172 Bunny Captions for Instagram,Facebook and Pinterest (2023)

My partner is obsessed with rabbits. And with her love and experience, here are 172 bunny captions to pair with Instagram photos:

  1. “Some-bunny loves you.”
  2. “Bouncing into the day like… 🐰”
  3. “Bad hare day.”
  4. “Every bunny needs some bunny.”
  5. “Bunny kisses and Easter wishes.”
  6. “Fluffy tail, pointy ears – cuteness overload!”
  7. “Putting the ‘hop’ in hip-hop.”
  8. “Cotton-tail cutie.”
  9. “Bun-tastic moments.”
  10. “Follow the bunny trail.”
  11. “Hop to it!”
  12. “Bun’s out, sun’s out!”
  13. “Ears to you!”
  14. “Hopping into mischief.”
  15. “Carrots are just bunny candy.”
  16. “Bunnies are the answer, no matter the question.”
  17. “I carrot even πŸ₯•”
  18. “The snuggle is real.”
  19. “Nose twitching, heart melting.”
  20. “Keep calm and carrot on.”
  21. “Every-bunny is welcome here!”
  22. “Born to hop.”
  23. “I’m all ears!”
  24. “Bunny-side up!”
  25. “Let’s bounce!”
  26. “You’re un-bun-lievably cute.”
  27. “Floppy ears don’t care.”
  28. “Just a bunny living in a human world.”
  29. “Life’s a hoppy place with you.”
  30. “Whiskers on point!”
  31. “Hop-tastic adventures await.”
  32. “Too hip to hop.”
  33. “Keep hopping forward.”
  34. “Cuddle-bunny mode: Activated.”
  35. “Bunny days are here again.”
  36. “Bun-intended.”
  37. “Love you to the moon and back, and then hop around it!”
  38. “Cute as a button, and a bunny.”
  39. “All you need is love and a bunny.”
  40. “Lil’ furball of joy.”
  41. “The bunny stops here!”
  42. “Living the bunny dream.”
  43. “The best part of my day is time spent with you.”
  44. “Bunny business only.”
  45. “Hoppy vibes only.”
  46. “Hop and roll!”
  47. “Hare today, gone tomorrow.”
  48. “Bouncing through life.”
  49. “Bunny tail tales.”
  50. “Lettuce celebrate this bun!”
  51. “The pawsibilities are endless.”
  52. “Bun, sun, and fun!”
  53. “Lop-sided love.”
  54. “Bunnies, binkies, and everything twinkly.”
  55. “A hop above the rest!”
  56. “Fluffy buns and sunny days.”
  57. “Bouncing into your heart.”
  58. “Every hop is a leap of faith.”
  59. “Chillin’ with my bun-bud.”
  60. “Fuzzy feelings and fuzzy fur.”
  61. “Nose boops and bunny hops.”
  62. “Live, laugh, hop.”
  63. “A day without a bunny is incomplete.”
  64. “Ears and cheers!”
  65. “Too cute to compute.”
  66. “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy!”
  67. “Fur real though, you’re the cutest.”
  68. “Whisker-twitching wonder!”
  69. “Fur-ever in my heart.”
  70. “The world looks better with a bunny in it.”
  71. “Somebunny to love.”
  72. “Got treats?”
  73. “In the mood for a bunny snuggle.”
  74. “Can’t touch this fluff.”
  75. “Ears looking at you, kid!”
  76. “Binkies make everything better.”
  77. “Whisker whispers and hoppy dreams.”
  78. “Keeping it reel – bunny style.”
  79. “These paws were made for hopping!”
  80. “I’m not just a bunny, I’m a fun bunny!”
  81. “Heart as big as my ears!”
  82. “Thump, hop, repeat.”
  83. “Living that bunny life.”
  84. “Sweet as a carrot cake.”
  85. “I’ve got buns, hun!”
  86. “All about that bunny bliss.”
  87. “Stay pawsitive!”
  88. “Ears to a good day!”
  89. “Whiskers and wiggles.”
  90. “Follow the fluffy tail.”
  91. “Bunny therapy is the best therapy.”
