Crush It With Challenges Review: Is It Worth It?

Crush It With Challenges with Pedro Adao is a course that was just announced. The big question is: Should you enrol as a student?

If you’ve been inside the Facebook group these last few weeks, you’ll know that there’s a lot of buzz and excitement. The community has really rallied behind his movement.

The 5 Day Movement Maker Challenge is something that I also paid close attention to with so many success stories and people taking genuine action. This is otherwise absent to most other communities.

Crush It With Challenges Review

I’ll take you through this course here and you’ll discover exact what there is waiting for you.

Getting started

Crush It With Challenges Review

The training program starts out, as it typically does, with an introduction. Pedro Adao also goes into the basics of what to expect as well as helping you figure out where you are on the journey today.

Core of the training program

Pedro Adao course

From there, he’s into the art of the challenge so to speak. Essentially, this is where Crush It With Challenges really kicks off as an experience for each student. You’ll be learning the basics of building community-driven challenges. The most important one is learning what the challenge solves for the end customer.

Crush It With Challenges Review

As this will be your first time creating something like this, all the finer details are here. This includes the naming of your challenge, the length and exactly at which time of month it should be run.

Crush It With Challenges Review

Then it takes this further into the cost, pre-training and guest-listing. It’s super important that you only invite the right people into what is essentially your value-driven sales funnel.

5 Day Changemaker course

As very few people are marketers, setting up payment systems, volumes and timing of your offer is very crucial. Therefore, you should run challenges and set up your offer based on the course content. All too often I see people getting started the right way then going off track.

Gaining customers

Again – most of Pedro’s students struggle with marketing. You know like how do they find their ideal customer? That’s where you’ll need an effective content, traffic, funnel and conversion strategy. The challenge is: Pedro doesn’t really go as deep into this as I was expecting.

Setting up Facebook ads
Pedro covers the basics of setting up Facebook ads and onboarding customers.

It’s true that you’re going to need to run some paid ads into your sales funnel. Essentially, the bigger the audience = the more trust you have in this space and the higher likelihood of conversions.

The bonuses

Every course online nowadays has bonuses, right? Things that are added in to make the offer even more compelling and Pedro Adao has done well here.

Yep – there’s a familiar site! Clickfunnels is probably the best way for a beginner to build a highly converting sales funnel.

Then it seems that these last few videos were tacked on the rear end.

Essentially I do feel there’s good value with these bonuses.

The right student

The ideal student for this training program is the individual who’s keen to make a solid difference in the world. If that’s you then this might be the right pathway to go down.

Students that are getting on board right now before this is closed off include:

  • Coaches and consultants
  • Stay at home moms
  • Those looking for a side hustle
  • People who have a skill that can be monetized

Most of those who are joining Pedro Adao’s program are those in the personal development space.

The downsides

No review is complete without some criticism. Essentially, the course wasn’t as in-depth as I was expecting. There aren’t 380 hours of video content to digest. I guess Pedro has made this broadly so it caters for all types of change-makers.

Also, the price is a little high. I mean – that’s why you searched online, right? You want to know if it is any good and worth it. When you look at just bringing 5 students of your own into your own program at $497, not only have you paid this program off entirely but you’re also into profits!

In summary

This is a good program that’s quite broad. It caters to a wider target audience as opposed to being niched down. I prefer personally to learn a lot about a little, as opposed to a little about a lot. That said – action always trumps knowledge.

What’s unique is that Pedro is focused on challenges as opposed towards course sales because that’s where you get those more serious about taking the next step forward.

And if you’re serious about building something substantial, then this is a good program for you.

Affiliate Triad Review: Is Jason Fladlien’s Rapid Crush Program worth it?

Affiliate Triad by Jason and Will from Rapid Crush have built quite a program, but is it good? Let’s see what is real and what is ethically questionable.

Affiliate Triad Review

Affiliate Triad Review

In the world today we have so many opportunities to create a sustainable income online. For me, I choose to do that primarily with Amazon FBA.

And yet, this blog has also generated a few dollars each month too. I’ve been blessed to have partnered with some of the best training communities on the planet.

You see, I’m an advocate of multiple pillars. You simply can’t rely on one source of income, or in other words, a one-legged table.

If Amazon bans your account or your Shopify store goes down, then you’re toast.

