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Craig Hamilton Evolving Wisdom – A “Transformative Education for a Changing World”

I felt it necessary to share my thoughts on Craig Hamilton within this Evolving Wisdom review. Hopefully it paints a better picture of what you’ll be discovering.

In today’s fast paced, anxiety-filled life, it is easy to get lost in the everyday grind and the shallow connections of the digital era which results to a present and growing need in creating and maintaining a bridge to our spirituality. Craig Hamilton has made it his life work to be a pioneer and a leading proponent of evolving spirituality and in the movement for conscious evolution. He is the founder of Integral Enlightenment, “an authentic, contemporary approach to spiritual practice designed to bring about a total transformation of our humanity.”

He describes it as “a path for those of us who appreciate the great wisdom traditions of the past, but feel a yearning for a new spirituality that is informed by a leading-edge understanding of both the human condition and our place in the Cosmos.” It is for people who believe that their spiritual life is more than personal happiness, peace, or contentment and this philosophy is in direct contradiction to the prevalent “me-oriented spirituality of the contemporary West.” In his journey to bring about a more enlightened world, he offers spiritual guidance and teachings all over the world, and his online courses have more than 14,000 graduates to date.

Craig’s spiritual journey, beginning from the ashrams and monasteries of the East, have eventually brought him to the forefront of consciousness research in the West. It was in this journey that his key insights took shape. His programs are deeply rooted in his decades of intensive spiritual practice and have lead him to create Evolving Wisdom.

Evolving Wisdom is a global e-learning community that offer virtual courses, online workshops, and events specializing in transformative education. The aim is not only to inspire and aspire big ideas but to guide people into a “process of deep transformation.” Evolving Wisdom is open to everybody, whether you have been on a long transformational journey or just recently dabbled or discovered it, but it’s important to note that true and lasting change don’t come easy or quick. For people who want to go on this path, it requires true commitment and genuine spiritual investment.

At Evolving Wisdom, there are four key components, which they refer to as the Four Pillars of Transformative Education, to bring about human transformation, to be able to embrace one’s true potential and a new way of being:

  • A step-by-step transformational program
  • A structure of ongoing guidance and support from a teacher or mentor
  • Ongoing practice and reflection
  • A supportive community of kindred spirits who are on the same journey

When you visit their website, you’ll find a list of the courses they offer and a detailed description of what they are all about. Their list of esteemed and notable faculty are also listed there so you can have a closer look into the dynamic group of people who will lead and guide you in the courses you choose. Also available are links to the websites of their different programs and free audio seminar events. I find the courses they offer to be very inviting especially since they offer a 14-day money back guarantee so there’s very little risk for you to try it and to determine if this is the right path to follow in your own spiritual evolution.

Here are their list of programs and my personal favorite course/s for each:

  1. Life Purpose & Personal Power

These programs aims to teach the “art and science of uncovering, exploring and achieving your greatest potential in life.”

  • Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose with Jean Huston. A 7-week course that helps you discover the essential tools and techniques to activate your unique destiny and live your highest calling.
  • Live Your Quantum Destiny. A 9-month program designed to offer regular support and intensive additional training in pursuing your life’s purpose and further developing your Quantum Powers.
  1. Spirituality & Meditation

These programs are focused “to powerfully shift your worldview, uplift your approach to life and provide you the tools to thrive.”

  • The Practice of Direct Awakening. A transformative and comprehensive meditation journey with a focus on awakened consciousness and provide the tools to sustain it. This course includes weekly video introductions, 90-minute course sessions, multiple guided audio meditations, and coaching sessions for a fully immersive and supportive experience.
  1. Love & Relationships

This program offers supportive programs designed to “free you from limitations to love and to open new doors to the meaningful relationships you’ve dreamed of.”

  • The Soulmate Secret: A 7-week Course to Manifest the Love of Your Life. For those who are on a seemingly endless journey to find The One. It’s a 7-week course based on the best-selling book by Arielle Ford that teaches you how to apply unique manifestation techniques to attract and find the person for you.
  1. Success & Prosperity

Focusing on the areas of Abundance and Prosperity to help “create the financial situation for yourself that best suits your desired life goals.”

  • True Prosperity: Your 7-Week Journey To Financial Empowerment. A comprehensive 7-week training that will guide you to achieving financial stability and wealth, overcoming “scarcity consciousness” and give you the tools to overcome the financial challenges you will face.
  1. Women’s Empowerment

These programs are women-centered designed to “provide the tools, training and support that today’s awakening women need to realize their highest potential.”

  • Feminine Power 7-Week Online Course. Designed to empower women everywhere by connecting them to a supportive global community that taps into the “new co-creative power of women.”

Craig Hamilton’s Evolving Wisdom may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but, if you do find yourself attracted and drawn in, you are in good company. They have a global learning community that is committed to spiritual and cultural evolution that is ready to welcome you, in whatever level or phase you are in your own journey. It is very easy to join and a quick sign up on their website will be rewarded quickly with access to the Evolving Wisdom electronic magazine, special program offers, and updates on upcoming events.

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