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9 Ways to Achieve Flow-State In Your Life

When’s the last time you were doing something, and looked at a clock or sun, and thought, wow, I’ve been at this for hours and it felt like minutes? Despite the fact that it felt like no time at all, how much actually happened in that time? Probably a lot. And if this was time spent on a task, you likely got a whole lot done.

This is flow, a state of mind in which our brain stays singularly focused, breezes through any of the mental barriers we may often face, tunes everything else out, and becomes intensely productive at whatever it’s doing.

Flow can feel fleeting and out of our control. But I have a secret for you. You can achieve flow on-demand to get more done faster and feel a greater sense of wellbeing doing it. Here’s what I’ve learned.

What Is Flow?

Flow is a complete immersion of the mind in a task. When in it, the mind eliminates distractions without our even knowing those distractions existed. The idea was first defined by positive psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. But most of us have known our whole lives that we can get lost in something, especially when we enjoy it.

Why Do Our Brains Love Flow?

The brain loves flow because it feels in control. No straying thoughts, bubbling emotions, or even pain (in some cases) can break that control once you achieve it. When you flow, you are at your most creative and productive.

On the other hand, the brain hates, hates, hates multi-tasking. The human brain is not designed to shift back and forth between tasks. And hear this: studies have shown that when we multi-task, we are much more prone to error, each task takes longer, and we feel more stressed.

So for the writers out there, this may be the difference between taking four hours to force out 1000 words versus 120 minutes of pure flow. And you know what? When you go back and put your editing hat on to read it—which can take you out of flow BTW—you’ll most often find that you have some typos here and there, but that’s some of the best stuff you’ve ever written.

The writing flows.

Because when you’re in flow, whatever you’re doing is flowing with you. You’re equalizing the vibrations between your mind and a task in a positive way.

So let’s flow more. Are you with me?

How You Can Simply Enter Flow (Step by Step)

1. Choose a Career You LOVE

It’s so much easier to get lost in the flow, when you love what you’re doing. You’re anxieties and pressures relax, and you activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of your brain that is active when you’re enjoying something.

If you don’t love your job, then you’re doing someone else’s job. Find something else you can love. This may mean using your professional education in a different and more rewarding way. And this may require a life transition. Keep an open mind because once you make this choice, you’ll find doors open for you. You just need to be willing to go through that door.

2. Do Something Important

You might be thinking, “but I can zone out for hours binging a TV show on Netflix. Is that flow?”

Not really. The brain has just shut down all unused neural activity to pay attention the program.

We achieve flow when we feel something we are doing is worthwhile. It will add value to someone’s life and ours.

3. Make Sure It’s Stimulating

So some of us can zone out with an adult coloring book, video game, or a similar minimal thinking required activity—which these two activities don’t always have to be. This can be relaxing. But it’s not flow.

Our brains like to be challenged a bit, but not to the point of feeling it’s impossible. When we aren’t challenged, we mentally disengage. Think of a person on an assembly line doing the same thing over and over.

To achieve flow, seek out challenges in work and life.

4. Find Your Peak Time

A lot of people find that early morning is their peak time, and they get so much more done when they start early vs. starting around 8-9AM. On the other hand, some people do seem to be “Night Owls”. They get super creative, inspired, and productive in the late hours. And others will be in the middle.

Be aware and identify your time.

5. Find a Quiet Time

I know some people feel like music, videos in the background, or people talking makes them more productive, but you’re never truly in flow if you can hear these things. They will constantly compete for your attention. ASMR, white noise, and relaxed instrumental music, however, can help you achieve flow because they block these out.

6. Reduce Distractions

Turn your phone completely off and silence all notifications visual, auditory, and vibration—all of it. Tell your co-workers not to interrupt you at a designated time. Reduce clutter on your computer and in real life to prevent getting pulled away from flow to find something.

Anything that causes you to switch gears disrupts flow. And once flow is disrupted, it can take several minutes to get back into it—if you can at all.

7. Find the Joy in What You’re Doing

I don’t know anyone who loves doing laundry. At home, work, and personal life we all encounter things that need to be done when we’d rather do something else.

But flow is a state of mind. We can find joy in almost anything and when we do we can enter a state of flow. For the classic Disney fans, “Whistle while you work”, am I right?

8. Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t give up if flow doesn’t come naturally. Our brains are constantly changing and can change. You can’t force this. That’s the opposite of flow.

Practice turns flow into a habit, so that you can move into it faster, stay there longer, and get more important things done while there.

9. Get All the Benefits

I cannot communicate the extent to which flow can completely change your life. It’s worth striving for, and the closer you get to it you realize there is no “striving”. Even that becomes part of the flow.

How to Become an Early Riser (And Join The 4AM Club)

I can be laid back when it’s time to relax but I also like to get things done. And I’ll tell you, there is something a little magical about the early morning hours for me. When I get up at 4:30AM—my usual wake up time—I feel motivated, energized, and I can get more done.

But when I start my day later, it nearly feels like I wasted a whole day. Everything seems off. I’m not as productive. My mood is even different.

Now, 4:30AM may not be early to you. Maybe 3:30 is, or maybe it’s 6. But I hear from a lot of my readers that they have had the same experience with getting up early and they want to know how to make it a habit. So whatever early means to you, here’s what I’ve seen work for a lot of people and discovered myself.

Do It in Increments

We have internal clocks that try to keep rhythm. So a sudden 4AM wake up when you’ve been sleeping to 7AM will just leave you sluggish and wanting to take a nap.

I suggest 15 minute increments each day until you get where you want to be.

