IQ Capital Review: Are They Worth It?

IQ Capital help you plan for a better future and this is especially true with the dozens of positive reviews. But not everyone is happy it seems.

Is it worth you using IQ Capital? I wanted to share my opinion as someone who has been through a property investing journey for over 10 years.

IQ Capital Review

IQ Capital is a good company. They help primarily mum and dad investors to build a solid financial plan. This is done through their various associated arms like IQ Finance, IQ Invest, IQ Wealth and IQ Financial Planning.

IQ Capital Review

For 12 years they have done very well. In fact, they have won multiple industry awards via Choice Magazine. They can help you achieve your financial goals, or at the very least, help you learn more about getting started on the property journey. Their Time to Think Rich eBook is a wealth of information.

What’s astounding is the number of customer testimonials and genuine reviews on the IQ Capital website. That’s clear evidence that people have enjoyed this process. Most other property investment consultancy firms don’t share much of this nature at all.

My property investing journey

I’ve learned a lot. From my experience, there are really 3 ways to build a property portfolio:

  1. You educate yourself. I started with Rich Dad Poor Dad and Michael Yardney’s books. You do all the research yourself and find a property. Done. However, this is a long and tedious process and you might not be sure if it’s the right thing for you. It also can increase the risk of bad decision-making.
  2. You use the professionals. IQ Capital are professionals. For many years they have helped clients across the Gold Coast and indeed much of Australia to find solid investment properties that stack up. Essentially, you’re potentially reducing the risk of buying a dodgy property.

The 3rd way to help build a portfolio I’ll get into later.

Challenges in this decade

Now, this wouldn’t be fair without some criticism, as I wanted to write an unbias review. And this is directed to the industry as a whole.

Australia’s property market is going into decline. Negative gearing only works if the market is going up. This creates a very challenging situation for all parties.

Mum and Dad investors are probably going to be holding a property that didn’t quite meet their expectations. But – they should look at the trends over 20 years, as the economy will no doubt recover from its current lows.

The 3rd way

I call this the new way to build cash flow and that is through digital assets. I recommend that people focus on building digital assets as much as they do physical assets.

Since digital assets aren’t a 20-year game plan. I’ve seen people replace their incomes in 2 to 3 years since starting, provided that they are committed.

Digital assets return cash flow while physical assets are best for capital growth.

And if you’re seeking a flexible lifestyle, then digital assets are likely to get you there a lot faster. Or provide you with more borrowing power to get into the next property ASAP.

In summary

IQ Capital is a great company based in Southport. While they have their fair share of critics, many people are impressed with the services too. They are certainly worth it if you’re needing everything done for you without the stress.

The challenge is buying a property that declines in value. It could happen to anyone, whether they purchase through IQ or go solo. This has happened in the past and will happen again.

That’s where research and market trends come into play. IQ does their research first before offering any property. Before that, you need a solid game plan.

My game plan today combines both physical real estate and digital assets for a winning combination. I’d love to help you.

Empire Property Group Australia: Should You Use Them?

Empire Property Group helps Australians build a sustainable passive income and retirement plan through property investing. But should you use EPGA?

Empire Property Group Review

The great Australian dream used to be to buy your own home. Now, that’s too easy. The dream now is to own an investment property, or in some people’s case, an entire portfolio of investment properties.

Empire Property Group Review

The security of passive income is the dream. However, many people fall short:

  • They buy a property that doesn’t go up
  • They buy a property that costs money each month
  • And the worst part – they played a short game

See, Australian properties as an investment vehicle is a 20-year game plan. That’s why you need to start today. I routinely see the most successful investors had a plan and stuck to it over the long term.

Using Empire Property Group Australia

You can do it yourself, sure. I learned myself in the early days.

However, using the services of professionals saves you a lot of time and potentially from making expensive mistakes. Empire Property Group is the experts. They aren’t the only company but one of the best in Australia.

