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AMBSDR Review: I Did Chris Luck’s Course! (2022)

Published: September 19, 2022

Last updated: September 19, 2022

By Joshua Smith πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

I Help Beginners Build Profitable Websites

Welcome to the ultimate AMBSDR review for 2022.

I’ve spent thousands of hours auditing and reviewing the content from many online courses, including the popular AMBSDR program by Chris Luck.

If you’re ready to get started and need to know:

➜ Who is Chris Luck and what is AMBSDR really about

➜ How fast you can make money with the AMBSDR program

➜ Some examples of brand ambassador websites that do well

➜ Common complaints and criticisms of the course and strategy

➜ How you can claim some epic bonuses from me, starting today!

Then you’re definitely in the right place, so let’s move forward.

AMBSDR At A Glance

πŸ’‘Core Concepts

Creating websites that advertise branded products and using automation to scale up to many streams of income.

πŸ’°Current Price

$1,997 USD

Payment plans may be available.

🀩 Bonuses Offered

I offer some excellent bonuses. More details below this review. πŸ™‚

🌍 Student Volume

2,200+ students and growing, with members not just from North America, but Canada, Australia, NZ and Europe.

I’m personally one of about 75 students from Australia.

✌️Common Praise

Incredible earning potential due to the compounding effect

Easy to follow tutorials and system, designed totally for beginners and experienced students alike

Does not require previous skills, money or selling to friends or family to get started

❌ Notable Complaints

Course is a little expensive (but designed this way to keep those less serious away)

It takes 6 weeks to get through the course, although people have been known to do it in 1-2 weeks

Requires the use of some simple-to-use software but free trials are given.

πŸš€ The X-Factor

Incredibly scalable business model with many examples of websites like these selling for $100,000+ on Empire Flippers, Flippa and the like.

Note: I sold on Flippa for $23,000 not too long ago using Chris’ model.

πŸ“ˆ Industry Trends

According to Empire Flippers and FE International, websites commonly sell for 3x to 4x their annual profit.

If you get a site to consistently make $10,000 per month…then expect an epic payday. πŸ™‚

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» My Verdict

One of the best product-centric courses around to help beginners create profitable websites, even with zero SEO experience.

Rating: 5 out of 4.

Why You Should Trust Me

I’m Joshua Smith from Australia. I have been building profitable content sites since 2011. Today, in addition to growing and managing my own portfolio of blogs, I actively help others on their journey.

Now let’s be honest – course reviews are always a little biased but I aim to maintain neutrality and provide some realistic criticism through my own experiences.

I also want you to get the most out of this course. If you join through my link, I provide exclusive bonuses to help you on your journey and I hope to be sending you these real soon. πŸ˜ƒ


Before I kick off this review, let’s cover some background facts:

Who is Chris Luck?

Chris is one of the most respected mentors and website builders

Chris’ journey wasn’t easy, but has pushed through some of the hardest times in his life.

He has been in this industry for 20+ years, representing brands from around the world.

The best part? He’s done everything at home – on his own time – and with no income limit!


AMBSDR is a 6-week program to help you become an expert brand ambassador.

In addition, you get access to 3 group coaching calls per week within the private community.

The community focuses on community connections and collaborative education. (More below)

Plus there are a ton of cheatsheets, templates and quickstart guides to get you moving fast.

How Quick Can You Make Money?

If you need cash tomorrow, this program is NOT for you.

While Chris does say that people can make money within days, this is rare.

The common person will take 3 weeks to 3 months to make their first dollar in AMBSDR.

From here, it’s still only trinkles of money until their 1-year anniversary.

After 12 months, and with 100+ articles, the compounding effect begins to take over.

Much like planting seeds in the ground, the more you plant…the more YOU yield. πŸ˜€

The Course

I completed the course yesterday, and can confirm:

Many Examples Given

Chris showcases many successful sites already utilizing his strategies

I really like this as with other courses, most people don’t provide concrete examples of success.

Chris shows examples of real sites making $500 per month, right up to $500,000 per month.

No Stone Unturned

This is one of the most complete courses I’ve taken

…And I’ve taken a lot of courses! Chris has made this a very in-depth course to avoid any upsells.

By building out a solid course, he avoids having confused students who make little progress.

His mission is to empower people with self-education that will serve them well into the future.

Constantly Updated

While Chris has only just released the course, it already has had some updates

Unlike others who employ a ‘set and forget’ strategy, Chris is working to keep his course updated.

Not only this, but there are 3 sessions a week dedicated to live training to get beginners moving.

The Community

I enjoy this community because:

No Social Media

Unlike many communities that use Facebook, Chris has chosen a private community

….And this is the best part! I personally hate social media so being off Facebook was a huge plus.

There are no distractions and the course + community are available within the same hub.

Circle is clean and super simple to use with no advertising or annoying notifications

A Very Engaged Crowd

Unlike other affiliate courses I’ve done, this one is very engaged

There are 50+ new posts a day with questions, feedback and engagement.

You can post your own website and receive a ton of feedback from other community members.

You can also search by location, so you’ll find people within your own country, city or even town!

Parties and Workshops

Chris hasn’t just created a Course + Group. It’s so much more!

Within the Parties section of AMBSDR, you’ll discover tutorials that evolve around the community.

Unlike many tutorials which is one lecturer + 500 bored students, these are like tutorial parties.

On the contrary, the workshops are for those who want something more structured and serious.


The most common praise about AMBSDR is:

It’s Well Structured

Chris has structured the 6-week course very well

The course doesn’t jump around between sections and is well staggered.

