Kalkine Review: Should you use their services? (Bonus here)

Kalkine Australia review

This is a review of Kalkine which is an equities research firm based in Sydney. There weren’t too many people sharing their experiences or thoughts online, so I thought I’d chime in.

I started this blog many years ago. It’s since been read by thousands of people globally. I’m based in Australia, and often receive praise for my honest insights.

Kalkine evaluation

When undertaking my evaluation of Kalkine, I stumbled across some great things, and not so great things. Through this review, I’ll do my best to deliver you the facts. This is an independent research firm for stocks, products and commodities.

They look for stocks that out of favor with the market. That is – higher than average yields plus low price earning ratios. Particularly, they’re on the hunt for companies with long term growth prospects.

Kalkine Review

You can become a member of Kalkine via their website. The downside is that it isn’t cheap, but you’ll find some excellent value here at the same time, especially if you’re got a large capital base. I always find with these things that they shouldn’t cost you money…they should make you money through future returns.

All of their reports available for members are valid for 12 months. You can purchase the Platinum Special which will save you some dollars off your capital base. If you used a broker or funds manager, then you’d be paying fees without actually realizing it. At least it’s upfront here, and Kalkine is quite independent too.

Building sustainable cash flow

Chances are that you’re looking to build or maintain your wealth for the long term. Whilst the stock market and property investing is excellent, it’s also a slow method quite frankly. Digital assets are now overtaking the returns of paper assets.

Australians are really beginning to wake up to this reality. Through the resources provided here, I’ve helped to inspire thousands of Australians to create a shift in their thinking. There’s even a FREE video training course that explains exactly what I do, and how I do it. A good friend of mine created it, and the course modules will be sent to your email address.

This is the bonus as promised. What’s proposed isn’t easy. There is some work involved. To get a better return on your investment, you’ll be hustling a little. But if you’ve still got that entrepreneurial spirit in you, and can work hard, then jump on board with this. You’ll thank me in months or years to come.

Closing thoughts

I really do approve of Kalkine, and for this reason, I do believe you should utilize their services. This is especially true if you want to move towards making your own investments without the use of a 3rd party, but want some accurate data to help you on the journey. They’ve worked this out for you.

I’d recommend getting in touch with the team and purchasing one of their reports. Start with a lower-priced report and work your way up over time. Their informational videos available free on their website are super helpful too.

My Credit Savvy experiences – How I got my Credit Score in 2 Minutes

Credit Savvy Review

So I recently decided to use Credit Savvy and I’ll detail my experiences in this review. They aim to provide accurate credit checks for Australians like me.

Since I was curious about what my credit score was. Given that there are numerous providers in Australia, I didn’t want to be messed around. I needed something legit, so Credit Savvy looked like a good option.

As I hear the typical ‘free’ services take months and months to send out the paperwork. Way too long for me, as an online business owner who helps everyday Australians, I couldn’t wait! I needed to learn.

So I researched online, much like you are doing now. Then, I took the plunge. Today I’ll detail my experiences of how it took just 2 minutes with Credit Savvy.

Credit Savvy worked for me

When you’re first looking at their website, it’s normal to feel a bit sceptical. After all, they claim to help so many people across Australia. There are other competitors/alternatives such as Veda.

That said, I wanted to proceed.

My aim was to:

  • See if I could get my credit score free and quickly online
  • Share my experiences through this review of Credit Savvy

So onward we go…

Form from Credit Savvy

They reckon that they’re fast as well. For someone with a beginner-friendly online business to run, I don’t like the slow stuff. Make it simple and I’ll really understand, to go through to the next stage.

But anyway, I decided to go through to the next stage. At first they ask for your email, but then they ask for more information…

Signing up with Credit Savvy

I think it’s great that you can sign up with Facebook or Google. This saves you from having to remember your Credit Savvy password. But as I have a super good memory, I chose to create a password. I think this is safer too.

Credit Savvy Account

Previously I used another site called ‘Credit Simple’ and I detailed my experiences there. This was pretty much identical to what I did with Credit Savvy. I wonder if they’re owed by the same company?