What I like is:

  1. Their team combined has roughly 50 years of experience
  2. They provide ongoing mentoring and guidance for your journey
  3. They’re family-focused. Mum and dad investors are their main clients

Most importantly – it’s the plan and the results. They have this down pat. Their own staff also are investors and take a professional approach.

A genuine challenge

Now, I don’t work for Empire Property Group. I wanted to create this as an unbias review. I believe they are genuinely helpful for those wanting a solid financial plan for their future in property.

However, there is a genuine challenge. That is – most investment properties cost you every single month through negative gearing. That’s not exactly ‘freedom’, is it?

Then you’ve got the immediate program. That is the declining property market right here in Australia.

For many mum and dad investors, it’s a tough spot to be in when you owe more on the property than what it’s worth.

The solution? You need to build cash flow. A monthly positive return is what you should aim for.

Digital assets

In my opinion, digital assets are a reliable way forward. Investing in property provides a 5% return after costs on average. With inflation at approximately 3%, you’re gaining 2% each year.

That’s not exactly freedom, is it? Compare that to digital assets, and you’ll soon wonder why, like me, you didn’t start earlier.

Many Australians are only starting to wake up to this reality now. The internet has brought us opportunities that we’ve never seen before.

Because digital assets can overtake a full-time standard income in 2 to 3 years, provided you do the work. Or if it’s available to you, it’s possible to buy an existing digital asset where the returns massively outperform traditional property investing.

For some people, this brings forward a lifestyle of freedom instead of waiting until age 65. Because many people are looking for freedom today, not in 15 years time.

In summary

Empire Property Group is a great Australian company. Their focus is on serving clients for the long term. With many clients have left positive reviews independently.

For the average Australian needing guidance on the journey without having to do the groundwork, then this is a good solution. But with the unstable Australian property market, it has investors concerned about the near future.

That’s why you need to plan the long game and take risks along the way.

Now pair yourself with digital assets with the guidance of EPGA, and you’ll have a winning combination for the long term.

Aquila Property Investment Review: Are They Worth It?

Aquila Property Investment helps Australians get into property investment across South-East Queensland. But does Aquila give you a good deal?

Aquila Property Investment Review

Becoming a property investor is the dream of many. After all, you want your money working for you, not against you. I learned this years ago with the popular Rich Dad Poor Dad series.

Aquila Property Investment Review

There are really two ways to go about it:

  1. Jump online and use to find a property yourself. You’ll need to learn what to look for including suburbs and growth trends. It’s tedious work.
  2. Use a professional like Andrew Wegener at Aquila. Someone who’s in the trenches each and every day with a portfolio of his own investment properties.

And look – both strategies work well. Dozens of people evidently have chosen to go down the 2nd route with many positive reviews from others about Aquila easily found online.

Now, the industry has been tainted over the years with some dodgy operators out there. This is because they get paid up to $50k for each investment property sold to mum and dad investors. It’s crazy! I know this because my friend did exactly this and was selling an average of 6 properties per year. Not a bad income at all.

The advantage of using Andrew is that you pay him upfront. There are no sneaky moves behind the scenes, especially as he previously was highly respected in the ADF. He’ll do the research, compare suburbs and properties and negotiate for an easy settlement.

A current challenge

As I wanted to create an unbias review of Aquila Property Investments, I’ve noticed a challenge in the industry. That relates to negative gearing.

You see, losing money each month in the hopes of making it up through capital growth isn’t the best idea. If the market doesn’t grow as much as you’d hoped it would, then you have little to gain. I learned this the hard way with a property of mine still worth exactly what I paid for it 10 years ago.

So any investment property you buy should, at the very minimum, be cashflow neutral. This way it doesn’t cost you money. To be cashflow positive would be even better.

In my experience, property as a wealth creation vehicle just doesn’t give the cash flow returns that it used to. And now Australia’s property market is beginning to go into real decline.

Mum and Dad investors could be out of pocket for thousands. This is a genuine question that the industry itself won’t answer to and isn’t addressed to Aquila personally. Their focus is on cash flow neutral at the very least and a long term strategic plan.

