Great news for Amazon sellers! IP Accelerator Program launched

Amazon IP Accelerator

How does the new Amazon IP Accelerator Program work for private label FBA sellers? Will it help you quickly get brand registry? Seems like great news to me.

If you’re an Amazon seller, no doubt you know about one of the biggest issues that we face – the long waiting period (up to 12 months) to file a successful trademark and gain the benefits. If you’ve missed the recent announcement from Amazon themselves, I’ll outlay the basic details here.

Amazon IP Accelerator program

Amazon’s recently launched IP Accelerator program is free for professional sellers, providing them access to a network of excellent intellectual property lawyers who have already been vetted. This network has been curated, with pre-negotiated rates.

It seems that this network is for trademark registration of your trading name. That said, I’m sure there will be opportunities for patent and copyright lodgement too.

More details directly on Amazon:

I found some interesting quotes in there:

Amazon will provide these brands with accelerated access to brand protections in Amazon’s stores, to better protect their brand months, or even years, before their trademark registration officially issues


Amazon does not charge businesses to use IP Accelerator—they only pay their law firm for the work performed at the pre-negotiated rates

…which is great news! I’m curious to see what the pricing is with the IP Accelerator program.

IP Accelerator Program launched
This could be the perfect fast-track to protection for private label sellers on Amazon

In addition, you may have also heard that applicants that are not based in the United States must use a US-based attorney. This was a recent change and seems to coincide with this launch.

This could really be a turning point for the sellers who are up against the Chinese. As you probably know, competition is becoming greater on Amazon over the last few years, from all parts of the globe.

How does the IP Accelerator benefit me?

It will generally mean that you get access to Enhanced Brand Content through their Brand Registry program a lot faster. Not only that, you can kick off the hijackers a lot more quickly.

Amazon no doubt released this in response to a massive backlog of customer service queries regarding listing counterfeiters. The “lodge a trademark and wait 12 months” just wasn’t cutting it for most sellers, whether beginners or experienced.

But then this easier path to EBC could lead to a greater amount of fake applications of brands that hold no real weight. Both the higher barrier of entry, of both time and money, stopped a lot of competitors from upgrading to the higher levels of privileges within Amazon’s seller platform.

At this stage, we’ll have to play the waiting game. I’m continuing to use my US-based attorney who charges north of $4,000 per trademark, but I have the assiduity of things being done properly. Two brands this year already.

In summary

If you’re ready to join the Amazon IP Accelerator, you can do so here.

This program has been created for existing sellers who already have some sales velocity. Those who haven’t sold on Amazon yet should get educated and work on that 1st product launch. I enjoy sharing my free guides for beginners.

Trademarks are extremely important, even if you only aspire towards a part-time income. But securing one is both expensive and a long drawn-out process, sometimes taking years.

Amazon seems to have come to the rescue for sellers…for once! 😅 Understandably, many are skeptical as to the longterm success of this program.

This is just one of the many aspects of becoming a successful marketplace seller. Stay the course, think long term and protect your castle through building a big moat. A strong trademark is a cheap insurance policy.

52 Cheap Amazon FBA Products To Source & Sell For Under $900!

Cheapest products to sell on Amazon FBA

Many people are on the lookout for some cheap Amazon products to launch and sell via FBA. After all, it’s a safe and effective way to learn the ropes.

So in this post, I’ll be showcasing some of the cheapest Amazon FBA products that you can source for less than $900. You’ll need to add freight, duties, Amazon fees, refunds, packaging, barcode costs and miscellaneous expenses on to each product.

It’s my intention that this list helps you with finding that 1st product, which creates the first-sale feeling. This way, you can create the belief that this business is possible, even for someone with very limited experience.

Cheapest products to sell on Amazon FBA

There are actually hundreds of cheap products that you can launch on Amazon FBA. I’ve done a lot of product research over the years in the gold mine.

Disclaimer: I’m an Amazon seller with several years experience now. From this, I’ve come to learn that you need MINIMUM $5,000 and ideally $10,000 to launch a product successfully. This guide is only showcasing some tester products, where you can send in just a few units to learn the process, and does not imply you can build a successful business with a full-time income with just $900.

Best products to sell on Amazon FBA
You can test a few products on the cheap, but launching properly requires an investment

Many people come to my blog after hearing about the Amazon dream. ‘Quit the rat race’ or ‘live life on your terms’ as these courses often promote.

Only that some courses claim that you can make a full-time income starting with less than $5,000. Let me tell you – that is complete BS.

Starting on Amazon isn’t cheap

Nope – there is a whole lot more than just buying those initial goods out of China.