For me, I like affiliate marketing because I like hard work. It’s an easy way to get started but tough to ‘break through’ and actually find success.

And because of the sheer difficulty, the competition is way less at the top.

But then again, choosing the right referral program is an art and science. Some pay peanuts while others pay big fat cheques like ASM.

For me, ethically, I prefer the smaller programs that pay over the long term.

Affiliate marketing courses

I’ve been through dozens of affiliate marketing courses over the years. Some great and some simply steer you in the wrong direction.

What it always boils down to is RESULTS. It’s best to learn from someone who’s really crushing it in the affiliate marketing space.

And for Jason Fladlien, that’s exactly what he’s done with almost 10 million generated with ASM. For me, I’ve rarely found myself on the top 10 leaderboards, with Stefan and Tatiana James often also sitting near the top.

You know every 6 months I’d look at the leaderboards and be curious who ‘Rapid Crush’ actually was sitting at the top. But most importantly – how did they do it?

For years he’s been tight about how he’s been able to deliver epic results like this.

That is, until now. Someone has twisted him arm. Welcome to Affiliate Triad.

What is the program?

This isn’t so much a course. Yes, there is some training, but it’s essentially a Done-For-You service. The team chooses the right program to convert and you get all the resources sent to you each month.

Affiliate Triad Jason

That’s the sales funnels, webinars and video sales letters. Essentially everything you need to bank commissions.

And to me, this is incredible. I’m totally over building my own stuff.

You’re going to get:

  1. A list of the best digital products to promote.
  2. Access to world-class copywriting scripts
  3. Private access to Jason inside his Facebook group
  4. New assets added each month.

More importantly, once COVID-19 is lifted, a chance to meet the man in person.

Affiliate Triad Jason Fladlein

The cost of Affiliate Triad

I’ve paid $4,000 for affiliate marketing courses in the past. By comparison, this is insanely affordable.

You’re looking at $297 USD for Affiliate Triad which currently has an early bird special.

And considering the amount of value on the inside, it should be priced significantly higher.

You know, for those who haven’t done this sorta of gig before, it certainly makes things way easier.

Because now you don’t need to waste months building assets or finding the highest converting offers.

Paired with guidance from experienced marketers who have been in the trenches for years.

The right student

When reviewing any course, I can’t stress how important it is to find the right student for the program.

And for Affiliate Triad, the right student is someone who’s prepared to do the work.

Other programs promise quick success and instant riches. That. Just. Isn’t. Ethical.

Because to build a real business online, it takes focus and commitment. You need to build traffic and convert that traffic into offers. Or in some cases, work with others who have built an established following.

If you aren’t prepared to do the work, then this isn’t for you. For those looking for long-term results, then this is very much could be the right program.

Online businesses almost always pay off in the long term, provided you do the work consistently upfront.

And you could waste hundreds of hours with ‘free’ content where you’ll have strategies that are 2 to 3 years old.

The right student here understands the work involved here and how this isn’t a get-rich-quick gig. With Russell Brunson as a testimonial, it’s clear that Jason has some real-world results.

Getting started

What you’re buying into is a system. There is some training, but at the core, it’s a Done-For-You service which could save you hours of time each week.

But more importantly – it’s built on results. Jason Fladlien from Rapid Crush is one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world.

Soon you’ll see success stories with Affiliate Triad. The program is new and developing very quickly.

And yet, he isn’t living the retirement dream in Thailand. He still works in real-time to build funnels which convert traffic into customers.

That to me is the best part. You’re learning in real-time what it takes in the current economic environment to increase conversions and to build your own business online.

With the same tools that Jason and Will use in their own business.

No more researching products, creating funnels or launching webinars. Instead, all the pieces of the puzzle are done for you.

Unbelievable value in my eyes.

And value like this doesn’t last long.

At this time, only a few students are allowed on the inside.

Simply follow their system.

Take action consistently every single day.

And I’ll see you on the inside.

The SEO Playbook Robbie Richards Course Review (I Bought It)

In 2019 I purchased Robbie Richard’s SEO Playbook as I wanted to level up my organic rankings on this blog and several other websites.

Since 2011 I have been producing content with little to no results, until 2018 when I started to really ‘pounce’ in my production. I learned as much as I possibly could online through various paid courses and YouTube tutorials.

I found fellow Australian Robbie Richards through his popular review of Ahrefs. Perhaps you read it too?