Let Yourself Go to Sleep Early

I say “let” because we do a whole lot of things to sabotage our sleep. Of course try to go to bed earlier in the same 15 minute increments. But I also know about activities that destroy sleep like:

  • Drinking/Eating caffeine too late in the day (and everyone’s different).
  • Alcohol before bed
  • Not listening to your body when you’re tired. If you’re tired and it’s within an hour of bedtime, go to bed. Otherwise you’ll get a second wind which can last for 2-4 hours.
  • Viewing digital media within 30 minutes of bed, including your phone on night mode.
  • Taking sleeping pills. They can be effective on occasion, but regular use creates dependency and tolerance.
  • Not getting any exercise early in the day
  • Not getting any sunshine early in the day
  • Having a poor diet
  • Living with unmanaged stress

“But what do I do if I’m not watching YouTube videos or checking my feed before bed?”

Okay. Don’t panic. We can fix this.


  • Reading a physical book
  • Meditating
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Massaging diluted essential oils into your skin (Lavender: a good choice for most)
  • Listening to very relaxing music
  • Writing in a gratefulness journal (On paper. No devices)
  • Journalling about your day
  • Reading a physical book to your child

Create a bedtime routine so that these activities signal to the brain that it’s time to sleep.

Forget That Snooze Exists

Worst invention ever! When you hit snooze and go back to sleep, you start another sleep cycle, which may mean going back into deep sleep. So you wake feeling groggy even though you had plenty of sleep.

That’s the enemy of becoming an early riser.

Some people probably think they’re not morning people just because of their snooze habit.

Put the Clock Over There

First of all: Don’t point the clock toward you. Not only can it be anxiety-inducing to see the time in the middle of the night. The light can wake you up.

Also: putting the clock over there makes it harder to hit the snooze.

Go Ahead and Get Up

If you wake up within an hour of time to get up (I guess you’d have to look at the time to know that, but anyway), go ahead and get up. You’ll usually feel better, and it will be easier to go to bed tonight.

Don’t Rationalize Yourself Back to Sleep

If you don’t “have” to get up for something, it’s so easy to think, “oh, I didn’t get very good sleep or it took forever to fall asleep, so just one more hour”.

This makes sense logically. But it disrupts your natural sleep rhythm, so I’m all for listening to your body most of the time, but get up.

Don’t Run for Coffee First Thing

If you drink a caffeinated beverage first thing to clear the fog, let’s rethink that. It’s actually counter-productive.

Here’s what’s happening in your body:

When you wake up in the morning the body releases a little cortisol, the stress hormone to help you not fall back asleep. Caffeine all raises cortisol—more in some people. So that’s cortisol on top of cortisol.

Not only can this cause jitters and anxiousness in people prone to anxiety. It can also increase your cortisol tolerance and cortisol resistance, so the body needs more cortisol to get you out of bed in the morning.

I know I don’t want to be producing more stress hormones than I need. If you must, wait 1 hour before any caffeinated tea, coffee, or chocolate.

Start a Morning Routine & Stick with It

Starting a routine of 2-5 things that you do every morning in the same order, at right about the same time can help solidify your new early to rise habit.

Darren and Mike: Is Their Dream Team The Real Deal?

So you’ve just come across Darren and Mike

But you’re not quite sure what they’re selling

Apart from the motivating posts on FB and IG.

And so, I’m here to let the cat out of the bag.

The secret: They’re big Kangen distributors.

One of several popular MLMs around town.

Selling water alkalizers costing up to $10k.

And through hiding under BetterLife Buzz

With epic posts of aspiration and business.

They’re able to enrol others into the MLM.

That’s it. But there’s more…much more.

I’m giving you an unbiased evaluation.

No affiliate links. No recruiting. None.

Just the straight truth. Let’s begin.

Darren And Mike Overview

Both Darren and Mike met years ago.

And they’ve been in Enagic for years.

Their own story is featured right here.

Basically, they’re sales reps for Enagic.

With a whole team working below them.

Initially they struggled with enrolling

And so they created BetterLife Buzz

A.k.a. The Dream Team

A.k.a. Wealth Achieved

A.k.a. Work Shop Replay

A.k.a. Achieve Freedom Today

(Yeah, they got a few names for it)

All about building a personal brand

By using FB ads and organic posts

But really…it’s all focused on Enagic.

The front door has a different label

When it’s really Kangen water inside.

Here’s How It Works For Recruits

First – you’ll need to join as a member

That’s your first front-door to enter.

Then you’ll find much more inside.

All about running ads and branding.

As well as creative storytelling.

You’ve probably seen this before.

If your friend has created ‘stories’

The catchy type that engages you…

Then this is why. It’s a learned skill

Because they want you to join too.

Through creating aspirational posts.

And hopefully you join in the fun.

Which leads on to the second door.

You’ll need to buy a water machine.

These can cost up to $10k USD.

Dont’ have the cash? Well, actually…

Most distributors encourage financing

I’m not sure if Darren and Mike do this.

(I really hope they don’t recommend it)

As I think going into debt isn’t good

Especially for the first-timer in business.

But yeah, the big bucks are in Kangen.

So that’s why they recommend ’em.

Because the commissions are huge.

You could make a few K each sale.

And then become a ‘freedompreneur’

Now, this assumes you can sell ’em

‘Cause that’s part of the deal here.

If you’re not into selling, it’s hard.

Much harder than any make out.

But that’s the part they won’t share.

‘Cause otherwise, who’s gonna join?

Building Real Businesses

Darren and Mike are genuinely great guys.

The problem is their business model.

Their webinars sell vague aspiration.

In fact, the BBB is investgating here.

(I’m not sure what will come of this)

But what many haven’t realized is…

The world has rapidly changed

Nowadays we can do so much

We have so much opportunity

Everyone has real business ideas

And so I encourage entrepreneurship

That is – real entrepreneurship in 2021

Not that stuff you see on social media

You know – building a real business

One that you own and control 100%

Let’s say eCommerce or Marketing

Pretty easy for most peeps to learn

And won’t require water machines.

Nor the $10k ‘investment’ into it.

The problem is…people want easy.

Your own business requires hustle.

So people go for MLM instead

When really, they own nothing

And realize it’s a bit hard to sell

Just a few years down the track

In Summary

Building an online income is hard

Like…really hard. It takes real work.