Costs include:

  • The investment in your education and conferences
  • Tools and resources such as Jungle Scout and Helium 10
  • Placing your first bulk product purchase (The biggest cost)
  • Travelling to China to visit suppliers or the Canton Fair
  • Freight to get your product from overseas to Amazon FBA
  • Third-party validation services such as V-Trust for verification
  • Import duties, taxes and Tariff increases (Gee – thanks Trump!)
  • …and a whole host of high Amazon fees that they charge you too!

Then after all that, 5% of your customers will ask for a refund. Indeed not a cheap business to get into. Nor is it a business for cheap people either.

I’ve personally poured tens of thousands of dollars into my 2 Amazon FBA businesses. I don’t sell cheap stuff.

But there is some of you that have the dream. You want to learn, bit by bit. You’re on a budget. If that’s the case – then this cheap Amazon FBA products list is for you, to learn the ropes, before you go further.

Here’s the list

In creating this, I’ve chosen only small products that you can airfreight straight to FBA. It’s significantly easier and faster than sea freight. Each product is small, less than the size of a shoe. Also, for $900, you’re only going to order less than 100 and in some cases less than 50, if your supplier permits a low MOQ that is.

Here we go:

  1. Men’s slim wallet
  2. Airpod’s leather case
  3. Women’s high socks
  4. Water-proof key storage case (for boaters)
  5. Binoculars case
  6. Mascara brushes
  7. Small stuffed Santa plush toy
  8. Surfing board leash
  9. Aqua socks
  10. Motorcycle wrist brace
  11. Inflatable bath toy
  12. Hand soap dispenser
  13. Couples necklace
  14. Happy birthday signage
  15. Christmas cake topper
  16. Chair surface protectors
  17. Rectangular shower drain
  18. Flower spoons
  19. Dog picture frame
  20. Weekly medical pillbox
  21. Swimming goggles
  22. Home winebar sign
  23. 6-pack golf balls
  24. Bulk wedding invitation cards
  25. Fridge thermometer
  26. Car blind spot mirror
  27. Organic peppermint tea
  28. Workplace safety vest
  29. Children’s snow gloves
  30. Wardrobe hooks
  31. Table tennis set
  32. Receptionist desk calendar
  33. Organic baby sleeping bag
  34. Yoga stretching strap
  35. Pencil sharpener
  36. Mouse pad
  37. Toilet roll dispenser
  38. Gym workout chalk
  39. Cardboard knife
  40. Dish cleaning gloves
  41. Stainless steel water bottle
  42. Camping spork
  43. Tradesman level sight
  44. Yoga mat spray
  45. Unique USB flash drive
  46. Women’s vegan purse
  47. Sunglasses for water sports
  48. Car ashtray
  49. Winter scarf
  50. Bicycle warning lights
  51. Surf lock box
  52. Heat-proof gloves

…there’s certainly plenty more out there in the gold mine, but I hope that gives you some direction!

Suppliers can readily be found on Alibaba and other sites. Also consider sourcing from outside of China, with India being a prime spot to source cheap Amazon FBA products to sell.

In closing

You will be competing with the Chinese for most of these products. All these sellers are in the low-end of town. This is why private-labelling and brand building is very much talked about through professional Amazon selling communities, so we get the edge on those competitors.

Just use this list as a guide to get that first sale on Amazon. As mentioned, you’ll need a low MOQ and it could be as little as 20 units to get yourself started. Avoid any competitive niches and go deeper.

For example, instead of ‘mouse pad’, drill down to ‘girls pink mouse pad’ because a lot of teenage girls may want a pink mousepad for homework after school, since laptop trackpads can be challenging.

Finally – play the long game. Getting that first sale is an accomplishment for sure, but just one step in the big journey that is Amazon.

Becoming an Amazon FBA seller changed my life. I hope it can change yours too!

Business Coach Perth: Discover My #1 Recommendation in 2019

Business Coach Perth WA

Needing a business coach in Perth? You’re in the right place as I know several. But as you’re smart enough to know, not all are created equal.

So it’s best to evaluate the options out there. To really dig deep for a good business mentor in Western Australia that actually has results. Today I’ll do just that for you.

To open your mind up to the potential of a business coach. Not only that, but the potential of an online business model that is changing lives around the country.

Business Coach Perth

There are hundreds of business coaches running around Australia. Some real big promises are out there.

Even some in Perth. Their only business experience being the coaching business they currently run!

So it’s wise to do your research. To find out who’s the real deal in this space and then dig deeper.

