Christina Galbato: Course Review, Net Worth and Earnings (2023)

Published: May 3, 2023

Last updated: May 3, 2023

By Joshua Smith

I Review Online Courses

Welcome to the ultimate Christina Galbato course review for 2023. I’ll also be doing my best to estimate her net worth too!

I’ve spent thousands of hours auditing and reviewing the content from many online courses, including the popular Blogger and Influencer courses by Christina Galbato.

If you’re ready to get started and need to know:

➜ If her course is worth the investment

➜ Who the course is and isn’t for

➜ Common complaints regarding her training

➜ What you can expect in your first year

➜ How I got to 200,000+ page views per month

Then you’re definitely in the right place! πŸ™‚

I’ve done a ton of research about this program before hitting the publish button.

Let’s jump straight in!

Christina Galbato At A Glance

πŸ’‘Core Concepts

Teaches individuals on how to become successful influencers, bloggers and online educators.

While her education is catered towards women, some men have taken her training.

πŸ’°Current Price

Varies depending on the course.

🀩 Net Worth

Influencers are often quite wealthy these days.

As of 2023, Christina Galbato has a net worth of $5,700,000 USD.

This is based upon her online business valuation, her Woodstock Retreat, plus her luxury New York home, car and personal investments.

Of course, this is my best estimate based on what I’ve seen of hers over these past few years. 😊

🌍 Student Volume

2,000+ enrolled students

✌️Common Praise

Practical training that’s easy to follow by an educator who has real-wordl results.

❌ Notable Complaints

Course is a little expensive and requires effort.

πŸš€ The X-Factor

Christina runs an incredible Mastermind for her top-earners.

πŸ“ˆ Industry Trends

Creators are the new media so Christina (and her students) are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this new wave.

In my opinion, it’s still early!

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» My Verdict

One of the most incredible courses I’ve gone through.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Why You Should Trust Me

I’m Joshua Smith from Australia. I have been building profitable content sites since 2011.

And despite my knowledge, I enjoy taking new courses and learning from others. I create a ton of content here, including course reviews. I aim to maintain neutrality and provide some realistic criticism through my own experiences as a fellow creator.

The Courses

The Influencer Bootcamp

Perfect for those huge on social media

This course is designed to help you build an engaged IG audience and content that resonates.

The Blogger Bootcamp

Perfect for those huge on real traffic

As a blogger, I absolutely enjoyed this course the best. Christina absolutely delivered on point!

The Online Course Bootcamp

Perfect for educators

This is my next pathway and I was most excited by the profit potential of this course.

The Influence To Empire Mastermind

Warning: This isn’t cheap.

If you want to hang out with other students and Christina herself, then this is the Mastermind for you.

This one is by application only, runs only once per year and there is an established waitlist.

Common Praise

Complete A to Z

I found Christina to deliver the goods.

Unlike other courses that sometimes oversell on their promises, Christina’s is different.

Sure – her landing pages are brilliant (props to her designers here) – but she does deliver on the backend too. It’s likely that she’s hired a course curriculum designer to ensure there’s no stone unturned.

Well Produced and Edited

Well produced, just like YouTube and Instagram

Christina has both hired and used professional studio-grade equipment for her online courses. She’s scripted very well and it’s clear to see why she’s paid incredibly well.

Thriving Community

With 2,000+ students, the Facebook Group is THRIVING.

Both Christina and her team are in there often to answer questions, but so are her fellow students.

It’s good to see a community truly helping each other, rather than tearing others down.

Common Complaints

A Little Expensive

Her courses aren’t cheap.

While you can certainly learn some things elsewhere, Christina wanted her course to cater for those seeking real-world results and be willing to invest into themselves. This is why the course prices make some people uncomfortable.

Requires Work

Christina wasn’t successful overnight.

Christina is very enthusiastic to watch and is sometimes a little over-optimistic, but you still have to do work yourself. That said, there is the FB group to lean on for advice too!

Catered To Women

I think it’s like 95% women.

I do know some men are in the course (often husbands or boyfriends of existing students), Christina’s really catered her courses and community to serving women. While I would never expect to see anything close to 50/50, it would be great to see a better balance in time.

My Verdict

Perfect For Beginners

Christina’s main audience are beginners seeking to thrive

If you’re working in a normal job and are seeking to become an influencer or blogger on the side, then her course is definitely for you. She even has some experienced creators (like me) that are interested in her programs.

Lives Up To Expectations

Her course isn’t oversold on promises.

I have seen far too many courses that are over-hyped and sensational. Not here.

There are far too many success stories to pass on and having come in with experience, I can see her courses are aligned with expectations.

Not Everyone Is Successful

A tough pill to swallow.

Typically, I see around 98% of people buy courses and DO NOTHING… πŸ˜”

With Christina’s course, that number may only be down to around 30%

And yet, some people will not be successful, even if they do try.

A lot comes down to choosing the right niche, creating the right content and remaining consistent.

Get all 3 things right and you’ll be paid for years to come.

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