And that work isn’t just FB posting.

You’re going to need to be selling.

Those that thrive are salespeople.

Under the guise of affiliate marketing

Or entrepreneurship. Or business.

When they’re neither of the above.

They’re MLM distributors in Enagic

And certainly nothing wrong with that.

(I do actually love my water alkalizer)

With this this unbiased review

I hope you can see both sides

Both being equal yet divided

So you can be fully informed

And make a conscious decision

‘Cause they won’t be so real.

Are you joining? Let me know below.

5 Reasons Why Success Is The Best Revenge Against Your Haters

There’s an old saying, “revenge is best served cold.” It’s a common and normal reaction to want justice for a perceived wrong. When people feel they are mistreated, you want to make them pay. You’re not thinking about physical harm; you only want them to feel the same way you do.

Sometimes people choose to devote their time and energy to revenge either subconsciously or on purpose because it’s often easier to focus on getting someone back than it is to forgive and let go. It can take a lot of soul-searching and mental energy to forgive someone that wronged you.

Getting revenge on someone has more negatives than positives. While you may feel great when someone gets “a taste of their own medicine,” you should know this feeling doesn’t last long for most people.

Refusing to forgive someone does take an emotional toll. If it becomes a constant habit, you can end up unhappy, bitter, and unable to trust other people. Plus, you may start to feel guilty. It doesn’t take long for feelings of guilt to replace satisfaction.

Another problem with focusing on revenge is you could be wrong. Maybe you misread the situation or took words out of context. It’s easy to do, especially in today’s world where gossip often overshadows the truth. Imagine how you’ll feel if you spend time and energy getting revenge on someone for no reason?

Even though revenge may not be the best option, that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let people put you down or walk all over you. There is another option. Instead of focusing your talent on getting revenge, show everyone that you can and will succeed. After all, success is the best revenge.

Why Success Is the Best Revenge 

Did you know that some of the most successful people in the world suffered setbacks and failures? Sylvester Stallone, who is famous for the Rocky Series, Rambo, and other successful movies, was once broke and homeless. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck couch-surfed with friends before finding fame.

Elon Musk is another example of success being the best revenge. The slightly eccentric and brilliant architect of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX has had more than his share of setbacks during his life. Tesla’s self-driving cars experienced several problems, including crashes. SpaceX has also had its share of failures, often broadcast internationally.

Instead of giving up and looking for small ways to get back at those that doubt him, Elon Musk keeps trying until he succeeds. His successes are watched globally, and it is the best type of revenge.

It’s easy to come up with hundreds of ways to get revenge on someone. The initial conversation can be a form of therapy, as it helps to get things off your chest. Keeping grievances bottled-up is just as detrimental as focusing solely on revenge. 

However, you don’t want to lose sight of the fact you can succeed when others are convinced you’ll fail. Proving them wrong with your success is the best revenge.

Here are five reasons why you want to put your success first and forget about trying to get revenge.

1. Victory Is Always Best After Failure 

To succeed, you must be willing to accept your failures. No one can claim success every time they try something new. Your losses can seem like devastating events that completely alter your life goals, but there’s another way to look at it. Your failures are learning experiences and not the end of your dreams.

Even though it can take years before you see success, the wait is worth it. After multiple failures and listening to naysayers, finally accomplishing your goal brings a feeling that you probably haven’t experienced before. You feel like a weight is lifted both emotionally and physically. It’s also okay to do a small victory dance. You’ve earned it with all of your hard work.

Finally achieving success after the doubts is the ultimate revenge. Imagine how Elon Musk feels when a SpaceX rocket successfully delivers a payload to the International Space Station. Your success might not be so grand or newsworthy, but the feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment are the same.

Why do you feel great? You might not realize it, but subconsciously you can be your worst enemy. When you start doubting your abilities after failing, you’re unwittingly trying to convince yourself to give up. Your success is not only getting revenge on others, but you’re also self-vindicating.

Enjoy a few minutes of success, then start pushing yourself towards the next goal. The next victory is even better than the first.

2. You Become a New Positive Thinking Person 

Everyone has fears. The key is to not let your fears overwhelm you. People that have broken your trust can make you afraid to reach out and try new things. Your worries only multiply when you listen to others predicting your failure. An ongoing fight between your subconscious and conscious mind can also add to your fears.

Negative thinking also comes with fear. It’s also difficult to escape. Watch or read the news, and it’s easy to see why negative thoughts are the norm. Staying positive after a failure is difficult. Add in your fears, and it’s easy to give up on your goals.

If your goals are also your passion, focus on this. Ignore the tiny negative voice in your head. Stop listening to people, even family members telling you to settle for what you have. Focus on your mental health. Stay mentally strong and keep telling yourself that you will succeed.

When you constantly believe that you will succeed, you’ll be amazed at what you achieve. The feeling of success is the best revenge on anyone that doubted you.

3. You Find Lifelong Friends During Your Journey to Success 

Have you ever noticed how people flock to someone successful? It’s similar to insects gathering around a porch light. When you turn the light off, the insects fly away. It’s the same when you fail – suddenly, you feel like you’re alone.

After a failure, take a look at who’s standing by you. These are your true friends, and it’s a lesson you want to remember. It will be repeated throughout your life.

It’s hard to find people that want to stick around with someone that fails. It’s also hard for you to accept their sympathy and caring gestures. There is a bright side to failure. You have the rare opportunity to learn who your real friends are. These are the people that will stick with you through the good and bad times. It’s a gift you don’t want to ignore.

Experiencing a failure is devastating. It can be emotionally challenging to find the strength to get back on your feet. This is when your true friends are a blessing. They are the ones that will help pick you up. Your friends are the ones that care about you and not your successes. They can give you the encouragement you need to keep reaching for your goals.

When you do succeed, don’t be surprised when old friends show up again. You already know who your true friends are, and this is another form of revenge.

