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Busted! The 8 Amazon Selling Myths That Stop Many Beginners Starting

I’ve met a lot of successful Amazon sellers over the last few years. None have subscribed to any of the Amazon selling myths paraded by skeptics.

The 8 Amazon Selling Myths That Stop Many Beginners Starting
There’s myths spreading like wildfire from people who have never sold on Amazon before!

I’m often surprised to hear of the reasons and excuses that people give to skip past what literally is the biggest opportunity of this decade. In this post I’ll not only be sharing these Amazon selling myths, but also why I believe they’re simply invalid.

Myth #1: You’ll need reviews to make money

This is simply untrue. I’ve made sales and income without a single review. Buyers organically found me. No PPC. Straight up finding me through searching on Amazon.

Will they find me if I launch a yoga mat? Probably not. There’s 20,000+ yoga mats. But my other products are easily found organically.

Reviews are important. But work on that later, just get yourself live first.

Myth #2: Amazon automatically suppresses new sellers

Yeah, no. Their search algorithm is good and a significant step up from eBay. But if you’ve just launched, you will be found organically. Provided you don’t go into massively competitive niches.

I would recommend turning on PPC in the first few months to get some sales traction. This doesn’t mean you have to. I launched one product organically.

Myth #3: FBA is too saturated (main excuse people have)

Oh my. I get this one a lot. “Joshua, is Amazon too saturated now?”

Yes. Please don’t sell on Amazon. Unless, you’re prepared to differentiate.

You simply can’t sell boring crap anymore and expect to get away with it. This doesn’t simply work anymore. It did work 5 years ago, but right now, Amazon is fast becoming a premium marketplace.

There’s massive opportunities for those prepared to innovate. There’s a saturated area of Amazon. I won’t deny there. But plenty of free space. Let me help you get there.

Myth #4: It takes a lot of money to start with private label

Not true. You can start for under $10,000. I started with $7,000. I had to hustle. See – I wasn’t born rich, nor did I have money, and even started this journey during the darkest period of my life.

Manufactuers are willing to help out people starting out. Software tools are very affordable. There’s a huge list of Amazon courses to suit all budgets.

Myth #5: Your first inventory order has to be huge

Again, this is simply untrue. Manufacturers today understand that people are often starting out small. You can expect to be offered lower MOQs in exchange for higher unit pricing.

Paying say $3.70 per unit instead of $3.40 is hardly an issue in my opinion. The manufacturer is hoping you’ll stay around for the long term. Guanxi is very important in Chinese business culture.

Start small. Go for 500 or 1000 units later once you’ve proven some sales volume and have some confidence.

Myth #6: Sourcing from China is a slow process

You can order today and have your products on the plane to USA next week. Seriously, it’s possible. You’ll probably need to move super fast in this juggling act, but it’s certainly doable.

I’m actually going to do a case-study soon on launching a product for less than $700 from first factory contact to live on Amazon. All in 3 weeks.

NB: I do have experience in this process, so unlike many beginners, I’ll simply be more resourceful, as I’ve done this process many times.

China is a well-oiled machine and a very productive one at that. Their workers have serious work ethic and do not want to work slow. Some suppliers may be slower to get back to you, but I find engaging them on WhatsApp to be super effective.

Myth #7: Images and packaging isn’t important

For private label sellers, packaging and listing photos are absolutely paramount. You want conversions from interested buyers into product purchases. That’s best done with photos (and in time) reviews.

I pay top dollar for my photography for my best products. I want them to convert into sales. That helps my cash-flow so I can reorder more inventory or expand into more products.

Packaging also has to be superior. I recommend showcasing the packaging in your listing, as that’s often a selling point. People like Apple-like packaging, as it speaks volumes about your brand and its positioning.

Myth #8: You’ll absolutely have to visit China

Not true, but highly advisable! Sourcing from Alibaba is all you need, but I do like to visit the Canton Fair twice yearly.

There are thousands of successful Amazon sellers who have never stepped foot in China. They’ve never had an issue with product quality or supplier setbacks. In fact, attendee numbers at trade-fairs globally are declining, as ordering is simply a few clicks away.

You might consider the use of a product sourcing broker. Someone to do the legwork for you. There’s plenty available in Australia, NZ and the UK that can help you find reputable factories in China and source exactly what you’re after, without the language hassles and the travel costs associated with visiting China.

Transcending the Amazon Selling Myths

These 8 myths have been debunked based on my own experiences. I sell on Amazon and help thousands each month get started on the journey.

Selling on Amazon isn’t easy. You’ll be challenged at times. You’ll lose money at some point.

It’s a long road. I assure you, there’s still plenty of opportunities for those prepared to do the work.

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