Burbank Homes Review: Should You Sign That Contract?

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Burbank Homes have promotions and display homes across Australia and when you jump online, you’ll see mixed reviews about customer experiences.

So then, are Burbank Homes any good?

I believe Burbank Homes represents great value for money, but there is a problem! I’ve decided to share my opinion about the biggest problem that many people will face once they finish building their quality dream home. The problem isn’t good and one that most first-time buyers struggle with.

So let’s begin.

Burbank Homes Review

Oh boy! Building a home certainly is an exhausting process. You’re about to go through this now, aren’t you?

You end up heading to numerous display villages on weekends. You get a bag all full of glossy brochures. Everything looks new, fresh and clean and with well-functioning floorplans.

Soon you discover the Burbank Homes promotions which catch your attention. You then read reviews which don’t really paint a good picture of the company at all.

Burbank Homes Review

Now you’re confused. “So they are not that good?” you wonder.

The thing is: Buying a house is an emotional process. People often are putting their life savings on the line and giving up the next 30 years of their life to pay this thing off. When something goes wrong (and things always go wrong when building), the internet is the best place to throw a complaint.

This is what I’ve noticed personally and so I recommend you read online reviews with a grain of salt. Any builder who has an established reputation and has been in business for more than 10 years will be reliable enough to see you through from start to conclusion, including Burbank Homes.

Start this journey with a plan

To take the overwhelm away, I believe your journey into building your family home is best done with a plan. You need a plan that works.

That is essentially thinking about the type of house you want, the number of bedrooms, the standard of living and how many kids you’ll end up with.

Personally, I always start with the floor plans. I want to know what the house layout is like and this can differ between different house and land packages.

Because this certainly isn’t a journey to take lightly at all. And I’m sure you’re really thinking if this is the right idea for you at this time, especially with the economic challenges.

A serious problem

It’s certainly harder today to afford to build a house, or buy a house for that matter than it was 20 years ago. Our parents certainly had it much easier, right?

Now if you can afford to build a house, then my hats off to you. This has obviously been a result of your work ethic.

But then you might have a serious problem on your hands at the end: How do you pay off that mortgage? It certainly feels like a 30-year jail term.

Using opportunities

In the past, the best thing that Australians would do is buy their own home. After a few years, they would then buy an investment property. This created the wave of mum and dad investors.

And today, that has become a long harder. However, a solid opportunity exists to build digital assets. That is – things you build online in your spare time that potentially generate an income, similar to traditional real estate.

Because you don’t want to be handing over 30 years of your life to the bank. If you could knock off the mortgage faster, then you might find retirement a lot soon.

It’s a solid opportunity in my experience, especially if your budget is tight.

The future of Burbank Homes

I believe the future of Burbank Homes looks strong. We are going through tough times as an economy but this is an experienced builder who finishes homes on time, often less than 12 months.

Using Burbank Homes and getting their 2020 price list is a wise idea in my opinion. However, there are others out there worth researching and comparing too. You might get a better deal elsewhere for your budget.

Again – this all comes back to your plan and sticking to it throughout the builder-selection journey. They might be perfect for you as they have been for others.

Closing thoughts

Signing a contract with Burbank Homes is a good idea if they fit your standards. Thousands of Australians have had positive experiences during the journey.

Does everyone have an enjoyable experience? Not really, but building a house is an emotional experience. Things will go wrong because there are so many moving parts (subcontractors, building materials, paperwork, finance etc). If you can prepare for 95% perfection, then you’ll be quite impressed with this builder.

However, what’s not impressive is the mortgage you’re left with. It has to be paid down and that might take a very long term, unfortunately. Instead, consider building a digital asset that could knock it off much faster.

This is the journey I started and plan I’m following.

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