Details required for Credit Savvy

They will need these basic bits of information. It’s great to see that they don’t ask for any photocopies or documentation to attach. My Queensland Drivers Licence details worked just fine.

I was then expecting to wait a while. Days or weeks maybe. But low and behold – my credit score was ready to be seen!

Very happy about this!

Immediately after clicking on ‘Verify My Identity’ in the previous section, you’re given direct access. No messing around here. This might not work for everyone, but even with a very common name, I got through.

Credit Savvy Australia Welcome Page

Pretty happy to see my credit score, hence this positive review of Credit Savvy is here. I didn’t expect to get it so quickly!

Now it’s a great score that I have, but as one of Australia’s most well-known bloggers, I had to blur it out. Just for that tiny percentage of bad apples out there. I think the rest of my 25,000 monthly readers will totally understand. 🙂

So you get the score on your Dashboard. Then you can click on ‘Credit Report Summary’ inside your Credit Savvy account.

Credit Savvy Review Australia
Credit Savvy provides a complete summary for free

This gives you all the details you’ll want, such as repayments that have maybe been missed, and every single time you’ve applied for finance. Mine was 100% accurate.

But then you might want to compare yourself with others in your suburb, state, or even across the country. I was above average on everything! Whoop!

This is how you can see your rank with Credit Savvy across Australia

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this experience. Especially as I was looking to continue building my property investment portfolio in the coming years, since my online businesses are doing really well.

So well in fact, that I also help everyday Australians get started too. Where you can learn from Australia’s #1 community of people who are just like you.

An online opportunity

I really enjoyed using Credit Savvy. In just 2 minutes I was able to get my Australian credit score.

Love it! I really do love when things are that easy. Where they’ve really helped me understand everything.

Things shouldn’t be hard. But often, they are. We’re in jobs we hate, or businesses that don’t serve us.

I was just like you some years ago. I worked day in and day out. It sucked.

It was just really hard to get ahead. I could see others having a lot of success, but not me.

Things had to change. I had to be open to a new way of doing things. Then it struck – an online business.

And because I was open to it, I found an opportunity. One where I could work online.

How? I can source products and sell them using eCommerce. Particularly, through selling on Amazon.

You see – Amazon isn’t just a book store anymore. They sell a whole lot of stuff!

It gets better – most of their products are sold by people like us. Everyday people. Sourcing those products cheaply, and selling at a profit.

That’s what I do. Day in and day out. In fact, I did so well, that in April 2018 I quit my job for the very last time. Selling on Amazon then became my full-time gig.

Start learning for free

The best part is that you don’t have to figure out everything on your own. This is a new concept to many people.

I found Australia’s #1 community of people. Real individuals and families learning how to live the laptop lifestyle.

The type of fun, freedom and fulfillment we all deserve. Others are just looking for an additional income stream.

Everyone gets started with the FREE training webinar. It’s where Australia’s best Amazon FBA teacher, Adam, unpacks how to do all of this.

Without the technical jargon. Adam makes it very simplified. He likes it easy, because that’s how people learn best.

Just like my Credit Savvy experiences, I’m very happy with this training. It’s really opened the door towards a new lifestyle not too long ago.

One where I can choose where I work, and when I work! Plus, because this changed my life, I love sharing it with others.

My #1 recommendation is that you enter your name and email address into the webinar form. Adam details how this entire business opportunity works, including what types of products you can sell on Amazon.

This business model does take work, like anything really. You’ll need to invest capital, put in some work ethic and aim to stick around for the medium to long term.

But being surrounded by a like-minded group of individuals really does help. Where people help one-another to progress each and every month in their online businesses.

In summary

I loved using Credit Savvy. As a result, they get my tick of approval.

As a summary of my evaluation, I found them to live up to expectations.

They are fast and free. Where you can get your credit check done in minutes.

It’s obviously fairly easy to use. Simply drop in your name and email to get started.