Building cash flow and capital growth

I love property investing. While I’m young, I started even younger. However, I’ve noticed that the growth in the market isn’t so strong for net cash flow.

So then, how do we handle the next few years? I believe that’s best done with a combination of cash flow and capital growth.

My 2 cents opinion is that capital growth is best done with real estate, while cash flow is best done with digital assets. This is because real estate generally returns just 5%.

What are digital assets? These are small online income streams that return you an income month after month.

Unlike real estate which is a 20-year gameplan, digital assets can help free you from your job or existing business in 2 to 3 years, if you’re prepared to work.

I personally love digital assets and most Australians are only waking up to the potential right now.

In summary

Most property investing consultants make a fortune by recommending people to their developer mates. What you don’t see is the big commissions involved and grossly overvalued properties which are often sold to unsuspecting mum and dad investors from interstate.

Andrew has taken a very different and more ethical approach. That is – expert and independent advice with no obligation for you to move forward with. He also has trusted partners that also use the fee-for-service model.

Would I recommend him? Absolutely. But…the economy is also having a tough time. Pair your property investing journey with digital assets and you’ll certainly have a winning combination. 🙂

Investors Prime Real Estate Review: Are They Good?

Investors Prime are a property mentoring company based in Melbourne but with so little reviews online, so I thought I’d provide my opinion.

Through the years I’ve learned a lot about property investing and cash flow. Many books, numerous works and most importantly – taking action. It hasn’t been an easy ride but it’s certainly been worth it.

Investors Prime Real Estate Review

I found these guys not too long ago on YouTube and was really impressed with the content. They are very much focused on results for clients.

Investors Prime Real Estate Review

Headed by Konrad Bobilak, they are focused on providing genuine upfront value to their clients. This includes:

  • First-time investors in their 20’s
  • Experienced mum and dad investors
  • Investors with 10+ years of experience

It’s very much a tailored solution to your needs. They also hold a Real Estate Fast Track Weekend Workshop so you can get a first-hand look at how they operate, complete with looking at their own past and present projects.

Their point of difference

As I noted prior, I found them on YouTube. This is unique as just about no other company does this. It seems like other companies are in the dinosaur age.

This is their most popular video:

If you’re someone who is seriously committed to actually doing something, then Investors Prime have a Mentorship Program available for intakes.

In fact, there are hundreds of videos just like this. Why is this important? Because you really get a feel for their reputation and legitimacy as experienced investors themselves.

Property in 2020

Now I have to share some criticism to make this a fair review of Investors Prime.

And this one is directed to the entire industry, not just at this company. Because they are all hedging bets on the stellar growth of the Australian property market.

Negative gearing works well as a strategy when the market is rising. That is – if the market is rising enough to outperform your net monthly losses, as your rent often doesn’t cover the mortgage. Makes sense, right?

Now if the market goes down in value, then you’ve lost. We all know that, and as investors, it’s the risk we take.

Property Investing in Australia

If the market goes sideways, we also lose. This is because of inflation and your net monthly losses.

Essentially, you’ve got a 1 in 3 chance of winning. What does happen to the mum and dad investors when the property market goes down, as is the case in Australia right now?

I think the answer is different for many people. In my instance, I build multiple pillars of income. That is – online income to make up the shortfall as the property market goes into decline. On the other side, I’ll then be in a better position to buy more physical real estate, both residential and commercial.

Digital assets

Digital assets far outweigh the yields of physical assets in my experience.

It’s far easier to build digital assets and escape the 9 to 5 grind. Property investing is a 20 to a 30-year game plan, while digital assets can be built over 2 to 3 years.

And if you’ve got the capital available, you can buy an existing asset online that generates an impressive monthly income. While this opportunity has been available for a while, most Australians are only just waking up to this now.

That to me is freedom. Personally, I work on income stacks, both the passive type and active type. While I could semi-retire today, I continue to work consistently online.

If you need help with digital assets then get in touch. I’d be more than happy to help you.

