15 Best Deal Sites Just Like OzBargain in Australia


Are you looking for the best deals and bargains out there for online shopping? I’ve curated 15 of the best sites in Australia that are just like OzBargain.

I love the feeling of scoring a great deal. To find a product that I’ve been searching for, at a significant discount.

You often have to search far and wide across the internet to sometimes find a working coupon code. Luckily, there are sites just like OzBargain which can reduce prices with their daily deals promotions.

Finding more deals beyond OzBargain

Look – I love OzBargain as an Australian. So do thousands of people across the country.

The problem with this website is that it can be overwhelming with too much information. Then if you search online, you’ll be trawling through dozens of search results looking for a similar deal site.

Luckily, I’ve gone and done the tough work for you. Right here at 15 alternatives to using OzBargain where you can score some excellent deals, discounts, vouchers and coupons in Australia.

1. TopBargains

TopBargains is one of the best known deal websites in Australia. You’ll find a range of great deals from some of the country’s best brands.

What I love is the rating metrics. You can vote up for redemption codes that work and vote down on codes that didn’t work for you.

2. ShopBack

This is a great site for those who want to shop more smartly. Not only is it a website but also a smartphone app for those who purchase from their mobile devices.

ShopBack has around 300,000 people a month using their website which is quite impressive, plus a $5 ‘invite a friend’ bonus which is awesome.

3. The Bargain Avenue

I love this website, given the massive amount of brands available. There are significantly discounted items on their database which are updated daily.

It’s a smaller site than say the two above, but you’ll find some top brands here. There are even deals that you’ll find exclusively at The Bargain Avenue.

4. Cuponation Australia

Not to be confused with the internationally well known coupon site, Cuponation Australia has some of the best offers available down under.

I love their clean design and layout. It’s clearly a step up from OzBargain’s 2001 presentation with some seriously big discounts available.

5. The Organised Housewife

This is one of my local Gold Coast business owners website that has some excellent coupons available from big stores, such as The Iconic and Woolworths.

Not only is this a great deal site, but offers a lot of excellent information on cooking, parenting, cleaning and house organization. Many people return back here every month.

6. Groupon

Ah yes! Who could forget Groupon. This website essentially made the discount industry boom in Australia when it launched a few years ago.

You’ll find a massive range of coupons and discounts…and I really mean massive! From things to do and travel savings, to restaurants and big brands, Groupon has it all!

7. FrugalFeeds

FrugalFeeds exclusively deals with discounts for food orders, including Uber Eats. If you live in the city like myself, then you’re going to love this website.

From Domino’s Pizza to McDonald’s, you’ll be able to find some excellent discounts and savings. Cafes and restaurants can also be found here.

8. Finder

This is not only one of Australia’s best deal and discount website, but it’s an entire encyclopedia of offers and discounts. They share some incredible deals.

With close to 2.5 million fellow Australians on board, it’s a gateway to brands across many categories. This isn’t my best recommendations for coupons, but I couldn’t forego including it here.

9. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is the internet’s most well known deal and discount website. If you’ve ever seen a ‘promo code’ on the checkout page of any online store, no doubt you’ve found RetailMeNot in Google.

Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a US-based website, as there are literally hundreds of Australian brands and stores here. Some of the coupons don’t work properly as I’ve experienced.

10. Picodi

Another US-based website which still has many discounts for Australians. You’ll find that as you land on their website, it detects that you’re from Australia.

Again, I love this layout much more than OzBargain. It just lacks the community aspect but you can rate coupon codes for their effectiveness.

11. Lasoo

Back again to the Australian deal websites, Lasoo offers some excellent discounts from the big brands. SuperAmart, Best&Less and MrToysWorld just to mention a few.

Unlike some of the other deal sites mentioned, this one has just about everything that you’re looking for. You can even search by postcode, even in regional areas.

12. Buckscoop

With Buckscoop, it’s more of the premium products on offer. For that reason, their membership pool is very low, with only a few thousand Australians using the site each week.

That said – it’s catered towards baby and children. They run a seasonal variation of deals and discounts on offer, plus guides for prospective shoppers.

13. Catch

Clearly Australia’s most well-known superstore, Catch has thousands of people on their site each and every hour. Literally! You’ll find plenty of deals and discounts here.

It does feel much like eBay, with some people predicting that it will overtake eBay. That said – Amazon Australia will soon take the #1 spot as Australia’s best marketplace, which is great news for Amazon FBA sellers like myself.

14. MyDeal

This is a home-centric deal and discount site. You’ll generally find bedroom, living room and kitchen products and household goods with MyDeal.

Some of their products on offer are super neat which you won’t find on OzBargain or even eBay. Given that there is a focus on mostly homewares, you won’t find there to be as many brands on offer.

15. Honey App

Wow! I’ve saved the best to last. The Honey App is an excellent option if you’re the type of shopper who loves to buy via their smart phone.