Much like the 100% FREE training webinar. You can join thousands of other Australians.

Real people who are opening their mind to the possibility of online income.

Where you can choose where you work and when you work. All through the power of selling on Amazon.

Today I live and breathe the laptop lifestyle, because it changed my life!

This changed my life. It can change yours, too. In fact, there are hundreds of testimonials here.

Real people finding success through Adam’s program and live events. I hope you have the courage to be next.

eBroker Australia Review: You Really Should Know This

eBroker Review Australia

If you’re doing your research on eBroker for non-bank / unsecured business loans, then this review covers a lot of ground. There’s plenty of reviews online, but none are by an independent blogger, let alone a business owner.

Whilst I’m certainly not an advocate of taking out finance to start or scale a business, since there’s opportunities to start small, there are times where finance is needed. Using an online broker can really help to accelerate your growth.

About me

Quickly, before I get into this review, I wanted to share some insights.

I’m Joshua – Australian born and bred. I’ve lived in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. This blog of mine started 8 years ago, and today helps to inspire thousands of people to build their own online businesses to escape the rat race.

Without the fluff and BS, I’ve shared some excellent content that you can use to get started today. I often receive praise for my insights and willingness to help others.

If you’re curious, you can learn more about me or simply enroll in this 100% FREE online training course. It’s designed for Australian business owners who are seeking REAL freedom. No tyre kickers.

eBroker Review

This is probably what you’re here for. Is eBroker any good? Should you trust the online reviews? What are their interest rates and fees like? All good questions to ask my friend.

eBroker Australia Review
Curious about eBroker and their financing solutions? You’re in the right place.

So allow me to provide my honest insights, as a business owner who has taken out finance multiple times. I know how confusing it can be with the range of options available.

Firstly, let’s look at what they’re offering:

  • Provides access to 70+ lenders in one place on their Dashboard
  • Focuses on unsecured small business loans for a range of reasons
  • Allows you to really get everything 100% completed online today

And some upsides:

  1. Are independent so the results they provide aren’t biased
  2. Allows you to quickly compere the differences in lenders
  3. Saves you hours of time reviewing the lenders one by one
  4. Has been around for a few years, so they know their stuff
  5. Does not check your credit history or affect credit scores
  6. Backed up with hundreds of positive reviews seen online

It’s clear that eBroker knows their stuff. That said, there’s some downsides:

  • You’ll have to be resourceful to submit documentation online
  • Financial books will still need to be provided upon application
  • Can’t guarantee that you’ll be successful in your bid for finance

These are all minimal really. I do have to outline all negatives so you, as the consumer, can make an informed decision.

Choosing finance

I can’t really using advocate taking out finance, despite having done it myself at times. You’ll really have to do the numbers to ensure obtaining an unsecured business loan will actually stack up for you.

Consider the following:

  • The interest rate of your business loan
  • Expected cashflow to pay it off monthly
  • Core reason as to why you need lending
  • Other ways to source funds (friends etc)
  • Whether you’re in the right business

The last one is the crucial element. Some businesses just aren’t going anywhere in terms of sheer scale. Effectively, some people have merely bought themselves a job, instead of finding themselves with more time freedom.

Consider new opportunities

If you’re looking to actually get freedom in business, then pay attention. What I found not too long ago is both effective and has some real potential. Best of all – thousands of Australians have discovered how to do exactly this.

Without going into all the details, simply jump on board with the 100% FREE video training course. It has been created by my own mentor who has assisted in helping me build my own side project and has led to the laptop lifestyle.

eBroker Australia Finance
Thousands of business owners have discovered how to find real FREEDOM!

Note: No tyre-kickers, this is for those who want serious success in creating an online business. I can’t stress this enough – this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes work, effort, capital and energy.

In summary

I would trust eBroker Australia for financing. They do provide some seriously good upsides for Australian business owners seeking loans.

That said, I would advise against digging yourself a deeper hole. Finance sometimes ends bad, especially if your business goes backwards. If you’re curious to look at what more and more Australians are doing now, then drop in your email and let’s start the journey of potentially working together.