Some things I would be asking are:

  • What their business experience actually is
  • The volume and caliber of clients they have
  • Frequency of personal coaching sessions provided
  • Whether you’ll get online training and education
  • Phone support for when you have issues on the fly

I mean – that’s a bare minimum really.

Business Coach Perth Western Australia
Up and to the right: THe #1 metric of business growth

To take it a step further, I look for:

  • If the business coach has had a 7 figure exit (My coach has had 2!)
  • How many failures the coach has previously had in business
  • Holistic coaching, where it’s not just business but fun and freedom
  • Whether the coach is indeed the right fit for you and your goals

My own business coach is looking at an 8 figure exit currently, and no, that isn’t his coaching business. But he’s right here on the Gold Coast, not Perth.

For Perth, I’m currently evaluating the business coaching available. It does appear to be mostly those who haven’t built multiple businesses prior to becoming a coach. Whilst not necessarily a bad thing, when you’re aiming for several 7 figure exits like myself, it’s something that is very tangible.

My #1 Recommendation

My recommendation is seeing whether your business actually serves you. I do meet many existing business owners who are realizing that a normal business generally holds them back.

We all have the dream of a business that provides freedom. Truth be told, that very few actually provide that true freedom, unless you have a lot of staff on board.

But there is another way. That is through an online business. One that you can start in a few hours each week.

That’s what I’ve done and more than once. Because I didn’t want to be bogged down with the constraints of a traditional business. So I build online businesses. I can start these with limited time and limited money.

My #1 recommendation for an existing business owner is an Amazon business. Selling products on Amazon FBA changed my life, especially as I’m apart of Australia’s top training community.

Where real people are realizing the power of Amazon as a business model. Where you can start small and grow over time, to potentially overtake your existing income.

The best place to start is 100% FREE training available with your name and email all that’s required for registration. Created by Adam, this training series has been seen by thousands of Australians. Those ready to start a new journey in their spare hours.

Free online training course
Press Play for a FREE Training Webinar

There is a lot of those from Perth in this tight-knit community. In fact, thousands of people around Australia have joined in to learn the power of an online scalable business model.

Many people are learning real business concepts – planning, systems, structure, teams and automation. There is even a business coach on offer, but start with the training systems first. The webinar is an excellent starting point.

In summary

As I’ve said, there are some great business mentors out there. Perth has a few which I’m currently reviewing.

But then you’ve got the rest which aren’t living up to expectations. It’s mostly concepts and theory, as opposed to real business advice that you can tangibly take action on.

For me, I like the power of an online business. Where I can scale to the moon and back, and often without the expense of full-time staff.

More importantly, where I can get real freedom. To travel and work anywhere in Perth or Australia, or even the world.

Something small which can be started in spare hours. Where I can learn and apply as I go.

That to me is an opportunity worth keeping our eyes open on.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside soon. 🙂

How to Safely Buy from Alibaba To Sell on Amazon FBA

Alibaba Safe to Buy From

It can be a minefield when finding a supplier online through online websites, with many asking if Alibaba is safe to buy from. In most cases, YES!

I get it – it can be scary ordering from China or any other country using Alibaba to display products. You’re sending over a big wad of cash to someone you haven’t met, to source products you’ll never see, from a factory you’ve never been to. They could be anyone. 🤔

Today I’ll be answering the most common question which is “Is Alibaba Safe To Buy From?” for my readers. This is especially important if you’re ordering products to sell on Amazon FBA.

I’ll best address this through tips that I’ve learned on my journey.

Buying safely on Alibaba

When beginning your search on Alibaba, even just for product samples, you’ll want to firstly check the boxes on two metrics:

  1. Trade Assurance. This is where Alibaba will insure your order in case something goes wrong
  2. Verified Supplier. This means the company has been already checked for their legitimacy.
Is Safe to Buy From
Tick these two when searching for legit suppliers on Alibaba.

With them checked, it vastly reduces the search results to only reasonably solid suppliers.

Then you’ll want to check some other characteristics. Some things I look for:

  1. Their history on Alibaba. I’ve personally been on there for 6 years now. For that reason, the factories also see me as legit. I generally don’t touch suppliers under 5 years of history.
  2. The types of products they sell. Real factories only stay in one sub-niche and don’t venture further. Avoid those factories who sell backpacks, light globes and bathroom soap, because they aren’t a factory – they are a trading company!
  3. Where they are located. Factories generally are located in the same vicinity of each other. All the electronics manufacturers are in the same spot, as are the plastics manufacturers and the metalworkers.
6 Years Member / Buyer
6+ years now on Alibaba! Suppliers also check me out, as much as I vet them too.