  92. “Love at first hop!”
  93. “Don’t worry, be hoppy!”
  94. “Fluff level: Expert.”
  95. “Hop-a-lot and love a lot.”
  96. “When life gets ruff, get a bunny.”
  97. “Snuggle season is here.”
  98. “Do more of what makes your heart hop.”
  99. “Bunny and soul.”
  100. “Every-bunny needs a break sometimes.”
  101. “Never underestimate the power of a nose twitch.”
  102. “This is ear-resistible!”
  103. “Hop to your own beat.”
  104. “Always hopping around!”
  105. “Keeping it real – bunny style.”
  106. “Just one more carrot, please?”
  107. “I’m not just any bunny, I’m your bunny.”
  108. “Hare-raisingly adorable!”
  109. “Dream big, hop bigger!”
  110. “Sunday bun-day.”
  111. “Bunny tales and fairy tales.”
  112. “Ears so long, they’ve got stories!”
  113. “The best things in life are furry.”
  114. “Love multiplied by bunny hops.”
  115. “A hop, skip, and a bun away!”
  116. “Bunny knows best.”
  117. “Chasing bunny dreams.”
  118. “Feeling bun-tastic!”
  119. “Fluffier than your average friend.”
  120. “Who needs a therapy session when you have a bunny?”
  121. “Bun’s the word.”
  122. “Soft fur, softer heart.”
  123. “Here comes the sun… and the bun!”
  124. “Forever my bunny buddy.”
  125. “Just a hop, skip, and jump into happiness.”
  126. “Some-bunny special.”
  127. “Bunny-tude on point!”
  128. “Bunnies: Making bad days better since forever.”
  129. “Happiness is a warm bunny.”
  130. “Bunny or tiny ball of fur? You decide.”
  131. “Ears so tall, they touch the sky!”
  132. “Wiggling my way into your heart.”
  133. “When you need some-bunny, I’m here.”
  134. “Sunny days, bunny rays.”
  135. “Cherish every hoppy moment.”
  136. “Bunny boot camp: Hop, eat, sleep, repeat.”
  137. “Bunny belly rubs, please!”
  138. “The fluff is real.”
  139. “Soulful eyes, floppy ears.”
  140. “Love, laughter, and a whole lot of binking!”
  141. “Hoppy trails to you.”
  142. “Bun-life balance.”
  143. “Every day’s an adventure with you.”
  144. “It’s the little hops that matter most.”
  145. “Always room for one more carrot!”
  146. “Stay hop-timistic!”
  147. “Every bunny needs a hug.”
  148. “A day in the life of a bun.”
  149. “Happiness is just a hop away.”
  150. “Stay wild, bunny child!”
  151. “Just living the dream, one hop at a time.”
  152. “Tiny paws, big heart.”
  153. “Bunnies make everything better.”
  154. “Hoppy heart, hoppy life.”
  155. “Ears always up for an adventure.”
  156. “Let’s hop into the sunset together.”
  157. “Count your life by bunny hops, not tears.”
  158. “With a bunny, every day is a sunny day.”
  159. “Hopping is my cardio.”
  160. “Little bunny, big world.”
  161. “Every hop counts.”
  162. “Some days you just need a bunny hug.”
  163. “Hare’s to the good times!”
  164. “Bunnies are a girl’s best friend.”
  165. “Life is better with bunny cuddles.”
  166. “If you carrot all, give me a hug!”
  167. “Floppy ears and endless cheers.”
  168. “Feeling the bunny love.”
  169. “Cotton tails and hoppy trails.”
  170. “There’s no bunny like you!”
  171. “Bunny moments, big memories.”
  172. “Living the bunny dream, one hop at a time.”

I hope these bunny-tastic captions help bring joy to your Instagram posts! 🐰 Hop on!

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