4. You Become a Success Symbol to Others

Success is the best revenge when you are a symbol of hope and possibility to others experiencing failures. You feel great with others coming to you for advice, especially in front of people that doubted your abilities. It’s an intoxicating feeling that also comes with responsibilities.

Your success has shown people that their dreams are possible. It’s your responsibility to give them the exact encouraging words your friends gave you. Imagine how it would feel to know others are using you as an example. It’s the best revenge to take on others that didn’t believe in you.

Helping others live up to their potential is something you can be proud of. It’s a better feeling than simply getting revenge.

5. Other People Start to Report Your Accomplishments 

Remember everyone that said your dream was impossible? Success is the best revenge when you’re not the one singing your praises. Quietly working towards your goals, and achieving them, will get notice.

Reaching each milestone and achieving each goal is a fantastic feeling. Your sense of satisfaction only improves as you hear others talk about your accomplishments. It’s a form of validation that does wonders for your self-confidence. You’ll need confidence when you start reaching for your next goal.

Unfortunately, you may encounter a downside to your success. You won’t make everyone happy. Some of the same people that didn’t have faith in you will still say negative things. It’s a sad fact of life. Some people will never be happy when someone else succeeds.

You need to stay positive and remember that you succeeded. It will give you the push you need to go after your next dream.

Bonus Reasons Why Success Is the Best Revenge

If you needed another reason why success is excellent for you, here are two more.

Learn Your Capabilities 

You’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you try. Your imagination is limitless; just think of all the possibilities. Over the past 120 years, mankind has created some amazing inventions. Elon Musk is looking to send a shuttle to Mars, and NASA is planning a mission back to the moon. A century ago, humans were still working on achieving flight.

When you look at what humans have accomplished, you see there are no limits to what you can do.

Your chances of succeeding decrease when you let fear get in the way. There’s always the chance of failure, and it’s greater than your odds of succeeding. People do like to bet against the underdog, and this can wear you down. What’s important is you continue to believe in yourself.

With success, you learn that you’re capable of doing amazing things. It’s an unforgettable feeling when you realize you beat the odds. It’s a feeling you don’t want to miss. Keep working toward your dreams. Don’t listen to other people. Believe in yourself. After all, look at what we’ve accomplished in 100 years.

Discover What’s Important 

You quickly learn what’s important as you work toward your goal. Some longtime friends will desert you, while others will stick around. It’s something important and a life lesson you want to remember.

Hard work does come with rewards, but it also teaches you valuable lessons. You’ll use what you learn to advance your success. Hard work takes perseverance, and this is an important skill to learn. Would Matt Damon be famous if he had given up? He learned through countless rejections that perseverance is an important quality.

Belief and support are also important. Without confidence in yourself, nothing will be accomplished. Everyone that doubted you would be thrilled to see that self-doubt. 

However, you can do almost anything if you believe in yourself. The support of friends and family will also strengthen your resolve. With belief and support, you’ll be amazed at what you can do. It’s how Matt Damon made it to the big screen.

Final Thoughts

Success is the best revenge. You can spend hours, days, and even years plotting out the perfect revenge, but in the long run, what does it get you? You’re still miserable, and you’ve lost most of your friends. You can look at failure in another light: it’s a learning experience, which is always positive.

You’re not the first person to fail, and you’re lucky if it’s your first time. Most of the successful people you read about had failures. Numerous now-famous people had incredible hardships, haters, and losses to overcome. However, they still persevered and showed all the naysayers that you can rise above the negativity. 

Learn from your failures and continue to believe in yourself. Don’t listen to what others are saying. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Your failings show you who your friends are, and it also makes revenge sweeter when you succeed.

27 Real Reasons Why MLMs Are Simply Awful To Join in 2021

Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, you’ve no doubt come across one of your friends boasting about the new latest, greatest opportunity.

One that can see you “retire in your 30’s” and “live the laptop lifestyle” while apparently doing good for the planet.

Or – going a step further – perhaps you’ve even experienced *that* strange DM about “you’ll be so great at this!!” despite not having chatted with that individual for years.

Welcome to the strange world of network marketing in 2021, otherwise known as MLM.

Proponents of such schemes would love to have you believe how wonderful their company is with their ‘training’ and ‘support’ for distributors.

Or how you’ll “get to finally own your own business!” and “live the life of your dreams”.

But you, my friend, know better.

You know something isn’t right.

Today I’ll be going through the top reasons why multi-level marketing schemes are bad for 99% of people.

And they’re not just bad for bank accounts. Too often, it’s the lost friendships, time, resources and stress that we can’t as accurately quantify.

Mind you, there is a 1% minority who do legitimately make some money and sing their praises.

But for the other 99% of folks out there, they simply make nothing.

So if you’re doing your due diligence, I’ve certainly got you covered.

I’m someone who got naively caught up in several MLM schemes during his 20’s.

Now older and wiser, this is the advice I wished my 20-year old self knew, and maybe, just maybe, I can save someone from a potentially long-term damaging decision.

Here are the top reasons why such companies are simply bad to join:

1. MLMs Provide No Formalized Vetting Of Recruits

Unfortunately, any old Tom, Dick or Harry can sign up for an MLM company.

To become a distributor, you simply pay a joining fee to receive their products.

Once they arrive, you too can have the ‘priviledge’ of becoming a distributor.

Yet none of these companies actively vet their representatives for their ability to succeed.

It’s simply a case of “You look like you’re motivated” and thus, another person is enrolled.

I believe the ability to win comes down to background, salesmenship skills and the like.

In a traditional job, you’d come in for an interview and have references thoroughly checked.

In an MLM, your ‘interview’ is a sales pitch as to why you’d make “the perfect candidate…”

2. 99% of MLM Recruits End Up Losing Money

Sadly, most recruits do lose money on the ‘opportunity’ side of the MLM company.

Mind you, they still have a real product which makes the MLM unquestionably legal.

