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Firebrand Training Review: Worth The Time and Cost?

So I’m guessing that you’re seriously considering enrolling with Firebrand Training.

That’s something I also considered too. They’re a seriously big company spanning the globe and offering all types of education for employees.

So in this unbiased review of Firebrand, I’ll give you the low-down as someone who has enrolled on way too many courses than he wants to admit to.

Let’s begin.

Firebrand Training Review

There is nothing like learning online instead of the classroom, especially if you’re trying to climb higher in your career. That’s why I advocate getting trained the right way.

Firebrand training takes their business seriously too. They have served over 100,000 students around the world now with 700+ courses available for employees.

I have noticed that there aren’t that many complaints about Firebrand. That’s perhaps because employers typically sponsor their employees to head along to these training as part of their salary package. And so, employees are far less likely to leave some course feedback on popular review sites.

Personally, I think they have done an excellent job and continue to do so. With 20 years now in the business of helping people earn more in their careers, their success isn’t by accident.

Course Pricing

Something that I don’t really like about Firebrand is that they’re not transparent about their course prices. You basically have to hand over your phone number and email address to see the cost. From there, you can expect a few phone calls and emails in the day to come.

However, I did discover that they’re (mostly) around the industry average and provide discounts for bulk orders. They also had a lot of dates to choose from despite the fact that everyone is in a learning mode right now due to the Pandemic.

Something that I can really commend is their intensive programs run in the training centres. It’s where you can leave your distractions behind and really focus on what’s needed. They even provide meals (including vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free) so you don’t have to worry about anything. I was surprised to find one at Byron Bay here in Australia.

Building Online

Something that they don’t really cover is the building of your own online business. Many companies are like this actually. They train employees, not business owners.

If you want to be apart of the #greatresignation, then you need to have a different set of skills. The type that you can leverage to build your own 6-figure online business from home.

Better yet – one that you can run in your spare time. It was not too long ago that I was studying IT and today, I’m running my own business from home like many others. This is an opportunity that I’d love to extend to you, if you’re ready for some extra freedom.

In Summary

Firebrand has become a household brand over the last few years. They’ve won many awards and their instructors are seriously talented, as are their students on the other side.

It’s not an easy journey. If you do it online, then you’ll be distracted while the intensives cost extra money and time away from family. But if it’s worth it to you, then I’d recommend Firebrand training. Likewise, I recommend build your own business if you’re looking for a change in careers right now.

HSS Training Review: Not Many Complaints?

Have you been looking to do a course with HSS Training and want an independent review?

They didn’t pay me to write this, so you can be rest-assured that it’s unbiased as it gets.

Today I’ll be covering:

  • Who I would recommend HSS training to
  • Who it wouldn’t be suitable for
  • Why are there so few complaints about HSS Training
  • How you can build your own online business

Let’s begin.

HSS Training Review

If you want to get trained properly, you can’t really depend on universities like we used to. And training centres can be a bit tough given the challenges of the world. That’s why I love eLearning.

HSS Training has transitioned most of their training online. Plus they’re much more affordable available with good pricing.

The best part? HSS Training complaints are quite minimal. This is a testament to the high quality trainers and asssors that they hire. Some people have complained about elements that are beyond their control.

I’ve done similar courses which didn’t run smoothly but I reasonable. I think just having reasonable expectations that not everything will be easy to pass is expected. That’s why it’s called training.

Who They (And Aren’t) Best For

Those who want to get ahead in their careers and life are best to enrol with this company (or one of their competitors) to get accredited. HSS is best for job-hunters and those moving up in their careers.

Your investment into the course could open up more pathways for you to go down. Likewise, you’ll feel less stressed should you lose your existing job because you’ll be able to pick up another role rather quickly.

I do find some of their website content to be a little bland. It’s clear that they’re aiming for students who want jobs instead of creating their own online business. If you’re in the later category, keep reading.

Working Online

One of the best skills I ever developed from training was learning how to work online. I didn’t want a job that required me to go out in the cold to a location. Nor did I want the boss breathing down my neck.

Luckily, it isn’t just me. Today there are thousands of people across the United Kingdom who have built their own part-time or full-time incomes working from home. It isn’t easy but has certainly been worth it.

Some of these people have jumped on Stephen’s FREE webinar and subsequently done his course. It’s much different than what HSS Training offer, but might be more appealing to those like me who want to run their own online business without the headaches.

Getting Started

I really do believe HSS Training is one of the better training companies out there. Their TrustPilot rating is seriously good and their students have been mostly pleased.

You’ll find that they take complaints seriously with a formalised process. Some of these courses can be challenging but with the right attitude, you can certainly get your qualifications.

Likewise, that winning attitude is needed to build your own online business. And that’s something you can get started with right now.

Envy Jewellery Review: It’s an MLM Scheme?

Have you just come across Envy Jewellery and wondering if it’s an MLM?

Well, it’s true that Envy is an Australian MLM scheme selling jewellery between ladies on social media. You can make a good part-time income but most distributors rarely are able to replace their incomes.

There are hundreds of consultants who both buy for themselves and recruit additional distributors.