In summary

Investors Prime have very much distinguished themselves in the market based on content. This gives you a chance to really see if they’re the right fit for you. Their clients have found them to be very good at following through.

They help you by keeping everything in house, including the financing and legal side. Unlike most property investing/mentoring companies, you’re actually working with them side by side.

Essentially, they’re taking a data-driven approach based on the facts. This is why I like them. At the very least, you can learn a lot simply from their YouTube channel as I have.

So now, pair the capital growth of physical real estate and the mentoring offered by Investors Prime, with the cashflow of digital real estate, and you’ve got a winning combination.

AllianceCorp Review: Are They Worth It?

AllianceCorp is a property strategy company in Australia who serve mum and dad investors, with an aim for long term capital growth and retirement planning.

AllianceCorp Review

With thousands of clients already across Australia, it’s clear that they have provided solid results and success stories over that time.

But the question remains: Couldn’t you just do it yourself? I’ve routinely played the sorting game on to find the gems in the haystack.

However, that’s hard work. It takes a certain type of skill and months of experience to really know what to look for. That is – suburbs and growth trends.

AllianceCorp Review

The thing for many mum and dad investors is that they don’t have the knowledge and know-how. By using a company like AllianceCorp, you essentially reduce the risk by using the experts who know their craft.

One thing I really like about AllianceCorp is that their staff are also investors too.

How AllianceCorp works

They start with a personal strategy. They’ll need to know about your equity, income and lifestyle goals over the next 10 years.

From there, they build a blueprint on how to get you there. This includes purchasing properties through their agents in Melbourne.

AllianceCorp Australia

They also run small informational workshops. These are highly beneficial and I highly recommend that you go along to one in the near future.

Property in 2020

The negative gearing strategy isn’t one to be relied upon in my opinion. You’re only going to win if the market rises, effectively giving you a 1 in 3 chance of winning.

Property investment with AllianceCorp Melbourne

However, in 2020, it’s even worse. Capital growth across Australia is starting to plateau if not decline. We can see a worrying trend across both Sydney and Melbourne.

While AllianceCorp is a great company with strong reviews, going with a strategy that causes a cash flow deficient every month probably isn’t a wise move in my opinion.

Always be learning

I’m an advocate for self-education. I first read Rich Dad Poor Dad in 2009 which massively changed the direction of my life. I still remember the words “Do the work once and get paid over and over again”.

AllianceCorp runs seminars to help people for free. My recommendation is that you go along and learn. Also, purchase some property books. Australian experts like Michael Yardney have been influential in my journey.

Everything starts with a solid game plan. Not just that, but keep an open mind, as you might not realize what opportunities might come your way.

Digital assets

After struggling with property investing for many years, I decided to switch to digital assets. That is, I’ve built an income online which provides freedom.

A trend I’ve noticed is quite exciting. Quite simply, the cashflow of digital assets far outweighs the results of traditional results.

For example, it’s far easier (and quicker) to build a website earning $5,000 per month in 4 years than waiting 10 years to generate $3,000 per month in passive income.

Many Australians are waking up to the reality of building digital assets instead of traditional real estate. I’d love to help you learn more.

In summary

I’d certainly recommend AllianceCorp in good times. It’s clear from the many positive AllianceCorp reviews that they are client-centric in their approach.

When the economy is strong, they are the perfect partnership. Even better is when the property market is rising in value and especially if you want a fully-built blueprint.

These guys are in the trenches each and every day paired with thousands of client success stories. Now if the market crashes, what happens?

(Genuine question actually: What happens for thousands of mum and dad investors with negatively geared investment properties that are worth less than they paid? I’d be curious to know).

As I learned from Robert Kiyosaki, it’s best to safeguard yourself with multiple pillars of income. In my case, I have 16 sources of online income in 2020.

Start with 1. Yes – just one. Simply focus intensely and take consistent action.

When the property market bounces back up, you’ll be in a better position to take advantage of capital growth trends.

Premium Private Wealth: Are They Any Good?

There are multiple companies in Australia like Premium Private Wealth helping individuals with their wealth creation journey.