Now, most new recruits join with one motive: To make some additional cashflow.

Yet the work involved is severely unstated, as is the sheer difficulty in recruiting.

With many new distributors simply quitting within their first year out of frustration.

3. Most Companies Have a Cult-Like Feel

Many network marketing companies are accused of being modern-day cults.

After all, there is a cult-leader (often the company founder) with their legion of followers.

Nothing is more evident than the multi-day live events for each large company.

And unlike traditional sales roles, distributors are expected to pay the company.

Also, these distributors are often given a ‘set way of doing things’ to recruit others in.

While often being prohibited towards talking negatively about “the family”.

4. Recruits Are Expected To Do The Hard Sell

Network marketing companies often tout their superior products to their representatives.

However, it’s the representatives themselves who often have to do the hard sell.

This includes awkwardly posting photos on social media spruiking said products.

Or constantly following up through strange messages on Facebook and Instagram

And should they not be able to recruit an individual, they “didn’t work hard enough”.

5. Hiding Some of The Facts Is Routinely Practice

As a network marketing distributor, one must hide some of the facts all of the time.

Can you say that the vast majority of distributors make next to no money? Certainly not.

Can you also say that the compensation plan makes things tricky to figure out? Nope.

Can you also say that you’re making next to no money? Certainly avoid this one.

Should you get involved in one of these schemes, some hiding is certainly necessary.

6. Blocking Out Negative Friends/Family is Encouraged

Coming back to my cult-like feel, these MLM companies actively promote blocking others out.

Should your friends or family discourage you from your MLM, you’ll be asked to block them out.

After all, you “have a big dream” and these “dream stealers” are simply pulling you down right?

In actual fact, these friends and family are often like me. Awaken to the reality of MLM schemes.

This is why such schemes have the reputation of destroying friendships over such trivial pursuits.

7. MLM Reps Falsely Call Themselves ‘Entrepreneurs’

A common mistake by nieve millenials is referencing to themselves as ‘entrepreneurs’ in an MLM.

The term has become sexy in the last 5 or so years, romanticised fully by social media culture.

It’s a clear insult to real entrepreneurs who work very hard over many years to build real businesses.

Real entrepreneurship is a cruel, hard and tiresome road to travel, with zero guarantee of success.

Pretty photos on Instagram isn’t entrepreneurship. That’s posing. And inboxing friends is sales.

8. Having A Job or Career Is Considered To Be ‘Bad’

Proponents of the ‘entrepreneurial lifestyle’ also consider having a career to be a bad decision.

This is despite themselves often having a career while building their MLM as a side hustle.

Jobs provide many benefits that are overlooked by distributors including a stable income.

Not only that, but can be significantly easier paired with paid company training and travel.

While most won’t stick to their career forever, it’s a fantastic sounding board for millinenials.

9. Network Marketing Products Are Often Low Quality

Many claim “We have the best product(s) in the world!” but a quick Google reveals the opposite.

Often these products are – at best – in the midrange. They are designed for a certain demographic.

In many cases, MLM products are produced in China or other lower socio-economic countries.

While at the same time, somehow claiming to have superior qualities and North American values.

This leads nieve distributors to represent products that just aren’t as superior as they claim.

10. Network Marketing Products Are Also Overpriced

Not only are the products often low quality, but they’re also quite expensive in comparison.

Their defence often is “we cut out the middle man”, otherwise known as retail distribution.

Yet the pyramid requires commissions to be paid multiple levels deep to representatives.

A large portion of a product’s ‘retail price’ is made up of active distributor commissions.

Ideally, they do aspire to not have recuits research for superior products which cost less.

11. Fresh Recruits Use ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Mentality

Coming back to millenials, a consistent issue is the ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ mentality in MLM.

Many proclaim to be successful with regular luxury travel and expensive retail purchases.

You may have seen “My new business gives me the freedom to travel like this” which is unlikely.

Often they have a regular source of income like a job or have extensive cash reserves.

Further more, some of these distributors have…shall we say…quite generous parents?

It’s fair to state that such lifestyles perpetuated on social media often aren’t reality.

12. The #antimlm Hashtag Makes Success Even Harder

Fresh recruits in 2021 are in for a real uphill battle as the world awakens to the MLM industry.

YouTube has provided a platform for #antimlm content to go viral with many shared experiences.

When recruits attempt to make a new sign up, it’s difficult when potential candicates search online.

YouTubers such as Anna’s Analysis, Kiki Chanel and The Recovering Hunbot receive millions of views

While the /r/antimlm/ discussions on Reddit have racked up 700,000+ followers since 2011.

13. Most People Have Had Success Prior to MLMs

Many successful people in network marketing schemes have been in such schemes prior.

They have brought over existing teams which makes their scalability significantly easier.

Likewise, they likely have joined in the early days when such schemes were easier to start.

In the network marketing industry, this is referred to ‘ground floor opportunity’ to get in early.

And thus, it is significantly harder for younger recruits to find success in any established MLM.

14. It Takes Several Years To Build A Full-Time Income

Many millenials perpetuate the notion of quitting their job within months and travelling the world.

Unfortunately, so few people ever reach a job-replacing income. It’s several years later if they do.

This is much-like many online businesses that require several years of work first as a side hustle.

Sadly, many do fall victim to the dream of being able to “fire the boss” very soon into the journey.

Some might have even written their resignation letter, with some leaving their jobs far too early.

15. Quitters Are Told They ‘Never Worked Hard Enough’

As briefly mentioned in a previous point, the “didn’t work hard enough” is a common catchcry.

While it’s 200% true that success requires relentless hard work, MLM is an uphill battle already.

So much so that distributors have significantly more work to do than other business owners.

Many representives end up quitting early on, and as mentioned, 99% make no money at all.

Sadly, few representatives have the audacity to address fundamental flaws of the MLM model.

16. Any Constructive Criticism Is Quickly Subdued

Should you post anything negative towards an MLM scheme, these are quickly surpressed.