Credit Simple Review: How I Used It (Got My Credit Score in 5 Mins)

Credit Simple

Today I’ll be unpacking exactly how I used Credit Simple in less than 5 minutes as an Australian. This review is based on my own personal experiences.

Recently I wanted to know what my credit score was since my online business was doing extremely well. I mean – living the laptop lifestyle isn’t just about freedom, as you can create a 6 figure income too!

So I looked around at some of the biggest sites out there. Some looked good, but others would charge you money. I wanted something free and fast.

That’s when I found Credit Simple. So let’s unpack how I went about it.

Credit Simple – My personal experiences

When I landed on their home page, I saw the following banner.

Naturally, I was a bit sceptical, as some other sites claim it’s “free” but you don’t get the report until months or weeks later in the mail. Because I was not only curious, but also looking at refinancing soon, I wanted something faster, or preferably, something I could have a look at right now.

I continued on. I knew they were legit and I was curious at just how fast Credit Simple could get my credit score back, especially compared to others such as Veda Advantage which I had used early last year who never sent anything in the end.

So I started the sign up process…

Credit Simple Is Legit

Then next I had to fill out this basic form…

Credit Simple Sign Up Form

I’m serious – that’s all I had to enter. No need to submit drivers licence or passport photocopies. Sweet!

After this, they then texted me a code to enter for verification purposes. You can also opt to get an email.

I entered in the code….then…tada!

I got my credit report with Credit Simple!

Credit Simple Review Australia

The layout is simple and I really like this. You get to see your credit score, how you rank in your suburb, plus an offer on the side. Really cleanly laid out.

Given that I’m very well known around Australia, I had to cover my Credit Simple results for privacy reasons. My monthly readership is 25,000+ of almost all wonderful people, but there are some bad apples out there. I’m sure you all understand.

Now this is just the Dashboard showing your initial rating. Click on ‘View Your Report’ and they do give you a full credit file report showing anything from the last 5 years.

Full Credit Simple Credit Report

Everything matches up to my own personal and business affairs. Very accurate as I own numerous investment properties, two online businesses and a credit card.

The data they give isn’t 100% perfect and in some cases, they can’t help you, as it’s simply being drawn from lenders own information. For example, I applied (and was successful) in obtaining a car loan a few years back, which I saw noted on my file. It was with a little-known bank but shows up as NAB on the report. I guess NAB do fund the loan, with this lender being the agent.

All in all, the Credit Simple process took me about 3 minutes. So as I said in the beginning, most people can get those details in less than 5 minutes.

It was good to go through that process. Especially as I’m looking to continue building both my online businesses and buy another investment property. Plus, I help a lot of people around Australia get started on their own little online business which they can start from home.

Starting your own online business

Perhaps you’re a little curious now. “How did Joshua start his own online business?” and more importantly “What results did he get?”

Well, with two questions, I’ll give two answers. 😄

  • I started by joining Australia’s #1 online business training community
  • After 2.5 years of working at it, I hit a full-time income and quit my job

And that’s pretty much it!

Much like with anything in life, you learn how to do it first. Then you go out and apply what you’ve learned. It can be hard work at times, and you’ll need some starting capital, but the rewards are awesome.

“But why online businesses?” One word: Freedom. Real freedom. Not an offline business which has a website. But a true 100% online only business, where I could travel through Asia, Europe or the Americas without needing to come back to Australia.

Yep. That type of freedom. To live and work anywhere in the world. Or simply spend more time with the kids. That’s the type of freedom I live for.

And you know what? Thousands of Australians are learning how to do exactly this right now. They’re curious, so they’re open to learning. To work with a driven community where people are creating real results.

Starting with Amazon FBA

I’ve found that many Australians still think Amazon is just a bookstore. Truth be told, they’re so much more! Just about anything can be bought online through Amazon nowadays.

I chose to become an Amazon seller for many reasons. It’s not just the freedom, but the vast volume of existing customers, the fantastic fulfillment network (no trips to the Post Office) and complete leverage.

