Crush It With Challenges Review: Is It Worth It?

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Crush It With Challenges with Pedro Adao is a course that was just announced. The big question is: Should you enrol as a student?

If you’ve been inside the Facebook group these last few weeks, you’ll know that there’s a lot of buzz and excitement. The community has really rallied behind his movement.

The 5 Day Movement Maker Challenge is something that I also paid close attention to with so many success stories and people taking genuine action. This is otherwise absent to most other communities.

Crush It With Challenges Review

I’ll take you through this course here and you’ll discover exact what there is waiting for you.

Getting started

Crush It With Challenges Review

The training program starts out, as it typically does, with an introduction. Pedro Adao also goes into the basics of what to expect as well as helping you figure out where you are on the journey today.

Core of the training program

Pedro Adao course

From there, he’s into the art of the challenge so to speak. Essentially, this is where Crush It With Challenges really kicks off as an experience for each student. You’ll be learning the basics of building community-driven challenges. The most important one is learning what the challenge solves for the end customer.

Crush It With Challenges Review

As this will be your first time creating something like this, all the finer details are here. This includes the naming of your challenge, the length and exactly at which time of month it should be run.

Crush It With Challenges Review

Then it takes this further into the cost, pre-training and guest-listing. It’s super important that you only invite the right people into what is essentially your value-driven sales funnel.

5 Day Changemaker course

As very few people are marketers, setting up payment systems, volumes and timing of your offer is very crucial. Therefore, you should run challenges and set up your offer based on the course content. All too often I see people getting started the right way then going off track.

Gaining customers

Again – most of Pedro’s students struggle with marketing. You know like how do they find their ideal customer? That’s where you’ll need an effective content, traffic, funnel and conversion strategy. The challenge is: Pedro doesn’t really go as deep into this as I was expecting.

Setting up Facebook ads
Pedro covers the basics of setting up Facebook ads and onboarding customers.

It’s true that you’re going to need to run some paid ads into your sales funnel. Essentially, the bigger the audience = the more trust you have in this space and the higher likelihood of conversions.

The bonuses

Every course online nowadays has bonuses, right? Things that are added in to make the offer even more compelling and Pedro Adao has done well here.

Yep – there’s a familiar site! Clickfunnels is probably the best way for a beginner to build a highly converting sales funnel.

Then it seems that these last few videos were tacked on the rear end.

Essentially I do feel there’s good value with these bonuses.

The right student

The ideal student for this training program is the individual who’s keen to make a solid difference in the world. If that’s you then this might be the right pathway to go down.

Students that are getting on board right now before this is closed off include:

  • Coaches and consultants
  • Stay at home moms
  • Those looking for a side hustle
  • People who have a skill that can be monetized

Most of those who are joining Pedro Adao’s program are those in the personal development space.

The downsides

No review is complete without some criticism. Essentially, the course wasn’t as in-depth as I was expecting. There aren’t 380 hours of video content to digest. I guess Pedro has made this broadly so it caters for all types of change-makers.

Also, the price is a little high. I mean – that’s why you searched online, right? You want to know if it is any good and worth it. When you look at just bringing 5 students of your own into your own program at $497, not only have you paid this program off entirely but you’re also into profits!

In summary

This is a good program that’s quite broad. It caters to a wider target audience as opposed to being niched down. I prefer personally to learn a lot about a little, as opposed to a little about a lot. That said – action always trumps knowledge.

What’s unique is that Pedro is focused on challenges as opposed towards course sales because that’s where you get those more serious about taking the next step forward.

And if you’re serious about building something substantial, then this is a good program for you.

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