This happens regularly in Facebook groups, and most recently on Google and YouTube too.

As a blogger, I’ve had content surpressed which examined how challenging most MLMs are.

Distributors are often addressed with “stop being negative” or “you need to work harder”

While uplines never address root causes such as poor quality products and high prices.

Let’s not forget distributors playing the victim card when others (like myself) call them out.

17. Distributors Are Routinely Upsold Conferences

To be really successful in any MLM, you’re encouraged to attend regular national conferences.

Proponents claim this is where the achievement lays while learning from “the best in the business”

On the other hand, skeptics claim that conferences are modern-day indoctrination techniques.

This is where I see some value in MLM companies given their personal development content.

Unfortunately, distributors pay up for flights, hotels and of course, their own conference ticket.

18. MLMs Destroy Friendships When Recruits Churn

Managing one’s attrition-rate is a challenge for many network marketers, both new and old.

Ideally, you need to recruit in more which overtakes the rate of which people leave the company.

And an often overlooked component is the lost friendships, as friends lose thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, this creates a divide between friends based on “I didn’t make any money with you”

When in reality, the industry itself doesn’t lend itself to those who are green-faced to sales.

19. Recruits In 2021 Fly Under The Radar

I’ve touched on this point several times lightly in this article. That is – flying under the radar.

Many millenials in network marketing schemes routinely use poor choices of catchphrases.

Lines such as ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘building my empire’ or ‘travelling makes me money’

These are all designed to engage individuals on social media and eventually create recruitment

While also perpetuating the dream of ‘being your own boss’ and having ‘lifestyle freedom’

20. Most MLMs Falsely Use ‘Direct Selling’

A popular defence is “We’re not MLM, we’re direct selling!” to move away from prejudices.

Direct selling would entain only selling such products and not engaging in any recruiting.

Unfortunately, most network marketing companies only fluorish from recruitng activities.

Otherwise, if the products were actually ‘so great’, you’d find them on shelves nationally.

So network marketing companies are simply that – networking to recruit more distributors.

21. Real Companies Are Called Pyramid Schemes

A common mistake by millenials in MLM schemes is calling real companies ‘pyramid schemes’.

This is because they see the typical corporate heirachy as not rewarding those starting out.

Funnily enough, they fail to see the security that real jobs bring such as income and benefits.

While this comparison is less popular than the other strategies on this list, it does happen.

And the #antimlm movement frowns upon this a lot given the intrinsic benefits of careers.

22. Products Cannot Be Purchased In Stores

With many network marketing companies, their products cannot readily be found in retail stores.

This is very odd as such companies proclaim the sheer quality and demand of their own products.

In some cases, such as Amway, you can purchase their products online without joining as an IBO.

Yet companies such as Amway have been around for many years and are now a household name.

Given that MLM products are often more expensive, it’s likely they’ll be slow-movers on the shelves.

23. Representatives Routinely Make False Health Claims

Of everything I’ve listed, this one really frustrates me the most. MLM distributors often break the law.

Whether it’s Enagic representatives claiming their alkaline water machines can magically cure cancer

Or untrained and typically newner DoTerra recruits overestimating the benefits of their essential oils.

These distributors either play in a grey area or outright cross the line, bringing the attention of the FTC.

Fortunately, today, some companies are defending their reputation by secretly auditing representatives.

24. Some Distributors Use Tragic Events to Recruit

Perhaps the worse practice by network marketing distributors is the use of emotional moments to sell.

Whether it’s a national event which caused multiple fatalities, or simply the passing of a family member

These representatives ultimately place themselves on the firing line for such disrespectful behaviour.

This practice is fortunately not just frowned upon by those on the outside, but those on the inside too.

It’s moments like this where the real ethics of network marketing and their distributors come into play.

25. MLMs Target Those Who Love to ‘Manifest’ Success

A recent trend has been recruiting folks who believe that success is ‘manifested’ instead of earned.

That is – they’re huge proponents of the Law of Attraction and believe immensely in universal power.

Such individuals can be quite vulnerable since they believe a ‘magical genie’ is ready to reward them.

This may explain the huge failure rate of MLMs globally as beginners underestimate the work involved.

Oddly, many of these spiritually awakened folk do feel a sense of awkwardness as an MLM distributor.

26. Distributors Never Actually Own Their Own Business

A popular recruiting tactic is the claim that everyday folks can own their own business, starting now.

Unfortunately, this is a completely false claim. Distributors become members of the MLM scheme.

And yet, recruits who have been involved for some time tout their new ‘business freedom’ on socials.

While not having established business plans, marketing plans or even a basic P&L statement handy.

Worse – their ‘business’ can be taken away at any moment if the network marketing company fails.

27. The Real Money In In Owning The Business

Many people only find success in a network marketing company by bringing over an existing team.

But yet – the real money is in owning the business while others sell the product and opportunity.

This way you’ll have an asset that grows with very few employees, as reps typically are volunteers.

Better yet – they’ll have to pay first to sell the product, then pay for company events and travel.

Essentially, people’s time, motivation and dreams become the commodity many MLM companies.

In Closing

There you have it! The ultimate cheat-sheet as to why MLMs are bad for everyday people.

Should you be chased by someone seeking to recruit you, then these are 27 legit rebuttals.

Why are they still legal? Because they have a product paired with an army of supporters.

Now I believe their future commercial viability is in question, based on 3 main points:

👉 Consumers can research more easily and become fully informed prior to making a purchase.

👉 eCommerce allows anyone to start a business where consumers can access cheaper products.

👉 Today’s digital economy allows most people in developed countries to work 100% online already.

I imagine the roaring 20’s will highlight a sharp decline in MLM recruitment. In fact, it’s already started.

Then the real entrepreneurs working 80/hour weeks in the dark can have their well-earned title back.