What is on offer is a promise to have some of the best bargains available anywhere. This appears to be the SkyScanner of the online shopping world, with millions of people already on board.

My personal recommendation

Now, whilst those Australian alternatives to OzBargain are all fantastic, it’s wise to continue to shop around. But at the same time, not all retailers have active coupons or discounts.

There are times where you may just have to pay the retail price, and that’s OK. Most products still represent great value for money.

With Amazon now firmly planted in Australia, we have a strong contender for people who are shopping actively. Their marketplace generally has great pricing and I personally bought a camera from there last month.

The best part is that their marketplace isn’t just restricted to the big brands. Individuals like you and I can sell on there too, just like selling on eBay.

Except…it’s a little easier, as there is no need to head down to the local Post Office every day. I’ve now been selling on Amazon for 2.5 years now and it has eclipsed my eBay sales.

Is it easy to setup? Not really. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

I have written some excellent free beginner-friendly guides for people just like you who are looking to learn and get started.

Also, if I’ve missed any sites like OzBargain then please let me know in the comments below. This way I can keep this guide updated for fellow Australians.

Proswimwear Review: Just ordered and I got a discount!

Proswimwear coupon

Looking for a review or voucher code from Proswimwear in the UK? I recently placed an order from Australia and got a discount on my order.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing why I chose to buy from them, and exactly what I bought.

Proswimwear: My experiences

I was looking around particularly for bouyant swim shorts and didn’t want to buy the average quality products you might find on eBay. Proswimwear is available in Australia (though ships from the UK) so I went down that route.

Proswimwear store review

Ordering on the site was easy. The challenge was only after I ordered, that it would take 7 to 10 business days to arrive. Clearly Amazon is a lot faster, especially as I had ordered on a Friday.

Proswimwear customer order

But getting a Proswimwear cart coupon can make up for those shipping delays. My discount was only 5% but still reasonable. To find one, you can generally source these on Google quiet easily.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this experience so far. These shorts are really going to boost my confidence in swimming long distance without the anxiety.

I look forward to updating this review once my order arrives from Proswimwear. I can also provide an update towards shipping time to Australia.

Starting your own eCommerce journey

Selling online is really excellent. It provides you with a chance to live the laptop lifestyle. Is it easy to start? Nope. But with the right training, it can really open your eyes to potential.

In my case, that opportunity best starts with becoming an Amazon FBA seller. Where you leverage their vast fulfillment network.

But what can you sell? Well, swim shorts for starters. 😆

There are so many options actually. In fact, I’ve shared some of the best product ideas available on my blog, as I attract many beginners who wish to get started on the Amazon journey.

The best part – there is free training available. Where you can discover how you can go about becoming an online seller and earn a full-time income as I do.

With a real community of go-getters. People just like you on the journey, also seeking the laptop lifestyle.

On the inside, there is:

  • Almost 10,000 people who have started this new journey
  • Full training that demonstrates how beginners can get started
  • Created by someone who has built multiple businesses to 7 figures
  • Live conferences where you can network with others just like you

Which all forms part of the paid program. However, the 100% FREE training is an excellent start point. Where beginners can learn to swim in shallow waters, before committing further.

In summary

Proswimwear has been a great store. I just wish I had realized before ordering that they would ship from the UK. That’s a long time to wait here in Australia.

Many of their customers are based in the United Kingdom and would expect their orders a lot faster. Ordering seems to be pretty straight forward, and having analyzed their website, it seems to be around 50,000 customers per month.

So if you’re waiting for your order to arrive, consider jumping on board with the free Amazon training series. 😉 I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

LightInTheBox Review: How to Save up to 10% with a Coupon Code

Review of Light In The Box

So you’re curious about LightInTheBox and want to read a review, or even discover a REAL coupon code to get a discount. Great idea I must say!

Since doing some online research is a good idea. You can evaluate if this is the right thing for you.

From wedding dresses to shoes, wigs and wall art, Light In The Box is an awesome online store. Thousands of customers in Australia, Singapore, United States, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom love this company.

But did you know that you can use a coupon code at checkout when shopping with LightInTheBox? This can provide savings of up to 10%.

Light In The Box Evaluation

LightInTheBox has a lot of products available. These are generally cheap and come from China.

I should know – I sell on Amazon. I’ve spotted some of my competitor’s products right on there.

A good marketplace if you want to scale a business. A better place if you want to shop for unique and beautiful products.

They have available:

  • Shoes and bags for men and women
  • Toys and hobbies, both for adults and children
  • Electronics including phones, computers and office equipment
  • Home and garden goods that you will commonly find in hardware stores
  • Clothing – a lot of clothing! For adults, children and babies. Even for pets!

It’s clearly a massive marketplace. One where you can find just about anything.