This really comes through experience. Spending weeks or months on Alibaba will help you gain more confidence and security. As you can see, I’ve been on there for 6+ years.

Attend Trade Shows

I can’t believe the amount of Amazon sellers who are still yet to attend their 1st trade show. The Canton Fair, for example, is a goldmine of excellent products for Amazon FBA where you can buy more safely than through Alibaba.

Not only does it get the sample analysis and basic questions out of the way, you can be more sure that the vendor is legitimate. Often, if you’re presenting yourself as a professional and established business owner, you’ll be invited for factory tours as I have multiple times.

But if you’re saving capital, you can still use trade fairs to your advantage. When you’re on Alibaba, ask them if they have attended any trade fairs, and if they have, ask which ones. You can then search on the trade fair website to validate.

Use inspection services

I always have my goods inspected from the factory prior to departure. My pick is V-Trust (my experiences here) but there is a range of services out there. Chinese factory scams are a real problem for Amazon sellers like myself, with V-Trust there to help us sleep better at night.

Before paying the remaining 70% balance on your order, you can get an inspection done. Better yet, is that I tell my factories that I’ll be getting an inspection done before even sending the deposit. If they have an issue with this, then I run. Any legitimate factory will have no problems with product inspections, as they want to work with you for the longterm.

Not only can you get inspections done for your products, but they can also inspect the factory. They can validate if it’s a real factory or just a fake shopfront. Likewise, they can check for human trafficking conditions to ensure the factory is complaint.

Avoid branded products

No real factory is going to display licensed products on Alibaba, such as Disney, Pokemon, CamelBak and Stihl. They are not the manufacturer of these products, because those factories are under super tight control from the big manufacturers.

If you see these, then please avoid. IP law isn’t so well enforced in China, as a country of copy-cats. If you try to order and import these into the United States without prior written approval from these brands, you’ll likely have your goods seized. This is where the responsibility falls on you, not the factory, to do your due diligence.

However, some of these factories do claim to manufacture at the same standard. If that’s the case, then great! You might have found a diamond in the rough. Personally, I don’t feel good going anywhere near anyone who uses the trademarks of another company to find Amazon sellers.

Conclusion: Alibaba is usually safe

Most people do get that initial fear of using Alibaba to find a supplier for their chosen physical product. They’re concerned about he dangers of selling on Amazon. Many ask if these online directories are even safe.

My simple answer is: Yes, you can buy safely through Alibaba. I’ve used it a countless number of times. I prefer to use RFQ and then discuss with suppliers on WeChat, before finally meeting at the Canton Fair. Works just fine for me.

But there are known scams out there where people question the safety of buying products from Alibaba for their Amazon store. People have lost money in the journey, and I’ve even had a failed product inspection done, as one of my manufactuers made some small quality control mistakes.

Is this Amazon business model easy? No. It takes a shit-ton of work. But if you’re willing to get started, then Alibaba is still one of the best places to safely source from, based on my experience, as I continue on my journey.

Top 3 Best Amazon FBA Courses in the United Kingdom

Best Amazon FBA Courses in the United Kingdom

Today I’ll be showcasing the 3 best Amazon FBA courses for those in the UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These courses get results!

You’re probably curious and are researching. You’ve heard the buzz – that tens of thousands of people are making a full time income through Amazon.

It’s true – there are. Even Amazon publishes these stats. Building an Amazon FBA business is my #1 recommendation right now to quit the rat race.

I’m passionate about sharing the Amazon opportunity, because as of April 2018, I was able to quit my job with a profitable FBA business. Today I have 2, and another growing in the background.

Good opportunities come to those who take action. The type who work and stay committed. Who invest in their education, instead of learning from random internet videos.

So if you’re looking for high quality training, then I’ll share my 3 options here.

Best Amazon FBA UK courses

Not all FBA courses are created equal. I generally see that you get what you pay for. There are some courses costing up to $5,000. Guess what? I’ve paid that much. You certainly get a lot of bang for your buck, with professional videos and a world-class calibre of fellow students. Plus their events attract many 7 and 8 figure Amazon sellers.

But these 3 are a little more affordable. More suited to the individual starting out, who wants to build small and grow over time. Each comes with a payment plan if money is tight.

Best Amazon FBA courses United Kingdom
Enrolling in an AMazon FBA course literally changed my life 4 years ago!

Also, these are all A to Z with nothing skipped over. I’ve taken a crap load of Amazon FBA courses and some in the United Kingdom are light on content. From my vast experience, I know what to look for, so these 3 get my tick of approval.