17 Ways to Change Your Life in Less Than 90 Days

When you feel stuck in life, there’s only one thing to do to move forward; change. It’s a scary word. Many people fear change and what it might mean, but you don’t have to. It’s a necessary process to turn your life for the better. 

If you’re tired of feeling stuck and want to do something about it, then do it. To help, I’ve created a list of 17 ways you can change your life in less than 90 days. Keep reading for tips on how you can turn your life around starting now.

1. Stop Making Excuses

Take ownership of your life to turn it around. How? Stop making excuses. We’ve all done it. Maybe you have a project due in a couple of days, so instead of getting started, you make an excuse, “oh, but I have a couple more days.” Or, maybe you partake in the more daily excuses such as “I’m too tired,” “I don’t have time,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Push yourself instead.

Making excuses limits yourself and your abilities. Stopping lets you give yourself a chance for success and to use your full potential. Not to mention, making excuses will inhibit your performance, especially when concerning deadlines. 

If you have a project due a week from now, you are more likely to do well on the assignment when you start right away, get prepared, and exert more effort. If you start on the day it’s due because you made excuses for starting before then, the project will most likely seem rushed, sloppy, and not your best work.

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Everyone is uniquely beautiful, you included, so stop comparing yourself to other people. Comparing yourself to others only damages your self-esteem and overall mental wellbeing. Consistently doing so can lead to heightened anxiety, body dysmorphia, and depression. 

It would help if you did not look exactly like someone else or have an identical lifestyle because you’re you, and they’re them. Comparing yourself isn’t fair. Once you stop setting yourself against other people, you free yourself from limitations and anxious thoughts. 

You can embrace who you are and invite more positive thoughts into your mind while simultaneously combating mental health issues. 

3. Embrace the Unknown

More recent studies have shown that embracing new or unknown things improves your thinking skills. Indulging in something you typically wouldn’t or exploring a new area that you’ve never been to before are both examples of new things you can try to encourage new thinking skills. 

What does trying new things have to do with your thinking abilities? It helps encourage a process called neurogenesis. When you do something new or unfamiliar, your brain makes new connections between brain cells, a process that scientists initially thought impossible.

You don’t have to go crazy with your discoveries either. You can try little things each day, such as brushing your teeth with the opposite hand or making minor abnormal changes to an otherwise mundane routine. By embracing the unknown, you’re improving your brain’s strength and your overall health.   

4. Set Goals to Achieve Milestones

Looming projects or milestones you’d like to meet can feel daunting. Instead of worrying about them, break them down into smaller goals to make them easier to achieve. Plans will not only help you meet milestones easier, but they will help improve you as well. Goal setting helps provide clarity, challenges, and commitments

Setting goals for a more considerable milestone allows you to breakdown requirements for success. This breakdown explains what you need to do when you need to do it and why you need to do it. Ultimately, it takes the guesswork out of projects which eliminates any worry or stress. 

Breaking down your project into smaller goals also gives you challenges to overcome on your way to reaching the end-goal. Challenges are healthy because they stimulate your brain and improve your cognitive functioning. Finally, setting goals is also like making a substantial commitment to a project because they help you stick to a schedule. 

5. Start Journaling

In more recent years, journaling has increased in popularity for all people because of its beneficial mental health effects. It helps treat anxiety, depression, stress, and more because it allows people to express themselves without pressure. 

While it’s a great tool to use when dealing with mental health issues, you can journal if you don’t suffer from anything. Journalling allows you to express your thoughts and concerns, helps you plan out your priorities, and provides a creative outlet. 

Journaling is like talking to someone without having to talk to someone. Instead, you communicate with yourself, and who knows you better than you? 

Try to journal at least once a day as you see fit, and don’t place any restrictions or requirements on your writing. Besides writing your thoughts and expressing yourself, journaling gives you a sense of stability and security when things feel out of control or when you feel stuck.  

6. Make a List of the Things That Make You Happy

If leading a monotonous and tiresome schedule holds you back from accomplishing what you want each day, there’s a rewarding and straightforward fix to your problem. You can take the time to sit down and make a list of all the things that make you happy. The plan can range from little indulgences, such as getting coffee from your favorite cafe or going for nature walks, to more considerable pleasures such as traveling. 

No matter the joy, jot it down into a list and then choose something from that list to incorporate into your daily routine each day. In doing so, you get a fun way to change your daily schedule with something to look forward to. You can use these things to break up your work or as a reward for sticking to your plan. 

Either way, incorporating things that make you happy into your daily routine will motivate you more and keep you engaged. 

7. Wake Up Early 

Every once in a while, sleeping in is deserved, but continuously waking up late will cause general laziness and a lack of motivation. To turn your life around, start waking up early. You don’t have to begin immediately waking up at seven in the morning; you can ease yourself in if that helps. It doesn’t matter how you start, as long as you wake up early. 

Early risers have heightened concentration and focus because, in the morning, cortisol release acts as an energy boost rather than a stressor. This release makes you feel more motivated in the morning and fades, so it’s best to use up that energy early-on before you lose it. 

Waking up early also gives you more time to accomplish tasks you may avoid later in the day or running out of time to complete. After syncing your early morning schedule, you’ll notice an increase in your motivation, happiness, and energy.

8. Do Something Social Every Week

Even if you’re introverted, it’s healthy to get out and get social every so often. Taking part in a social engagement at least once a week decreases feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. In the long-run, these mental health issues can cause a decline in your cognitive functioning. 

Concerning the short-term, social engagement improves your physical health, sleep, and state of mind. When you hang out with friends and family, or when you go out to a public space for an event, you tend to not only engage socially but physically to keep up with what’s happening. 

Social outings are also most likely to involve some physical activity, whether that’s going dancing at a club, taking a walk in the park, or strolling around a mall. All of that physical attention and socializing leads to a good night’s sleep. Isolation and anxiety lead to heightened sleeping troubles, so indulging in a social activity helps ward off those feelings leading to better sleep.    