Light In The Box is available to customers from around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Pricing is generally cheaper than Amazon, especially with a coupon code. Free shipping is also sometimes provided.

If you read the reviews, many customers have had bad experiences. But generally, most people who had a great experience won’t leave a 5 five star review unfortunately. So you’re only looking at a small percentage and really those who are frustrated with their order.

What I didn’t like is the shipping times. These products all ship direct from China. That saves you money, but you could be waiting weeks.

Light In The Box Review and Shipping Times

But still a better alternative than Amazon.

The Coupon Code

This is probably what you’re here. The #1 thing that you’re really searching for, as you’re ready to checkout with your cart.

You already have found a great discount through adding those products. You’ll probably see that on your order. But with a coupon code, you can save further!

LightInTheBox Review

That’s what Light In The Box offers. At this stage, I’m awaiting for an exclusive offer. Because I’m looking to help out my fellow Australians, plus many more around the world.

So hold tight! Or please check another website.

An exciting opportunity

So now that you’ve seen what is sold on Light In The Box. But did you know that you can become a seller too?

That’s why my blog is about. I make it well known that I’m an Amazon seller, with numerous products in the marketplace.

My blog is read by thousands of people every week. Those eager and committed to build an online business.

In April 2018, I quit my job to do Amazon full time. I haven’t looked back, as this opportunity has literally changed my life.

It can changes yours too, if you work. If you invest in your products and your education.

My #1 recommendation is that you start the right way. With the right team. People who are committed to help you.

I found a mentor. Someone who had created amazing results selling on Amazon. The type of person who wants to help you too.

Adam is that person. A highly motivated individual. Someone who’s helped thousands of people just like you.

Those who want to build their own side hustle. Something they can start in part time hours.

Yet eventually, and potentially, quit their job. To live a life of freedom. And you know what? Freedom is my #1 value.

Many people have taken this FREE course

I found freedom through selling on Amazon. For that reason, I love helping others get started on this journey.

LightInTheBox summary

Light In The Box does offer coupon codes from time to time. How do you get one? Well, I look forward to providing an exclusive one here.

In my opinion, this is one of the best online sites to source cheap products. You can purchase these as a customer, or become a seller.

And if you want to become a seller, jump on board with the 100% FREE training. By someone who has seriously impressive results.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Because this training is available to everyone right now.

RushFaster Review & Coupon: Hey! I’ve ordered from them 3 times!

RushFaster Review Coupon Discount Promo

I’ve ordered from RushFaster 3 times. Through this review, I’ll share my experiences, so that you can decide whether to place ‘Order’ on your cart.

In addition, a RushFaster coupon may also be available here. Read this to check if it’s available now.

Many Australians have read my blog. I’ve been praised over and over again for the content. Just straight forward and upfront. Plus, I’ve inspired thousands to build their own internet business as a side project.

RushFaster Review

These guys have been in business for over a decade. In fact, my 1st order with them was way back in 2009. That’s 2 years prior to even starting this blog. Back then there was a reluctance towards purchasing things online. Today that’s changed a lot.

RushFaster Review and Coupon

When I ordered all 3 times, everything arrived within a few days. The only downside is that they forgot to include a tax invoice one time, but not much of a real issue. Many Australians do praise RushFaster through review sites, and you’ll welcome to get the perspectives of other customers too.

What I have seen is that the pricing with these guys is already very good. Occasionally you may find cheaper pricing elsewhere, but often not. It’s always wise to make a decision not just based on costs alone, but service and delivery times. Other websites actually have products that ship from overseas, without really relaying this information on to you.

Here’s the thing that blew my mind, which wasn’t available in the early days. There’s a 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee. That is unheard of in eCommerce! These guys mean business, and work hard to delight customers with their 98.2% rating.

A mild downside is the shipping times to Perth are a little slow. This is the case with most online stores, and Western Australians are probably used to it by now. Those in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane especially will love RushFaster and their fast shipping times. They predominantly use Australia Post.

RushFaster Coupon

At this stage, a coupon may or may not be available. It really depends on seasonality. As just mentioned, they already have great pricing. You’ll also get a discount on products with RushFaster if you order above a certain amount at times.

I’m going to get in touch with the team at RushFaster and see if I can offer a unique coupon code just for my readers here. This way you can all take advantage of this, and save a percentage on your order.

It’ll be available for those in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and our 2 Territories as well.

Closing thoughts

If you’re looking for bags, wallets or travel accessories, then you’ve come to the right place. RushFaster is one of the best Australian online stores that serves this market. Some of the best brands in the world are partnered with them, including Bellroy.

Should you have an experience with these guys, whether positive or negative, then feel free to drop a comment below. You can also reach out to them with questions, and their social media accounts, including Facebook, have fast replies.

Bulk Nutrients Review: I found a working COUPON code!

