past experience. Total beginners can do this and in fact, many get started.

A digital asset could pay off your mortgage without you needing to tap into your weekly household budget. This is something I’ve been doing personally for 2 years now.

Using Dennis Family Homes

What I like about this builder is that they’re family-orientated. They want to do the right thing by their customers.

Would I recommend them? Sure. If you’ve analyzed all the options in the market, going by the reviews online, you’ll very likely have a pleasant experience.

Remember, go in with a list. Look at what the Dennis Family Homes warranty and price inclusions actually are, which in this market, are quite competitive.

In summary

There are multiple good builders in your area worth checking out and comparing side by side. Dennis Family Homes stacks up pretty well.

Their strong energy ratings, many years in the market and strong online reviews mean that most families feel pretty well confident in getting started with them.

But some parent aren’t confident having that big mortgage looming overhead. That big thing which takes so long to pay off. Yes – it really does take 30 years. 6 to 12 months to build your dream home with Dennis Family Homes is nothing compared to the mortgage that you’re stuck with, sadly.

However, by putting in the time, effort and energy into building a digital asset, it may effectively pay the mortgage off for you.