Best Amazon FBA Keyword Tools: The Top 3 for Beginners

People ask me all the time what my favorite search software is, so I’m going to showcase the best Amazon FBA keyword tools for beginners in 2019.

Having the right keywords on your listings is super important, otherwise your customers just can’t find your products. With PPC becoming so competitive, especially with the huge budgets of other sellers, it’s vital that you optimize your listings.

So in this helpful guide, I’ll be showing you the best keyword tools if you’re new to the Amazon selling journey.

Amazon FBA keyword tools for beginners

Please note that these are in order for beginners only. Because many are simply looking for a helpful and easy tool for keyword optimisation. It doesn’t take into account the advanced features of each software.

Best Amazon FBA keyword tools

Also, I will have an affiliate link for each. If you wish, you can simply Google the software to avoid that link. πŸ™ƒ

SoftwareMonthly PricingMy rating
I have a 50% discount link
JungleScout$49 with no Chrome extension
$69 with the Chrome extension
I have a 50% discount link

In my opinion, Helium10 isn’t the best product for beginners, hence why my rating is lower. But it is the best product available for experienced sellers or those looking to go big as an Amazon seller, but it does come at a huge price. Even their actual business plan is a staggering $197 per month!

I’ve previously compared JungleScout with ZonGuru, though overall, Helium10 does come out in front of these two. But remember: Beginners should start with ZonGuru as it’s easier. Helium10 simply provides more bang-for-buck.

Then there are others available worth mentioning. These include Vital Launch at $83 per month, though doesn’t make this list since it’s only the best 3 Amazon keyword software packages. πŸ™‚

How keyword software works

All of these packages essentially do the same thing. You can input seed keywords or conduct reverse ASIN lookups. I’ve done this on all my listings and was blown away by how ’empty’ I was leaving my listings. Certainly I was leaving a lot of money on the table, far in-excess of the cost of these software packages.

It can’t be merely a case of guessing the right keywords. For example, simply using ‘yoga mat’ and ‘great quality yoga mat’ isn’t enough. You’ll want to unpack and legitimately jam as many keywords into your listings as possible.

Strong keywords help you rise in the Search Engine Page Results (aka SERPs) through helping the algorithms index you better on Amazon. Essentially, customers can’t find you, if you’re not using the right keywords. We, as a species, are not yet that advanced that people can search off fancy Amazon listing images. πŸ˜‰

Not only can you search for current keywords, but you can also search for trends. Since seasonality affects some products. For example, people are 4x more likely to order yoga mats in the summer months within the United States via Amazon, then they are in the winter months.

How do I know?

Helium10 whose data feeds of Amazon’s API. Because I’m well past being a beginner. 😜

One thing to note is that often you’ll find a bunch of non-related keywords. Your search for ‘yoga mats’ might come with ‘non-slip gym flooring’ which isn’t a keyword you’ll want to rank for. Those searching for ‘non-slip gym flooring’ are gym junkies looking for something for their garage.

In addition, I also love to use Ahrefs. I use it in my other business where I build niche websites, where I can literally spy on other websites and outperform them with SEO. That said, it’s also way too expensive for most people and has a limited scope for Amazon sellers.

In summary

You will really need a software package when starting out, to find that 1st product then optimize your listing. ZonGuru gets my pick for its ease of use and beginner friendliness.

Best FBA listing keyword software

There is a lot of training videos provided so you can jump in with this software, even without having done a course yet. Not only that, but it’s ideal if you’re running a small business on Amazon.

I would advocate that you upgrade later to Helium10, while more expensive, offers a whole lot more on the backend. Likewise, you could get started with Helium10 today if you’re more technical minded.

Either way, optimizing your Amazon listings through the use of FBA keyword tools is merely one piece of the puzzle. Expect to do hundreds of different things on this journey. It isn’t easy at all, but the rewards are there.

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