155 Christian Girl Captions for Instagram and Facebook (2023)

Here are 155 short Christian girl captions for your Instagram posts this beautiful Sunday:

  1. “Walking by faith and not by sight.”
  2. “God’s plans > My plans.”
  3. “Blessed and highly favored.”
  4. “Chosen, not forsaken.”
  5. “Grace upon grace.”
  6. “Living in God’s rhythm.”
  7. “Radiating God’s love.”
  8. “Soul anchored in heavenly places.”
  9. “Daughter of the King.”
  10. “Redefining beauty through His word.”
  11. “My identity is found in Christ.”
  12. “Prayer warrior in training.”
  13. “Spirit-led, Jesus-fed.”
  14. “Faith over fear always.”
  15. “His love never fails.”
  16. “Cherished, valued, set apart.”
  17. “Created for such a time as this.”
  18. “Letting my light shine.”
  19. “Eyes fixed on Jesus.”
  20. “Salt and light.”
  21. “Jesus over everything.”
  22. “Grace looks beautiful on me.”
  23. “Fuelled by faith.”
  24. “Living on purpose.”
  25. “Saved by grace.”
  26. “Be still and know.”
  27. “Heaven-bound.”
  28. “Humbled by His love.”
  29. “Gratitude in my attitude.”
  30. “God is within her, she will not fall.”
  31. “Chasing after Him.”
  32. “Prayer, patience, and persistence.”
  33. “Love like Jesus.”
  34. “Godfidence is the best confidence.”
  35. “Not perfect, just forgiven.”
  36. “Flawed but called.”
  37. “Heaven in her eyes.”
  38. “She is clothed in strength and dignity.”
  39. “Proverbs 31 in progress.”
  40. “Walking in divine purpose.”
  41. “Just a girl and her Bible.”
  42. “Faith it until you make it.”
  43. “Beloved by the King of kings.”
  44. “Seeking His face always.”
  45. “Too blessed to be stressed.”
  46. “God’s masterpiece.”
  47. “Worship is a lifestyle.”
  48. “Made in His image.”
  49. “Living in God’s abundance.”
  50. “Coffee, Jesus, and grace.”
  51. “His mercies are new every morning.”
  52. “Vessel of honor.”
  53. “Living for an audience of One.”
  54. “Grace is my superpower.”
  55. “Unconditionally loved.”
  56. “Set apart and chosen.”
  57. “More precious than rubies.”
  58. “Armed with strength and dignity.”
  59. “Grace over grind.”
  60. “Restored, redeemed, renewed.”
  61. “By grace, through faith.”
  62. “Loved beyond measure.”
  63. “Living on a prayer.”
  64. “Rooted in Christ.”
  65. “Fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  66. “Living in the overflow.”
  67. “Secure in His embrace.”
  68. “Saved by grace, through faith.”
  69. “With God, all things are possible.”
  70. “Crowned in His love.”
  71. “Driven by purpose, not by pressure.”
  72. “Unashamed of the Gospel.”
  73. “Living proof of His love.”
  74. “Empowered by His Spirit.”
  75. “Dancing to His rhythm.”
  76. “Warrior of the Most High.”
  77. “My strength comes from Him.”
  78. “Loved. Redeemed. Restored.”
  79. “Drawing closer to Him each day.”
  80. “His plans, His timing, His will.”
  81. “He turns my mess into a message.”
  82. “Shine so that others see Him in you.”
  83. “Grace looks good on me.”
  84. “All things through Christ.”
  85. “Surrendered heart.”
  86. “God’s girl, always and forever.”
  87. “Believe, trust, and pray.”
  88. “A heart that loves Jesus.”
  89. “Steadfast in His love.”
  90. “Walking with the Savior.”
  91. “Eyes set on eternity.”
  92. “Living loved.”
  93. “Abiding in His presence.”
  94. “Overflowing with thankfulness.”
  95. “Spirit-filled and on fire.”
  96. “Covered by His grace.”
  97. “His promises never fail.”
  98. “Fully known and loved by Him.”
  99. “Pursuing purity and holiness.”
  100. “Created to worship.”
  101. “God’s timing is perfect.”
  102. “Jesus, take the wheel.”
  103. “His love changes everything.”
  104. “Anchored in His promises.”
  105. “Living for more than just this world.”
  106. “Born again and set free.”
  107. “Christ-centered, not self-centered.”
  108. “Passionate for His presence.”
  109. “A vessel for His glory.”
  110. “His joy is my strength.”
  111. “On a mission for the King.”
  112. “Led by the Spirit, not by the flesh.”
  113. “Seek first His kingdom.”
  114. “Unwavering faith.”
  115. “Loved at my darkest.”
  116. “Daughter of the most high.”
  117. “Kingdom-minded.”
  118. “More of Him, less of me.”
  119. “Serving with a joyful heart.”
  120. “Radiating His glory.”
  121. “Running my race with endurance.”
  122. “Secure in my Savior.”
  123. “Destined for greatness in Him.”
  124. “Forever grateful for His sacrifice.”
  125. “Jesus is my anchor.”
  126. “He turns ashes to beauty.”
  127. “Finding beauty in His word.”
  128. “Resting in His promises.”
  129. “He is my refuge and strength.”
  130. “Living to make Him known.”
  131. “Empowered by grace.”
  132. “Overflowing with His love.”
  133. “Finding joy in the journey with Him.”
  134. “Unshakeable trust in Him.”
  135. “I am who He says I am.”
  136. “Living a life of worship.”
  137. “Boundless love from above.”
  138. “God’s grace is sufficient.”
  139. “With God, I lack nothing.”
  140. “Overflowing with His blessings.”
  141. “Growing spiritually day by day.”
  142. “A light in this world.”
  143. “Walking in God’s favor.”
  144. “Love never fails.”
  145. “Shining His light in the darkness.”
  146. “Bold for Christ.”
  147. “Living a life surrendered.”
  148. “All for His glory.”
  149. “God’s warrior princess.”
  150. “A heart after God.”
  151. “Deeply loved by the Creator.”
  152. “Walking in divine destiny.”
  153. “A vessel of His love.”
  154. “Finding peace in His presence.”
  155. “Overflowing with gratitude for His love.”

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