I enjoy supporting other affiliate marketers who know how to rank whitehat style. I read 3% of the review as I simply wanted to use whoever was ranking #1 in the SERPS and at the time, Robbie was ahead of popular blogger marketing Matt Woodward from the UK.

With almost a decade of trying stuff online failing, I knew I didn’t want just another SEO course. I was tired of basic “this is how you rank stuff” type of content. I wanted something deep which required technical thinking and an analytical approach to content production.

Well, I certainly got more than I was asking…

The SEO Playbook Review

Included in Robbie Richards SEO Playbook are 3 courses which are very well connected. These are:

  • Quick Wins Playbook (ideal for the newer content creators)
  • Keyword Research Playbook (for those building out long content)
  • Content Audit Playbook (suited for those with large content mills)

Robbie is a fellow Australian who doesn’t market like a guru. In fact, it’s very much a closed house where he only opens the doors every few months for new students.

The SEO Playbook Review - Robbie Richards Course

I was very keen to purchase this course especially as Tim Soulo provided a recommendation. Any recommendation from Tim is near impossible to come by unless you know your craft extremely well.

When the course opened, I skipped the entire email and simply signed up without realizing there is a discount code on the course. I have a serious case of TL;DR but luckily Robbie did do a partial refund for my enrolment into the course.

Quick Wins Playbook

Quick Wins Playbook from The SEO Playbook by Robbie Richards

Module 1 – Introduction

As common with all courses, this is an introductory module and is also where you’ll find all the tools, templates and scripts.

Module 2 – Pull (and Map) Existing Keyword Data

Robbie isn’t tied to any one software. He uses both SEMrush and Ahrefs in his training. If you’re using anything else, then it’s probably sub-par and time to upgrade.

Module 3 – Identify & Prioritize Your Keyword Shortlist

This is the start of deep water swimming. Instead of shot-gunning your way to success, Robbie chooses a sniper approach with keyword shortlisting.

Module 4 – Content Relaunch Strategies

Many students inside The SEO Playbook have large content sites or manage larger clients. Content that has been written years ago can be relaunched strategically through what you’ll learn in this module.

Module 5 – Measuring Campaign Success

There are just 2 training videos in this module for both tracking and measuring performance.

Keyword Research Playbook

Keyword Research Playbook

Module 1 – Introduction

This training is self-explanatory with tools, templates and docs.

Module 2 – Identify (& Grade) Your Organic Competitors

Looking to dominate your competition? This is your module.

Module 3 – Build Your Seed Keyword List

This is a 3-part series for finding seed keywords through brainstorming, analyzing competitors, using Amazon and top pages reports.

Module 4 – Identify Your Existing Keyword Opportunities

This module is dedicated to looking for keyword opportunities for your niche.

Module 5 – Perform Competitor Keyword Research

My favourite module is here. I’m forever spying on my competitors in Ahrefs and got some insights on exactly how Robbie does this to find keywords and gaps in content.

Module 6 – Expand Your Keyword Set

This is where I started to get lost in the content. However, over time I intend to revisit this module.

Module 7 – Organize Your Master Keyword List

This module feels like you’re a commander going to war on the internet with your keyword list.

Module 8 – Qualify Your Keyword List

In this module, you’re slaughtering the ponies in favour of the stallions. (Alright, a little violent. You’re merely reducing the clutter so you’re left with a clean keyword list).

Module 9 – Build Your Keyword Map

Right…another module that I got lost. At least my army is ready!

Module 10 – Build Your Content Calendar (& Measure Performance)

In this short finale, Robbie focuses on content product scheduling and tracking rankings.

Content Audit Playbook

Content Audit Playbook

Module 1 – Introduction to the Content Audit Playbook

This is (no surprise) an intro with tools and templates to get yous tarted

Module 2 – Audit Goals & Penalty Assessment

This module is actually just a single video. For many SEOs, it’s very helpful on assessing penalty risk and assigning content audit goals.

Module 3 – Collecting All Your Indexable Content

Unless you’re well experienced with SEO, you might get overwhelmed here like me.

Module 4 – Mapping Page-Level Performance Metrics.

I got excited at the word ‘metrics’! 😃 Given these are short videos, I was mostly able to keep up in Module 4.

Module 5 – Assigning Action Items and Strategies

Robbie is clearly a fan of continuous improvement through processes. This module is well worth watching even for its business concepts.