9. Get Organized

A lack of organization, such as a cluttered, chaotic space, relates directly to clouded thinking and lack of motivation. Disorganization can also increase stress levels and lead to depression when left unattended. You can get organized to shift your mindset and ultimately turn your life around. 

An organized space will help you manage your thoughts and enhance your focus, which is essential when you need to complete tasks and work on projects. Organizing gives your mind a refresher. You can see what’s in front of you, and your mind can fixate on different thoughts. 

Organizing also provides stability and security. When you inhabit a cluttered space, you feel more unstable because nothing has a specific location and everything is just everywhere. 

Cleaning up and putting items into clearly marked bins or into drawers where they belong will help give you a sense of security because you know what goes where and where to find it when you need it. 

10. Create a Budget (and Stick to it)

One of the most significant stressors and factors in unhappiness is money, so to turn your life around, it’s a smart idea to start with your financials. Ideally, create a budget to stick to because it will help reduce stress and anxiety when dealing with your finances. 

Instead of immediately spending when you get some money in the bank, think first. What do you need to buy and why? Is purchasing a specific item something you need, or is it just a material possession fulfilling your need for instant gratification? 

Budgeting, of course, is more than just limiting what you spend on frivolous wants; it’s about planning for security. When you develop a budget, consider the things that stress you out the most, such as rent/mortgage, insurance, and other bills. Once you plan for those payments, you eliminate the stress of dealing with them as they occur. 

11. Exercise

While exercise helps you lose weight, it also helps improve your mental wellbeing and is a crucial component to practice when you want to turn your life around. No, you don’t have to attend sweaty cycling sessions or high-intensity cardio classes. Exercising can be as simple as walking around your neighborhood once a day or going out for a quick jog. 

Regular exercise promotes neurogenesis, which will help improve your long-term cognitive functioning. Concerning the short-term 90-day track, routinely exercising releases dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters result in mood improvement and elevate energy levels. 

When you exercise, you tend to feel happier and motivated afterward. That’s thanks to those neurotransmitter releases. While satisfying almost instantly, the secretion will also help you combat anxiety and depression and help improve your sleep.  

12. Delete (or Limit) Social Media Use

We know the world in some way or another seems to revolve around social media. However, social media can have devastating effects on your mental health and general wellbeing, especially if you always scroll and swipe throughout the day, every day. 

First, social media negatively affects self-esteem. You scroll down and see these people posting pictures and Tweets about how great their lives are or see posts with stick-thin models and ribs burgeoning their skin. It’s hard not to compare yourself to these people. 

Thoughts like these arise from the fake personas that social media allows to wreak havoc on self-esteem levels. Getting rid of social media is an excellent way to keep these thoughts out of mind and enable you to focus on yourself, not in comparison to someone else.

Social media also affects your sleep. The more frequently you scroll throughout the day, the more exposure to blue-light you get, which is the light that emanates from your smart device. The blue hue affects your sleep because it inhibits melatonin production, you know, the chemical that makes you sleepy.      

13. Eat Healthier

Eating healthy isn’t always about losing weight, and you don’t have to resort to too limiting fad-diets such as Keto, Whole-30, or Paleo to achieve a better diet. Eating healthy improves your mood, clears your skin, reduces sleeplessness, and increases your energy levels.

Healthy foods produce good bacteria, which influence positive neurotransmitter reactions in your brain, reactions that result in positivity. Junk food, or other unhealthy foods, has the opposite effect: mood swings and sluggishness. 

The positivity that results from eating healthy will influence your motivation and energy levels for the day. But that’s not the only way eating healthy affects your energy. Healthy foods have more beneficial ingredients that your body breaks down quickly and uses to sustain you throughout the day. 

Junk food typically causes inflammation and increases the likelihood of anxiety and depression. When you eat healthily, it won’t take nearly 90 days to see results, especially if you keep up consistency. 

14. Leave Bad Influences Behind 

As hard as it may seem to let people go you were once close with; you need to do it sometimes to improve your life. 

These types of people can range from those who act as a bad influence to people who don’t have a beneficial impact on your mental wellbeing, such as people who don’t check in on you or people who push your emotions aside.

Letting go of a lousy influence will help you focus on what’s right for you, even if it’s hard to do so. You won’t feel encapsulated by their impact, and you won’t feel the anguish from their lack of perspective, giving you the freedom to do what’s best for you. 

15. Project Happiness

Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it till you make it?” Sometimes, that’s what you need to do to change your outlook on life. The more you embody and project happiness, the more you’ll eventually start to feel it. 

Projecting happiness will also make other people feel happier, which can benefit you. For example, if you smile while you speak, other people will receive your words easier and are more likely to respond kindly to you. Receiving kindness resulting from embodying happiness can help improve your mood, self-esteem, and general wellbeing. 

16. Resist Instant Gratification

As a society, we’ve grown accustomed to instant gratification, but you need to resist when it comes to improving your life. Resisting instant gratification leads to a more disciplined lifestyle, which means you become more consistent and motivated in your own right than concerning the impending reward. 

An instant reward for your work may help every once in a while, but setting tips further down the line in your career will only drive you to work harder and will keep you more motivated than a reward at the end of a single sitting. 

For example, knowing that when you finish a project, you can go to the beach after will make you rush through the work. Setting a reward further along in your goal setting, such as setting a reward for when you meet a particular goal, will make you more motivated and prompt you to work harder until you reach it. 

17. Practice Meditation or Mindfulness

Regularly practicing mindfulness and meditation leads to reduced stress and anxiety. Practice gives you time in the day to slow down and focus on yourself, which is important if you lead a busy lifestyle. It’s essential to take a breather every once in a while.

This practice also gives you space to check-in on yourself and gauge how you feel. By taking the time to communicate with your mind and body properly, you can adjust your mindset accordingly. 

Over time, meditation and mindfulness will regularly improve your mood and make it easier for you to fend off stress and anxiety because you’ll know how to handle them.