MPSH by Steven and Robert

These guys are my #1 recommendation. They represent great value for money and is ideal for the entry-level seller. The person without a lot of money in the bank account, but is keen to learn.

Also, they run local workshops. These are an additional add-on, as they’ve made their Amazon FBA course very affordable for those in the United Kingdom.

You can find out more here:

BSA by Sophie Howard

Originally from the United Kingdom, Sophie Howard has hundreds of students who have come on board with her very in-depth program. There is more content on offer than MPSH, but also, it’s priced higher.

Students receive complimentary phone coaching / mentoring calls + a free ticket to the student workshops. Not only does she have many from the United Kingdom, but also thousands around the world, including Australia.

You can discover more here:

RE by Adam Hudson

Whilst this is an Australian course, there are hundreds of students in Reliable Education from the United Kingdom. I know should. I’m in their Facebook group every single day. Plenty of Europeans too.

This was the 1st Amazon course I took over 4 years ago and really helped me build the foundations for my success on Amazon. Without the BS that other courses spill out. Because building online businesses isn’t easy, but absolutely worth it.

You can read about my experiences here:

Runners Up

I don’t try to hide courses from anyone. Heck, I have a full list of Amazon courses available worldwide.

Particularly, there are several good Amazon FBA courses for the UK that are cheaper. Hence why I created this smaller post, to avoid confusion.

But I only have 2 recommendations as a runner up. These are:

  • Amazon Sharks by Andrew Minalto
  • SellerPro Academy by Johnny Bradley

I’m also on the lookout for a course that provides intimate mentoring and a workshop setting. Something where beginners can get unparalleled support. Where they are guided personally in their new journey selling on Amazon.

In summary

Now, selling on Amazon IS NOT EASY. People then make it significantly harder for themselves by not taking an Amazon course and instead attempt to learn as they go. A rookie error that one.

I would highly recommend you take a course. Any course. Don’t like MPSH? Look at Sophie or Adam. Look at the rest too. Invest in your education, as that provides the best return on investment, based on my own experience.

Take the time to go through the content. Remember that this is a marathon that will take years, not a sprint that will see you making money online in months. A lot of capital, time, knowledge, risk and work has gone into those big success stories.

Cheap Amazon FBA England Course

If you’re prepared to stick around for the long haul, as I will, then the rewards will begin to trickle through. Bit by bit, until the torrential downpour.

Onwards and upwards!

Best Amazon FBA Course in Canada | My #1 Choice for 2019

Best Amazon FBA Course Canada

I’ll be covering my best recommendation for an Amazon FBA course for those who live in Canada. It’s a course with many existing students & success stories.

Canadians are generally left out of the entire education scene. Strange really, being right on the doorstep of the United States.

But luckily, I found one that serves Canada well, while created in the US. One that is geared for selling on the United States platform, where its own students have become 7 and 8 figure sellers.

So let’s begin.

Why I love this course

This course is one of the best out there. If you’re looking for a cheap Amazon course for Canada, then this isn’t it.

But as for quality, then this one has your back.

What I love is:

  • Seriously impressive content. 40+ hours of professionally produced training
  • Created by entrepreneurs and designed for the big FBA business builder
  • Thousands of success stories, because students here really put in the work
  • Live events that help you meet fellow students and REAL Amazon sellers
  • A very good money back guarantee, with an offer to help you buy inventory

I wish more Amazon courses provided so much value. Many of the cheap courses really fall short. If you’re an existing business owner looking to start selling on Amazon, and learn the right way, then this is for you.

Amazon FBA Course Canada

Students on the inside

There are many people on the inside. In fact, thousands of Canadians and many North Americans.

Further still, there are tens of thousands of real students from around the world. I should know – I’m one of them! And I’ve met dozens of fellow students too.

  • They are generally aged 30 to 55
  • Have a hunger and willingness to win
  • Are starting with some serious capital
  • Believe in the power of Amazon FBA
  • Posses the mindset to make it happen

If that’s you, then you can get started in the free training series. This is where you can start to learn from these teachers and see how their paid program is structured.

In summary

This is my #1 recommendation for Canada. Because of the vast amount of success stories. People just like you who got started just recently.

Real people discovering how they can build a profitable business on Amazon. Without the fluff of cheap training courses. This training program gets straight to the point.

They offer a flexible payment plan or a discount on the full tuition fee. I’d recommend that you get started with the free training series first, to see if you’re the right fit.

Naturally, it does take some time to build towards a profitable position on Amazon. It isn’t easy. It takes capital, time, effort and energy. But if you’re committed, like I am, the rewards are right there on the table.