Module 6 – Finding “Existing” Keyword Opportunities and Content Gaps

While a great module, I’ve noticed that Module 6 actually has some repetitive videos from other Playbooks in his series.

Module 7 – Measurement & Reporting

While late in this module, it’s an easy one to digest on building content audit reports and measuring performance accurately.

Module 8 – Bonus Audit Tracks

If you’re looking to reclaim lost link equity, then this is for you.

My learnings

Straight up – I have learned that there is a deeper element to SEO that most other courses teach. It’s not their fault; it’s their audience. They merely serve beginners to intermediates and the educators themselves haven’t gone that deep, despite earning a good income online.

When you dive deeper, you’ll find what really moves the needle with SEO. And yes, it’s still a mixture of quality content and backlinks. But what’s most important is keyword planning.

With effective planning, you’ll have saved the time you would have otherwise spent writing content that doesn’t convert.

To say it another way, there is little value in simply blogging for the sake of blogging. You need to be strategic. Robbie goes ultra strategic.

You need to focus on the two main reasons to produce content:

  1. Serve your existing audience with engaging content
  2. Create content that has strong elements of SEO

The best marketers in the world do both and they do both extremely well because they planned for it. Every piece of content should have commercial intent with a strong CTA.

And again – that starts with the planning. That’s essentially the core of this course, and from there, test and measure over the long term.

The ideal student

This is not a beginner-friendly SEO course. It’s too technical for green thumbs to the industry.

If you haven’t purchased an SEO course before, then don’t buy Robbie Richard’s course. Period. He even places a disclaimer on the checkout page.

If you buy this as your first SEO course then you’ll simply be lost in the abyss. While I’m a learner and practitioner since 2011, I personally was overwhelmed in some sections and lost interest.

I’m a metrics-driven type of individual, yet I routinely found myself lost in some of the modules.

However, as time goes on, I’ll be referring back to the content where it will feel more like “Aha! I needed that!” instead of “Yeah….okaayyyy…I’m a little confused here…” as it is the case personally at times.

In short, this is certainly an advanced SEO course that doesn’t disappoint.

Now, don’t get me wrong. 65% of the content I could contend with and grasp very well. That other 35% will take some time to digest.

What would I recommend for those looking for something more tangible and easy to swallow? You’re smart enough to know that the following is an affiliate link where I may earn a commission and continue makin’ millions online. 😜

In all seriousness, Gael and Mark at Authority Hacker (of which Robbie is good friends) have a solid course for both intermediate and advanced marketers. I recommend their premium AHPro training which has the best content.

In summary

I purchased this course knowing that I was heading into the deeper ocean of SEO. Perhaps this was too deep for me to swim just yet and you may have the same experience, or a completely different experience.

Either way, the course is rock-solid if you’re looking for advanced SEO content. The sound quality is very good and the training videos make it easy to follow along. Robbie does away with the guru superman-style videos and comes across as simply authoritative, and most importantly, human.

Over time, I do hope to derive more value out of this course as I continue to hone my organic ranking skills. So far, it was certainly worth the $1,000 and much more.

Would I recommend it? For the right person, sure! It’s genuinely for those with at least a year or two of SEO experience, even if you’ve just played around with a simple blog and have derived some solid traffic that converts.

Is there an affiliate program for this course? Not to the best of my knowledge. Given Robbie’s reputation, he doesn’t need an affiliate program, and yet I’ve written a review detailing my experiences as a paid student. There is no business or personal relationship between us apart from group chatter in the Slack group.

Robbie Richards is a prime example of building a raving fan base through content and authenticity. In my experience, you can learn a lot not just of SEO, but for online business ethics.

The Slack Group is a treasure-trove of good content from whitehat SEO superstars, including Robbie. I look forward to seeing you in there real soon. 🙂

Dream Team Intensive Course Review: My Thoughts 3 Months In

Early this year I purchased Jamie Stenhouse’s Course ‘Dream Team Intensive’ on how to build a scalable agency and team based on systems and process.

I knew that a few people would value insights on the course and criticism.

There isn’t a business partnership between us. I may earn a commission on digital products below though Jamie Stenhouse doesn’t have an affiliate program as yet.

I have known Jamie now since 2011 where we met at a personal development conference. Even then he was hustling as he spent the bulk of the time working on his laptop while watching the ‘show’ unfolded.