I’ll give you more of the lowdown.

Envy Jewellery Review

If you’ve spotted Envy Jewellery and ‘opportunity’ on your social media feeds, then your friend happens to be involved in network marketing. It’s not a business that your friend owns, it’s a business that they’re distributing for with commissions.

This company was started about 7 years ago by Ben and Joshua Zucker from right here in Australia. They built their business providing high-quality jewellery to thousands of Australians. As opposed to using eCommerce and social media, they instead chose to use the multi-level marketing model to get their products into the hands of consumers.

Through using consultants, Joshua and Ben don’t have to pay for ads on social media, and their consultants volunteer their time to build their business. A seriously smart strategy. πŸ˜ƒ

The consultants attract women who are into the Law of Attraction and living life on their terms. Most importantly – they want a flexible business model where they don’t need to source the products themselves, making Envy the perfect idea.

The Challenge

As I’ve noted in my article about why MLMs are bad, it can be really hard to deal with the rejection you get from friends who don’t want to join along in the fun. There is always that dark cloud surrounding MLM distributors and fear of judgement. After all, most people these days don’t like network marketing representatives because the income reality is quite low.

These schemes have been booming since the Pandemic began, but so has eCommerce. Many people have realized that they could very well sell their own jewellery online without the middle man. Most importantly – they’ll get to own the actual business, instead of building someone else’s empire.

Fortunately, Envy is a little different and has some upsides.

The Best Parts About Envy

What immediately strikes me as interesting is the 365-day refund policy. If you’re not happy, you could return your jewellery within 12 months provided it’s still in a resealable condition. This is unlike many MLMs in Australia that only offer 30-days at best.

The other real benefit is that you can buy jewellery without needing to become a representative. If you like what they sell, then you can buy jewellery right off the website. That said – you might want to give some credit to your friend through buying via their online store. πŸ™‚ (The cost is the same to you either way).

Additionally, they haven’t gone down the route of being mainstream. No hyped-up seminars or get-rich-cheesy stuff. Instead, they’re appealing to the top end of the market.

Most people don’t realize that Envy Jewellery is an MLM and I think that’s a wise choice. Otherwise, there is that underlying stigma when using their product. Chances are that you’ll get more compliments than rude messages as you might with health shakes and those other weird MLMs on Facebook.


I really like that Envy Jewellery isn’t widely talked about online. While it’s an MLM, they have made it significantly easier to just become a customer than most others. No need to be hosting parties at home if you don’t wish to!

Plus – if you do become a consultant, then most of their pieces are actually stunning.

But then again, I prefer to build my own online business(es). This way I retain full control of my outcome. Envy makes it easier as your product is ready there and ready to go.

Now all you gotta do is sell it to friends and family. πŸ˜‰

City Desktop Training Review: Are They Worth It?

Have you recently come across City Desktop Training? Based in Australia, they provide a range of courses for learning creative skills.

As an Australian blogger who writes a lot (almost 2,000 articles now), my design skills remain quite mediocre. And so, I decided to look at what they have to offer and whether they’re worth going with.

Let’s begin.

City Desktop Training Review

One of the biggest challenges with Australian RTOs is the Pandemic. It caused many to have to shift to online learning and fortunately, so did City Desktop Training.

They now live-stream their lessons even if you’re 5 minutes away from their office. You’ll still get your certificate from Adobe regardless.

Better yet – they’re restricting their class sizes to a maximum of 8 students, and it’s often less than this. I recently went on a course with another RTO where there were 28 students in the class with just one trainer, making questions difficult to ask.

Design Skills

I believe in content marketing, having solid design skills is absolutely critical. This is why I got seriously interested in enrolling in their Desktop Publishing Package.

Yes – I could outsource, but I like learning skills first before outsourcing. Plus, most of my jobs are sub 10 minutes anyway.

Their pricing is certainly higher than you could find on online-only sites such as Skillshare, and of course YouTube, but just remember – you aren’t going to get certified with these. If you need that qualification with a job, then you’ll need an Australian RTO.

These guys aren’t the cheapest of the bunch, but then again, I went with the cheapest RTO a few years ago and got burned hard. A real case of getting what you pay for.

For under <$2,000 City Desktop Training are pretty affordable plus you’re likely to get a tax deduction on this.

Career Pathways

I really love education, especially education that has a viable future. Online design skills are in demand and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

One thing that these guys don’t cater for is building your own online business. Sure – they do provide some guidelines on how to become a freelancer, but not so much a business owner.

Luckily, I did come across some other training recently that pairs very well with this RTO. Based in Brisbane, this couple has created an incredible business with a portfolio of websites where they earn semi-passive income.

I was intrigued by this opportunity and went a little further. I soon discovered that they help Australians build their own portfolio of digital assets online.

The only shortcoming of their training? They don’t go deep on design skills, which is where City Desktop can make up that shortfall. Perfect!

I’m also extending the opportunity to work alongside some individuals who wish to get started on an exciting journey within the next few weeks.

In Summary

It’s clear by other reviews that City Desktop Training is one of the better Australian RTOs. Sure – they’re not the cheapest nor are they the most expensive either. They have transitioned towards mostly online given the challenges of the world.