Those thousands of other Australians. They’re in this journey with me too. See – we all got started with the 100% FREE training webinar. This shows you exactly how you can get started, from home, with your very own little business.

By a fantastic teacher I know. Someone who has inspired tens of thousands of people to start with this epic business model. An opportunity that is completely open to Australians right now.

Those that want to travel the world and have freedom. Or those who simply buy their first or second property, but their credit score needs improving. It can be as simple as having a supplementary income that helps each week with the bills.

The laptop lifestyle changed my life.

Whatever your goal – this opportunity is wide open right now. There is a FREE training webinar on offer, which shows you exactly how you can get started.

In summary

I’ve clearly used Credit Simple and my own results have been epic. I’ve seen other sites such as Equifax, Credit Savvy and Veda, but Credit Simple really looked like the perfect match.

So I went ahead. I was ready to blast them on my blog if they didn’t deliver the goods. As one of Australia’s top bloggers, I tell things as they are.

Quite clearly, they delivered on their promise. I got my credit file in 3 minutes with them. Free. It’s very comprehensive too!

So in my experience, they do get the tick of approval.

As does Australia’s #1 online business community.

Where thousands of people are learning right now.

How they can fix their money issues, and quit their job.

To travel the world, or simply have more flexibility in their life.

I joined in. I got started. After some work, I replaced my income in April 2018.

This can work for you, if you’re prepared to do the work, invest the capital, and get trained the right way.

I look forward to seeing you soon inside this community. 😃

Deposit Assure Rated and Why Didn’t I Learn This At School

Deposit Assure Review

These are my insights on Deposit Assure, and through this review, I’ll give you the straight up facts. Those in Australia have discovered my blog here and really do appreciate my unique writing style.

I’ve written this for the person who’s doing their research. It’s great that you’re here. I’m a property investor and have purchased multiple properties in my time. So this one comes with some experience.

Deposit Assure Review

This is an Australian company for those who lack a cash deposit. They’re a bridge or conduit between home-buyers in Australia and their financiers. Deposit Assure has helped thousands of Australians to not miss out on purchasing their home.

Deposit Assure Review Australia

How it works is that you’ll apply online for your deposit bond, and then receive a deposit bond certificate. After using your deposit bond to secure your new home, you’ll then pay full price at settlement. It’s a good alternative if you don’t have cash readily available.

A deposit bond is ideal if you’re an individual with the intention of settling within 6 months. You’ll need either proof of funds to complete the purchase, or some sort of finance approval. You can also provide proof of funds such as a sale contract.

On the downside, there’s obviously some interest involved here. If you can avoid a deposit bond, then that’s ideal, but if you can’t, then the interest might be minimal, especially compared to the full purchase price of the property. There’s a concierge service for those that want to get help in the application process.

What I really liked is the speed of their services. Their team is fast and readily available, plus their social media checks out as excellent. Deposit Assure has plenty of excellent reviews online. This is due to their impressive range of success stories available online.

Interested in a side project?

I ask that question because many people are looking for something new. Something fresh. In fact, if you’re buying a house, then you’re looking for a change. Something that you can build in your spare time.

Like you, I was looking for that ‘thing’ to change my life. And, after years of searching, I found it! It was an opportunity to start building income on the internet where I could potentially earn passive or semi passive income, month after month. Legitimately. A real business that I own. Something I could sell for 7 figures, but more importantly, something I could start off small and grow over time.

The great news is that thousands of Australians have discovered how to do this too. They’ve jumped on board with this 100% FREE training course. It’s available with instant access, the modules will actually be sent to your email address.

While I *could* do this, but I prefer working from the hammock! 🙂

Please note that I only work with the following people:

  • Those that are actually committed towards online business success
  • People with a spare 7 to 10 hours per week, and some capital to start
  • Individuals with realistic expectations of what it takes to succeed
  • Families seeking more time with their children, friends and family

What’s proposed here wouldn’t be so easy. On this blog, I don’t BS you. But what I can assure you is: This works, if you work. You can start here today if you feel you’ve got what it takes. I certainly didn’t get to learn this at business school.