Over the years, he’s consistently worked and has outperformed me in business results and work ethic. While younger, he’s certainly someone I look up to as an individual who has an intense focus on outcomes.

And while we do have a friendship, I genuinely don’t have a business relationship and don’t partake in paid online reviews. I’m merely a student sharing my personal experiences with this program.

Enough of an intro. Let’s begin

Dream Team Intensive Review

The Dream Team Intensive is Jamie’s agency training program. It’s designed for those aspiring to build an agency.

I wasn’t Jamie’s ideal client. In fact, I didn’t even want to pull out the credit card. My focus is on niche websites and my 2 FBA brands which take the bulk of my time.

However, as time has gone on, I realize the power of agency-work. While managing client relationships is tough, there is nothing greater than creating results for clients in real life, instead of hiding behind the computer screen.

I spoke with Jamie in November of last year and as my cash flow was tight in Q4, I didn’t pay and get started with the course until January.

Here is the program at a glance:

Dream Team Intensive Course Review

At this time, I’m up to Week 6 in the program though I did join 11 weeks ago. I schedule Saturday’s to go through this program if I do have the space available in my calendar.

Each week is quite intense with hours of content. It’s clear that Jamie’s programming experience shines through, as it’s a strategic approach to scaling instead of throwing mud on the wall and seeing what sticks.

What I have gained

When I joined this course, I had no desire to build an agency to serve clients. Instead, I simply wanted to learn how to hire, train and manage a remote team of virtual assistants. Jamie knew this upfront and noted some modules which I could skip.

However, since then I’ve realized how many people I could help in the near future to build a brand that scales through organic content. This is how I happen to build my two FBA brands, since Amazon itself is more competitive today than when I initially started.

Dream Team Intensive Results

Essentially, I recognize the skills I have now can be monetized in the near future. I’ve learned that managing clients can be easier if you have genuine results, instead of most digital marketing agencies who only pray that they’re executing properly on their client’s dime.

So that’s one huge gain. The second one relates to distractions. Jamie’s big on reducing distractions and dopamine fuel. A big one is social media. I’ve installed Facebook Newsfeed blocker and used a fantastic service called which he has recommended in the course.

With those two gains, his program will pay for itself over the next 12 months.

Lastly, Jamie takes a sniper approach. Over the years, I’ve taken a shotgun approach. He focuses on what can work, while I try to make things work and only later focus on what actually works. From the course, I’m becoming more of a sniper.

Jamie Stenhouse Course criticism

The Dream Team Intensive is a solid course as someone who has completed 70% of the content. However, a review needs to have its critics. Despite our friendship, I can still spot the room for improvement.

Jamie Stenhouse Course

Three points:

  1. Kyvio that the course is hosted on routinely pauses. I like to work while watching the content. This distraction is NOT recommended by Jamie as an approach to learning. Unfortunately, my time is very limited and having to refresh videos is a first-world problem, but still a problem.
  2. The content can really drag on. In one training session (Module 3 Pipeline Systems), the training goes for about 4 hours. Not ideal if time is limited. If you’re looking for short-form content like most other training programs, this isn’t for you.
  3. Another first-world problem is the sound is often overlaid by an air conditioner white noise.

Now, are they genuine reasons to stop you buying the course? No, definitely not but worth highlighting for future improvement.

When you consider the immense value that’s inside this training program, the course will pay for itself over time.

Plus some students may have the chance to work with Jamie directly with coaching calls.

The right student

After spending time in the Facebook group, I’ve been able to evaluate who this course is for. Ideally, students are:

  • Those who are systems-orientated people who need a blueprint
  • Individuals who already have some momentum in their business
  • Students that realize the value of building process-foundations first

Most people in his training program are first-time agency owners. Some are coaches and consultants such as myself who need to figure out how to manage a virtual team successfully. I have hired virtual assistants before and the results are typically mediocre.

Now, this isn’t a course on how to build an agency. You won’t learn SEO or PPC. It’s a course on how to build a team successfully that frees you up to work on your business, not inside doing menial work.

Invisible pitch

Jamie Stenhouse is a fan of the invisible pitch. This is something I’ve learned through his Dream Team Intensive training program.

Essentially, provide an immense amount of value up front which leads to conversions. This could be in the way of a case-study or trial for a training program.