The world has moved forward too. A lot of people are heading online and with your design skills, you’ll be needed for years to come. If you want additional training too, take advantage of the opportunity to build your own business.

Galaxy Training Australia Review: Worth It?

Are you considering taking a course with Galaxy Training Australia?

Well, I recently looking into them as well, just like you.

I wanted to make sure they were genuine and I’d be looked after.

In this unbiased review, I’ll give you the lowdown.

I’m a Queenslander who has built several online businesses and with an opportunity for you available.

But hey…more on that later. πŸ™‚

Let’s begin.

Galaxy Training Review

When it comes to getting a job, it’s wise to make your education as affordable as possible.

I mean, it’s a little different when running online businesses. You’ll want to spend up on training for the best possible chance of success.

But with jobs, you need to go for budget material. This way you can hit the ground running in the hospitality industry. Your first pay could be next week. Cha-ching! πŸ€‘

But for serving drinks and the like, you shouldn’t pay more than $20 for a training course.

That’s why I like Galaxy Training. My experience on their website shows some seriously good value.

The RSA for instance is nationally accredited so you can use it across the country, except in NSW.

I personally love how easy it is to get through their courses. You can do it online and you’ll get the certificate instantly once you’re finished.

Student Success

I found an eye-watering amount of positive feedback from their students. While the courses can be long (3 to 6 hours), they’re also very affordable and if you have experience, it speeds up the process.

I would imagine many of their students have since found work behind the bar or in the casino. Again – to see this many testimonials and reviews is staggering. Clearly a mark of a great Australian RTO!

But we can’t forget the downside – your training isn’t valid in New South Wales. It’s unfortunate and if you choose to move to Sydney or anywhere else NSW in the future, that might be a little tricky.

Still, it’s hard to pass up their seriously affordable pricing.

Opportunities on Offer

One of the biggest drawbacks is their lack of courses. Or perhaps, this is a positive! They’ve focused entirely on serving those getting started in the hospitality industry with some bargain-basement pricing.

I’ve noticed that other RTOs also offer business courses and the like. But then again, I’ve found very few actually give concrete facts on how to start and run a business properly. More so, it’s for those seeking to work as a business manager, not an owner.

Fortunately, I recently came across some training that changed everything for me. In fact, I found hundreds of fellow Australians building their own online businesses that don’t cost them a fortune to start. Some of these students are merely teenagers and young adults, likely to be just like you.

If you’re curious, check out the training on this page.

In Summary

Galaxy Training Australia has clearly done an excellent job in customer service. Their results far exceeded my expectations, especially as I have a low tolerance for old, boring and ordinary training.

They do what they do very well. It’s no surprise that they have trained 150,000+ Australians so far and having their students not just job-ready, but confident too. It would be great to see other training organisations follow suit.

Asset College Review: Are They Worth It?

In February 2021, I enrolled into 2 courses with Asset College in Queensland.

I scored an absolute bargain price as a last-minute booking.

This certainly wasn’t my first time with an RTO. I’m dead-set serious about education as an adult.

Specifically, the type of education where you can build your own online business. πŸ˜ƒ

But more on that later. Let’s begin!

Asset College Review

One of the main reasons I went with Asset College is their age. They’ve been in business for years and have a loyal client base.

Not only do they have their main training office in Queensland, but they also have partnerships and affiliates throughout the state.

In other words…they’re huge.

They also have a serious amount of courses on offer. For my course, it was run on a Saturday and was packed out. I could’ve come any day (the benefit of running a flexible online business) but in this case, most of their students only had the weekends free.

The challenge was the length of the course, being just over 10 hours. And not a coffee machine in sight! A genuine downside, as was finding a carpark.

That was made up by the Trainer/Assessor who was a legend and clearly experienced in his field. He got our certificates emailed through a few days later which was appreciated!

Student Success

A lot of students who go through Asset College go on towards gaining employment. That does, of course, depend on the accumen of the individual. You won’t get jobs thrown at you. πŸ˜…

For me – my Firearms Safety course was of personal interest only. My existing career, building simple online businesses, means that I’m unlikely to go for a job ever again. I guess you could say that I enjoy this lifestyle way too much.

It’s clear that many people have been happy with Asset College too given the amount of reviews online.

Building Businesses

One of the potential shortcomings with many Registered Training Organizations is the lack of support for creating a new business. Asset falls into this trap too, and I think it’s due to a lack of Government initiatives to create training on this.

Sure – there are courses on accounting, administration and leadership but little in the way on how to build a successful business and work from home. There are courses on how to work in a business, but not how to start, grow and nurture your own business.

Fortunately, I was able to find some education that solved this very problem. Education that’s available right here in Queensland too. Matt and Liz created this training that I recently went through and so have 3 of my friends too. It’s the perfect starting point on how you can get started online.

In Summary

Asset College has clearly built an incredible training organisation that has served tens of thousands of students. Additionally – they have built a solid business. One that has served the owner very well, allowing him to have more flexibility and time freedom.

Most importantly – he’s made qualified training as easy as possible to access. Training that can literally change your life.