Bulk Nutrienets Review Australia

In this review on Bulk Nutrients, I’m going to provide you with the straight forward facts for Australians. Plus, I did find a working coupon code, and it may still be available here.

I created this blog many years ago. It’s inspired literally tens of thousands of people towards a new pathway in life. Many have appreciated my distinctively unique writing style, that is of no BS or sugar coating.

Should you wish to know more about me, and how I could potentially help you build an online income, then find out more here. My story and systems have resonated with a lot of people looking for the straight forward process.

Insights on Bulk Nutrients

Bulk Nutrients is an Australian online supplement store predominantly selling Whey Protein Isolate. Their reviews show up as 5 stars with a lot of customer feedback. Plus, they also sell vegetarian and vegan options for that ever-increasing population.

Ben Crowley is the founder of Bulk Nutrients. He started the business as he discovered that Australia’s supplement supplies were limited, with Australians paying a fortune to buy products in the US and have them shipped over.

Ben then decided to setup shop, but with a unique twist. He wanted no distributors, importers or retailers. That is, no middle men. The products had to be made in Australia, and at the start, began in a factory in Tasmania with a dedicated team.

Today there’s over 60 staff in the business, with the foundations of family. They prioritize flexibility and needs of their staff. As a fellow business owner, I really do praise this. Their team is also quite culturally diverse.

Bulk Nutrients Reviewed

When evaluating this company, I had to consider some factors such as the age of the company, what they have to offer and their level of customer service.

Bulk Nutrients Australia
This is the friendly team at Bulk Nutrients

Here’s what I liked:

  • They have a large range of supplements and other products available
  • Despite being in Tasmania, shipping times are still quite fast & reliable
  • Their #1 focus is the customer, and providing the best possible service
  • There’s unique blends for each person, depending on their goals & needs
  • They have a fully established and responsive social media following
  • Quite commonly, their customers make repeat purchases again and again

But the main downside was the price. In some instances, they were a little more expensive than competitors. This was only occasionally however, and certainly their own brands are very well priced.

Then again, if you had a Bulk Nutrients coupon code, they would price match or even beat the prices of other online supplement stores. Now that’s a bargain. I did find a working coupon code, though at this time it has expired. I’ll be in touch with Bulk Nutrients to find another one shortly.

Closing thoughts

For supplements, fitness and weight loss products in Australia, there isn’t too many stores I would recommend. Bulk Nutrients happens to be one of them, based on their time in the market and immense amount of positive reviews out there. I do hope my insights here have helped you make a firm evaluation.

You may have questions, and I welcome you to get in touch. Bulk Nutrients seem to be very responsive on both Facebook and Instagram. Indeed, on these channels, you’ll continue to find even more reviews.

VPA Australia Review: I found a coupon code (OMG it works!)

VPA Australia Review

This is my review on VPA Australia and their supplements for health and fitness. Plus – I was able to find a coupon code, and at the time of this writing, it actually worked.

I started this blog many years ago, and it’s been read by thousands of Australians. Many praise the no BS and straight forward approach towards my writing. I’ve also inspired thousands, through this process, to work their way out of the rat race.

If you’re looking for weight loss supplements, lean muscle gain or simple protein powder, then there’s many companies trying to get your attention. Yet, not all are created equal. Plus, there’s not many that have been around for a decade that you can trust.

VPA Australia insights

This happens to be Australia’s favourite supplement brand. They started 10 years ago in Brisbane, and they’re still 100% Australian owned and operated. In 10 years, these guys have grown absolutely massive. 25 tonnes of supplements each month are processed from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

They pride themselves on low prices, but most important, excellent customer service. They use no fillers, bulkers or thickening agents in anything. Literally nothing. There’s no guessing games with their performance products.

VPA Australia Review with Coupon Code (Not a Scam)
There’s some fantastic Ambassadors within VPA Australia

What I liked is their brand recognition and trust. VPA Australia are the official supplier for the Melbourne Rebels and Queensland Reds, plus numerous others including Marsden Rugby League. You too can become an Ambassador of VPA Australia right here, and potentially promote their products.

When researching for this review, VPA Australia checked out as excellent. There’s a range of great testimonials. On occasions, there has been some customers having issues with lost shipments which happens to every company. Luckily, these guys pride themselves on customer service. All products are located in Australia, so you won’t be waiting weeks.

Going forward

I would recommend VPA Australia, no doubt about it. These guys are the real deal. 10 years in business and tens of thousands of satisfied Australian customers. Plus, most of which have left 5 star reviews. Very impressive!

You might be looking for the VPA Australia coupon code. I’ve found one, and it’s here. It’s working at the time of this posting, though it could have expired by the time you’re reading this. Either way, the supplements available are already well priced.

Should you have any questions, then feel free to contact the VPA team. They will be more than happy to help you out!