Closing thoughts

Deposit Assure is one company that I can definitely recommend. Through my research and deep digging, I’ve found them to be quite a safe solution for Australians for deposit guarantees. These guys have been in business for a while, and like me, will still be here in years to come.

For those with questions, feel free to drop them below. The more technical questions should go to the Deposit Assure team who would be more than happy to help you out.

Hunter Galloway Evaluation: Here’s something epic that I discovered!

Hunter Galloway Review

Wow, I’m surprised! In this Hunter Galloway review, I’m going to expose what these mortgage brokers won’t tell you. Straight up they won’t advise you that you can actually build your own online business, and open your eyes through the FREE training materials provided here.

Many people don’t realize that I started this blog years ago, and I’m still here today. I’ve bought and sold numerous investment properties, and my best return on my investment in terms of yield has been digital assets. I’ve helped thousands of people get started.

Hunter Galloway Review

Serving Brisbane clients now for quite a number of years, Hunter Galloway are an award-winning mortgage broker. They’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands of first time home buyers and Australian property investors. They believe that a home purchase should be stress-free and without the complications, so that you can make your dream become a reality.

Personally, I agree with that. It’s good to see someone making that process more simplified. I’d say that building an online business should be more uncomplicated, and luckily, it’s now becoming easier and easier.

There are some great things about Hunter Galloway:

Hunter Galloway Review
With awards like this, it’s clear that Hunter Galloway Brisbane means business!
  • They work with over 30 different lenders including well-known banks
  • Their focus is on the client first and their needs, not lender commissions
  • They provide a range of home, investor and construction loans
  • There’s a range of uniquely discounted loans for those in the medical field
  • Hunter Galloway has local knowledge and are based in Brisbane
  • There’s a large range of 5 star reviews available on Google (well earned)

The main downside is that they don’t have a massive amount of lenders. Some other brokers have a greater number of lenders available. However, with a large amount of lenders, that also means it’s hard to gauge which lenders would be best. It’s good that Hunter Galloway keeps a slightly leaner ship. This is so they can understand which lenders work best with their team having exposure with all of them.

Here’s what they won’t tell you

As mentioned, there’s something that won’t mention. It’s simply that you can build your own digital business. It’s for those who are making a change. If you’re buying a new property, it’s likely that you’re looking for a change as well.

Many Australian property investors have woken up and realized that the yields on property investing are quite small. They’re looking for something better, and something that can free them from the rat race much sooner. I found that solution, as have thousands of Australians.

The best part is that you can learn right now. I’m providing a FREE mini-course to help you get started. There’s a course with 4 modules, and it highlights how you can get started right now. This is what Hunter Galloway won’t tell you or share with you, at least not right now. I do hope they can help clients get started with this in the near future.

While I *could* do this, but I prefer working from the hammock! 🙂

It’s wise to note that I don’t work with tyre-kickers. Seriously. I’m only looking for those who are genuinely committed towards success. Please skip past this opportunity if you’re looking for easy money. If you’re holding a long term vision towards online business success, then jump on board with this. You’ll thank me in several years to come. I’m always open towards joint-venture opportunities as well, hence my blog title ‘Work With Joshua’.

Summarizing Hunter Galloway

I hope this evaluation and review of Hunter Galloway has opened your eyes. This guys are seriously great with a strong reputation. They mean business, and every one of those 5 star reviews has been well-earned. I’d highly recommend them to my diverse readership here.

I’d recommend you jump on a phone call with one of their team members. Joshua and Nathan Vecchio have built a fantastic strategic team of highly experienced team members in Hunter Galloway. They can help you through every step of the financing journey for your new home.

Many people have discovered success through working from their laptops

Their Brisbane office is ready to take your call today. Hunter Galloway even work weekends at times. This is to help clients get the best deals possible, and is unlike their competition. I really do approve and recommend of their services as a mortgage broker.