5 of the Best Deal Sites like Dealspotr – 2020 Edition

There is a range of deal sites like Dealspotr around so you can get discounts and coupons for shopping on Amazon. So let’s look at the best alternatives!

Shopping online can get expensive. The convenience of buying online is fantastic for consumers, but it can really get addictive. This explains the rise of coupon, discount and shopping sites.

Dealspotr is a great website, but sometimes you can find better deals elsewhere. Some of these sites I’ll mention simply have bigger discount volumes and offers for their members.

Not only that, but if you’re a stay-at-home Amazon seller like myself, then you could use these sites to launch your product online to a massive volume of buyers.

Through this blog, I’ve helped thousands of people understand how they can generate their own income from home. More on that later.

Best Deal Sites like Dealspotr

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best sites just like Dealspotr. This is primarily catered towards those in North America, though people in Canada, Australia, NZ and the United Kingdom might also benefit.

Now, these aren’t in a particular order. You might spot a couple that you’ve used already. Either way, I hope this guide is helpful.

Let’s begin…

1. Dealnews

Definitely the biggest coupon and deal site around, there are millions of members getting big bargains and discounts each and every month. This site is absolutely huge!

Dealnews has been around for almost 20 years and is against the spammy stuff, so you’ll only find good quality coupons that actually work. Many of their customers return month after month.

2. Brad’s Deals

I love selling high quality products on Amazon, but even more, I like buying high quality products. I much prefer high quality over low quality, because more often than not, low quality products wind up in the trash can within weeks.

A lot of fellow Amazon sellers like myself use Brad’s Deals because with this site you can launch your product. Personally, I prefer ViralLaunch but there is some good potential here.

3. Giving Assistant

Want to use a coupon/discount website but also want to support a good cause? Well, Giving Assistant is exactly what you’ll want to be using! It’s something that DealSpotr is really lacking actually.

There are some brands that you’ll only find exclusively on their shopping portal, since these brands love that this company donates plenty to charities around the world. If you’re curious, this is my current charity partnership thanks to those who work with me.

4. Honey App

If you haven’t installed this app yet, then you need to! The Honey App is the best! You can install it on your computer or smart phone, because it provides the best discounts possible.

There isn’t a community aspect like DealSpotr which is a letdown, since you don’t know if the coupon codes are actually working. But at least you’re promised the best prices.

5. RetailMeNot

Oh my! Who hasn’t heard of RetailMeNot. This is the best place to find coupons but often it isn’t so reliable. I’ve used it for GoDaddy many times actually.

I love that it’s not just eCommerce brands that can align themselves with RetailMeNot but also local businesses such as pizza shops.

It’s not all about discounts

Sometimes you’ll find a product you absolutely love, but can’t get a discount. Occasionally there is a product that you also need to be shipped quickly, but there are no coupons on any sites out there.

This probes many to look beyond DealSpotr, but still there is nothing available.

Don’t despair! You won’t always find a working coupon code. I mean – many Amazon shoppers live each and every day without ever needing to use one of these sites. Many people shop directly on Amazon itself without knowing about such deals and offers.

Getting started

Look – I still recommend DealSpotr. It’s the only deal site that has an influencer perspective, so they have really separated themselves away from the rest. Thouands of people use this site each and every day and love the savings they find.

But it’s important to look elsewhere. Greater opportunities might exist right around the corner.

One opportunity is the ability to build your own side hustle from home. That is – your very own online business. This is what I’ve been doing for years, creating freedom and flexibility.


It’s one thing to use a deal site to get a discount, coupon or voucher to buy a product. It’s another to be the person who owns that brand with thousands of customers each week.

Amazon really looks after its sellers nowadays. Not only that, but it welcomes individuals like you to start on their platform.

Selling on Amazon changed my life and it has the power to change yours too.

My FREE beginner guides really do help people get an understanding of how they might get started.

If I’ve missed any alternative sites to DealSpotr, then please let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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