This is also an approach I’ve taken over the years. All content should be written of commercial intent, yet stacked with value first for the individual.

In summary

Jamie Stenhouse is a solid business person who has improved over time. Gone are his days of 18 hours and sheer fatigue. Today he’s more about work-life balance through teams.

If you stalk his Facebook, you’ll find a lot of content over the years. It stretches way back to 2011 in fact.

Clearly, Jamie is someone with results in the digital agency world. Someone who didn’t get rich in 5 minutes, but instead consistently put in the work as I’ve watched his growth.

If a process-driven approach to building an agency the right way is for you, then this course could be very well what you need.

Jordan Page Budget Bootcamp: Is It Worth It?

Is Budget Bootcamp worth it? Jordan Page charges $149 for her online course (less 10% discount) and an online review would be helpful to see how good it is.

Note: I have no business relationship with Jordan Page so this review of her training course is unbias.

Budget Bootcamp Review

Budgeting is hard. Accounting for every single cost in your weekly household budget is confusing. I know personally that I’ve struggled with this for a long time.

And despite today that I’ve reached a solid place financially, not everyone has this luxury. Plus I choose to live well within my means.

I routinely watch Jordan’s budgeting YouTube channel which is very engaging. What I love is that she shares so much content for free without so much filler content like other channels.

Yet with so much content on her channel, is it worth spending one hundred and fifty bucks on some extra content? I just had to see.

The course content

I was hesitant with this course initially. It’s only just shy of 30 videos after all.

However, Jordan makes her content longer. The average video is about 30 minutes.

Budget Bootcamp Course Jordan Page

Through the course, there is a lot of content that I haven’t found on her public channel. So you won’t necessarily feel like groundhog day when going through the course itself, though she does touch on the same content again at times.

So, why would you spend so much on her course? It’s simple.

  1. It’s cheap. I mean really – the course itself can save you $150 easily in the next 30 days.
  2. Jordan Page’s program is a How-To series step-by-step, instead of budgeting tips on YouTube.
  3. The entire premise of her training is based on action-taking instead of binge-watching.

One of the best parts is the Facebook group. It’s a chance to engage with others on the same channel. I know that Dave Ramsey has a similar group but Jordan’s is more serious and more engaging without the trolls.


I couldn’t write a review of Budget Bootcamp without some downsides or negatives. That just wouldn’t be fair for those considering this budgeting course.

Now my biggest challenge with Budget Bootcamp is the amount of content. There are 16+ hours and Jordan is adding more content quite often that only her members have access to.

Then you’ve got all the ‘Workouts’ to help you through the journey which you should print off.

Now while that’s all good, some people just won’t have the time available to digest all of this. This is despite her 90 day refund period. We all have kids to chase and jobs to serve. You know, life just gets in the way.

To be fair, it’ll be hard for her to cut down on the content as she’ll leave out vital components. But still, some students will simply be overwhelmed with the amount of content here.

So you’d have to be really committed to this budgeting process to get the most value out of it. My recommendation: Cut out all distractions over a weekend (including turning your phone OFF) and digest the content on your TV screen, while also printing off and using the handouts.

Otherwise, you’ll fall into the trap of buying yet another course, watch 20% of the content and later forget about it. Don’t worry – I’ve done this too many times.

Who I’d recommend it for

Those who need a hand getting their finances in order strategically would benefit best from this program. That is – a proper plan and blueprint to get things in order.

Going through Jordan Page's Budget Bootcamp Course

If you’re looking for merely binge-watching and taking no action, then this isn’t for you. Her public channel will continue to serve you very well.

Likewise, pick up a budgeting book. This is a cheap alternative to Jordan Page and her video training course. Many books do cover the bulk of the concepts in her training program.

Three books I can highly recommend are:

  • Money Honey by Rachel Richards
  • Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover
  • You Need A Budget by Jesse Mecham

For breaking away from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, these will help you build more of a sustainable capital base.

In summary

Budget Bootcamp is definitely worth it for those who are serious about budgeting in their family. If you’re unsure, then Jordan Page provides a 90-day refund policy available. 90 days! 😲 Let’s not forget the 10% discount/coupon code available to her subscribers.

The Facebook group is what makes this program special. Because you want to be surrounded by a great community of others on the same pathway as you.