The biggest problem in the industry is knowing who is the real deal. Because when it comes to your financial future, you pretty well want to hire the best.

There are so many negative reviews regarding Premium Private Wealth. It’s very much concerning, to be honest, but can you still use them?

Let’s have a look.

Premium Private Wealth Review

Australia is in the midst of a housing bubble. Everyone is talking about it right now.

Negative gearing has gone on for far too long, with mum and dad investors losing thousands, unfortunately.

Premium Private Wealth is a company that helps families get started on the negative gearing cycle. That is – losing money each and every month.

The challenge with negative gearing is that you only win if the market goes up.

Market goes sideways? You lose. Market goes down? You definitely lose.

Even if the market goes up, it needs to go up enough to cover your rental loses.

Premium Private Wealth Review

So you’ve got a 1 in 3 chance of winning. With Australia on the brink of going into a recession and dwindling house prices, it’s a huge concern for many people.

There are numerous companies offering investment properties that cost more than the actual valuation. Often these are sold to out-of-state people (namely VIC and NSW).

Now, this scheme with them works if the market is rising heavily and for the long term. That said – I always believe that cashflow is the name of the game.

That is – you shouldn’t lose money each and every month in the hope of one day selling your property at a profit. Don’t forget about the tax bill either.

But would I still choose Premium Private Wealth? Yes. If I wanted a negatively geared property, these guys are very well experienced.

If you’re on a high tax bracket, then there are some distinct advantages.

Not only that, but the company has been around for 10+ years now. That’s some serious experience and knowledge towards picking the right areas for growth.

And yet, we’ve got to ask ourselves: Can’t we just do it ourselves? After all, thousands of property investors just jump online and do their own research.

My property investing journey

I’ve chosen not to use a professional outfit like Premium Private Wealth. Instead, I’ve focused on self-education over the last 10 years to buy my investment properties.

Seriously – books are the cheapest thing you’ll ever buy. Empower yourself with knowledge and you’ll know almost as much as these guys, without paying huge commissions.

Some suggestions:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (He hates negative gearing)
  • The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape (Not really property investing but awesome book)
  • Any book by Dymphna Boholt
  • Armchair Guide to Property Investing by Bryce Kingsley
  • Literally any book by Michael Yardney

Their mission is to empower individuals to actually know the ins and outs of property investing across Australia. Companies like Premium Private Wealth have the upper hand only because your knowledge is (for the moment at least) quite limited.

Then again, it can be hard to find cashflow positive investment properties by yourself. Even if they are cashflow positive, then the returns aren’t that impressive.

This is why an online business could be just what you need.

Building passive income online

I like building internet-based businesses. These are the type I can run remotely.

At the end of the day, we invest in property so we can have a better lifestyle.

The idea of an early retirement excites us on the inside. Today, however, the internet has literally changed everything.

You can build an online business that provides (mostly) passive income to the tune of thousands monthly. In fact, thousands of people in Australia have done exactly this.

They’ve chosen to build an online business to supplement their property investing journey. The extra cash flow can help them increase the volume of investment properties.

The best part? You don’t need any previous qualifications or experience. What you need is a willingness to do the work, something that has unfortunately been lost in this generation.

Knowledge really is power. If more Australians had knowledge, then companies like Premium Private Wealth would struggle to operate profitably.

My recommendation: Empower yourself, especially as there is plenty of free information out there today. Then take action, consistently, day in and day out.

I started this blog in 2011 and today it’s read by 30,000 people monthly. That is consistent action, backed by the right knowledge and community.

In summary

You’ve probably seen multiple Premium Private Wealth reviews which are mostly negative. At the end of the day, they are a company who does need to make a profit. I’d still use them if you’re needing a helping hand in the journey.

Sometimes their business practices could be taken out of context. Some claim they are unethical, but they are simply trying to help mum and dads across Australia at scale.

Right now, with the state of the economy, buying yet another investment property ranks very low on my list of priorities. Building an online business that provides passive income is the game-changer for this decade.