A Full List of Best Dropshipping Courses Available in 2019

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I thought it would be very wise to compile a list of the currently available dropshipping courses. This way, you can find a teacher that best suits you.

In 2019, it seems that dropshipping has become ‘the magic bullet’ for the beginners, especially those with less than $1,000 in their back pocket. From YouTubers to ‘gurus’ on Facebook, it’s hard to navigate around without yet another Aliexpress to eBay strategy delivered through a course.

Look – some of these are good. Most aren’t good and you’ll learn plenty through YouTube for free. Paying for a program can help reduce your learning curve, as the information is outlined in a very good order.

A word on Dropshipping courses

There is a lot of controversy regarding dropshipping courses. Unlike selling on Amazon FBA through private-label or wholesale, there is significantly more competition on dropshipping. This is due to the low barrier of entry.

So you have a lot of people trying to figure things out, or simply race to the bottom based on pricing. There is a small group at the top making the big money, with the scraps left for the rest down the bottom. This is similar to an MLM scheme.

It appears evident that there is more money to be made through the enrolments of students into dropshipping courses, than the business model of dropshipping itself. The sales of these training programs can vary a lot in content, with only a small percentage of people finding success.

Whereas going back 10 years ago, you could do quite well with dropshipping. It was easy to rank anything with SEO, the manufacturers weren’t too fussy about their products and these courses weren’t really around. Now, in 2019, it has changed.

Best Dropshipping Courses
Many young people dream of the laptop Lifestyle through dropshipping

But what if you still want to learn dropshipping? In my opinion, it’s an excellent segway into eCommerce, as you’ll discover how to start your Shopify store and learn some elements of selling online in general. That includes PPC, listing optimization and customer service skills.

So I’m not totally against these courses. 😄

Full course list

Now, this isn’t in any particular order. It’s merely a braindump of all the courses I’ve found through my searches. Some of them are rated quite high in communities.

  • Wholesale Ted’s Dropship Club sharing almost 95% for free on YouTube
  • Sebastian Ghiorghiu who doesn’t sell a course – 100% free on YouTube
  • Dan Dasilva of eCom dudes with the 100k Blueprint
  • Justin Painter with his Dropshipping Mastery course
  • Matt Lepre who has perhaps the most expensive dropshipping course ever
  • Beast of Ecom out of the UK with the Ecom Beast 2.0 Blueprint
  • Tobia Wilson who also teaches all his strategies for Free on the tub
  • Maxim Trubitski with his course and mentoring program
  • Ivy Zhu who also doesn’t have a course – 100% free on YouTube
  • Arie Scherson of Ecom Inner Circle (reasonably good course)
  • Andrew Ethan Zeng who also doesn’t have a course – 100% free on YouTube
  • Gabriel St-Germain also FREE who is my #1 favorite dropshipping teacher
  • Matthew Sabia of the eCommerce Accelerator program
  • Peter Pru (aka ECommerce Empire Builders) with his Masterclass
  • Paul Lipsky who has both a free and paid course which is well ranked
  • Ricky Hayes, another YouTuber with his Ecom Lifestyle University
  • Dave Ying with yet another dropshipping course
  • Zach Inman with eCommerce Mastery Course
  • Carter Maxwell with the Amazon FBA Experts Course
  • Dropship Downunder – Klint has named the channel and course identical
  • JT Franco who is more of an Amazon seller, though does have a DS course
  • Entrepreneurship Decoded – Amazon Australia’s FBA Freedom Formula
  • Alex Becker who claims that dropshipping is dead, in order to sell a course. 😜

That’s not a complete list either. There are other courses easily found on Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda and more where you’ll be able to get your dropshipping fix.

Learning dropshipping for free

I believe taking a full dropshipping course IS a good idea, as opposed to just learning on YouTube. Because you’ll get the full formula. Just enrol in 1 course, as there is no ‘secret formula’.

Things I would be looking out for are:

  • How established is the teacher? (Years, not months)
  • Do they show their own real stats?
  • Where are they based in the world?
  • When was the course created? (Content gets outdated fast!)
  • What type of support is offered to beginners on the journey
  • If they claim it’s cheap to run PPC ads, then run!

Not all are created equal, so it’s good to shop around. Find a mentor who really fits you and your style, with price being a last consideration.

In summary

Dropshipping is certainly a lot harder than what it was years ago. Amazon is certainly harder, but with a lot of money still on the table. The main drawback is the higher barrier of entry – you’ll need $10,000 minimum to really have a good shot at this.

The benefit of selling on Amazon, is that you don’t need to teach it to be successful. Amazon has tens of thousands of people generating a fulltime income, without selling a course on the process.

All business models are open for those who are willing to make a start. Work hard, invest in yourself, hang around for the long term and keep applying what you’ve learned. Eventually the trickles of success will turn into a torrential downpour.

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