Budget Bootcamp Course I recommend

And sure, you could join a public budgeting group, but these are often full of trouble makers. Those who invest in their education are those often the most committed to the journey.

To me, the best journey to be on is F.I.R.E. This means Fire Independence Retire Early. This is often best achieved with both budgeting and online business building.

For the budgeting side, Budget Bootcamp could be the very best thing you do this month.

Shaw Academy Review: Are They Any Good?

Shaw Academy offers online training courses across the world with mixed reviews. Many students are the United States, the UK, Australia and Europe.

Now straight up – I love personal development. I’ve been blogging here since 2011.

And I earn a referral commission if you use the links provided on this page.

Now my blog covers a lot of books, courses and digital products on the market.

Online is the best as we don’t have restrictions on the classroom. Also – we’re not regulated by government ‘standards’ and red tape.

While I love many great entrepreneurship and business channels on YouTube, it’s really hard to find anything step-by-step. I like structure and function – but most of all – I love being apart of communities.

Shaw Academy Review

There are many good things to be found within Shaw Cademy.

Here are some stats:
Price$45 USD per month
TrialYes – 7 Days
OwnersJames Egan and Adrian Murphy
IndustryOnline learning

Let me summarize this large review of Shaw Academy:

With almost 100 courses available and comprehensive training provided, Shaw Academy provides very high quality for its extensive student base. The learning is flexible and with strong reviews, it’s evident that many students have enjoyed their use of this learning platform.

Shaw Academy is legitimate though most of their courses aren’t certified nationally/internationally or even recognized by employers. So then, should you still use their system? Absolutely, as their courses can really propel your life forward.

Training courses

With dozens of courses on offer, this company certainly believes in education. And the type of education that’s regularly updated.

Take for example their digital marketing courses: These are updated regularly updated for changing times in the industry.

Shaw Academy happens to be many courses on offer. Let’s have a look:

PhotographyProfessional Diploma in Photography
Professional Diploma in Photoshop
A Basic Diploma in Video
Diploma in Smartphone Photography
The Diploma in Adobe Lightroom
Diploma in Wedding Photography
LanguageDiploma in English
MarketingA Diploma in Digital Marketing
Diploma in Social Media Marketing
The Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing
A Diploma in Viral Marketing
FinanceDiploma in Financial Trading & Investment
Ultimate Traders Programme
Diploma in Cryptocurrency
Health and WellnessProfessional Diploma in Nutrition
Professional Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
Professional Diploma in Fitness & Weight Loss
TechnologyDiploma in Web Development
Professional Diploma in Mobile App Development
Diploma in Web Design
Professional Diploma in Graphic Design
Coding for Kids 1: Scratch for Beginners
Diploma in Cryptocurrency
DesignA Diploma in Web Design
Professional Diploma in Graphic Design
Diploma in Illustrator
BeautyThe Diploma in Professional Beauty
MusicDiploma in Guitar Basics
A Diploma in Music
BusinessProfessional Diploma in Leadership & Management

Clearly their courses are more tech and career-orientated, but unlike most other platforms, Shaw Academy is more engaging. They provide quizzes, Q&A sessions and assignments to students.

Negative reviews

“Why are there so many bad reviews about Shaw Academy?” you might be wondering.

Because when you look at Trustpilot, they aren’t exactly 5 stars.

Now, most people are quite happy with their platform. It seems that most of the negative reviews are by people who got charged because they forgot to end their free trial.

This is unfortunate but it does happen. After all – this company provides a 1-week trial to their entire platform, as long as you enter in your payment details first.

Best alternatives

There are some great alternatives to Shaw Academy. Some of them are even free!

  1. Udemy is one great platform which I have used for many years
  2. Open Colleges provides training that is actually recognized in the United States, Australia and New Zealand
  3. Online business training is also available for free on how to start your web-based business.

But as for only needing to pay under $50 per month, then Shaw Academy has the best offer available.

In summary

These days, more and more people are moving away from traditional colleges and universities. Tangible skills are best found online and Shaw Academy is one great starting point.

Would I recommend them? Sure. Is everyone happy? No, but most people are.

Their rating currently sits at 4.2 stars and will progressively increase over the years.

After all, they provide a 7-day free trial so you can experience the product for yourself.

As for building an online business and internet-based income, they don’t cover this too well. And if they did, the community only exists on that platform with no offline events.