It’s designed to ease you into each module without any overwhelm or confusion.

No Skills Required

You don’t require any past experience to become a brand ambassador

Chris does mention this in the webinar, but it’s worth mentioning here too.

His course is for those who are brand-new to the world of building out small websites.

These skills can be used to kick-start a new career too, such as an SEO specialist.

Likewise, those with experience will certainly benefit a ton from his program.

I did come in to his program with 10 years experience and was able to find a few gems. πŸ™‚

Infinitely Scalable

This business model is like a compounding machine

The AMBSDR business model is one that’s infinitely scalable with the right niche selection.

Whether you wish to build a $10,000 site or a million-dollar website, it’s all possible.

It’s difficult to run out of brands to represent, unless you build in a tiny niche.

For instance – I built and eventually sold it as I had maxed out.

If I had built a wider niche – such as water sports – they I could talk about kayaks and surfing.

Complaints and Negatives

The most common complaints about AMBSDR are:

The Course Is Expensive

This is the most common why people tell me they can’t buy the course at this time

Chris has priced the AMBSDR course for the action-takers, not those looking for a cheap solution.

In addition, he is set to raise the price in the coming weeks due to high demand.

He’s looking to keep the community small and the calibre high, so we’ll see more success stories.

By keeping his course price high, it can be argued that he’s reducing our competition too.

The Course Takes 6-Weeks

Another complaint is the course length. It’s…long.

The course covers everything to help aspiring brand ambassadors to reach a full-time income.

To do that, Chris has made sure everything is covered in detail. No stone unturned here!

You can complete the course in 1-2 weeks in a sprint, but 2-3 weeks is more likely.

Fortunately, an in-depth course like this means no upsells, and not the case with other courses.

It Takes Time

Chris underestimates how long it takes to make money thorugh AMBSDR

Most people don’t make all that much during their first year.

It’s years 2 and 3 where the results begin to really compound.

And so, I don’t recommend joining AMBSDR in the hopes of making money next week.

While some students have, these results are few and far between.

No Personal Coaching Element

There are no personal coaches within AMBSDR to work with students one-on-one

Some courses I’ve taken have employed coaches to help students succeed long-term.

There are those who are actively seeking a personal coach, but none are available yet.

I do think AMBSDR will open up some coaching spots in the next month or two.

Until then…I do have an option for you below.

Course Bonuses

Join with my affiliate link, and you’ll get more value than you would attain directly, such as:

Bonus #1

The 99 Profitable Websites Report

I personally created this report for beginners to help you discover profitable websites.

This way, you’re inspired to create a similar site (but of course, please don’t copy!)

Bonus #2

A 30-minute coaching call

Got questions about the course and starting your own website? Then I’m here to help.

I’ll be happy to jump on a 30 minute Zoom call to help you build out a proper website plan.

Bonus #3

A sneak peek into 3 of my own websites

I own 20+ websites and I’ll share with you 3 of my more profitable websites.

These are sites that almost no one ever gets to see. Ever. I’m quite protective of my sites.

I’ll share with you what has worked well, what hasn’t, and my plans going forward.

You’ll be learning first-hand from someone who’s been doing this gig for 10+ years.


I genuinely think that this is:

The Last Course You’ll Ever Buy

Chris is adamant that this is the last course you’ll ever buy, and I agree!

Building websites and writing articles is 100x easier than selling products online.

…And that’s coming from a guy whose sold 3,000+ products online. Websites. Are. Easier.

And becoming a brand ambassador is the easiest path forward for a complete beginner.

The Course And Community Are Here For The Long Term

I asked Chris’ team and they have no ambitions of slowing down

I personally dislike when new courses and communities are disbanded after a few months.

As we can see from Chris’ past success, he prefers to play the long game with his training.

Before embarking on my journey with AMBSDR, I asked privately what their plans were.

…And they’re looking at building this over 5 to 10 years AT LEAST, which is awesome.

So you’re at the beginning stages of an epic community whose strategy is sound.

I do look forward to seeing you on the inside!

PK Gupta Consulting Review: I Did His Property Course! (2022)

Property Investment Accelerator Review

Important Things You Should Know About PK Gupta's Course



Founder. Blogger. Enjoys work.

Welcome to the ultimate Property Investment Accelerator Review for 2022.

I’m Joshua Smith, an online business owner and property investor from the Sunshine Coast.

I’ve spent thousands of hours auditing and reviewing the content from many online experts, including the popular property course and mentoring by PK Gupta.

If you’re ready to enroll but need to know:

βœ… How PK’s course compares to other popular property courses.

βœ… What are the common criticisms of the Property Investment Accelerator

βœ… Who is the guy behind this course and what is his experience?

βœ… If you really can achieve real-world results with his training.

βœ… Why you can’t simply buy his course online

Then you’re in the right place as I took his course in early 2022.

Proof: I'm a student in his course.

PK Gupta's Course At A Glance​

πŸ’‘Core Concepts

Helps you build a reliable 6-figure passive income in 5-25 years time, depending upon your individual circumstances

πŸ’° Current Price

$6,197 AUD with no upsells

πŸŽ“ Student Volume

700+ Australian students

πŸ‘ Common Praise

Very in-depth course well beyond what is taught on YouTube. Also uses hard data as opposed to guestimations, paired with a vibrant and humble community who all get lifetime support. Clients also receive access to highly-vetted mortgage brokers, conveyancers, property managers, accountants, plus building and pest inspectors.

❌ Common Complaints

Course is quite expensive while still requiring some hours each week to dedicate to it. Course also just briefly covers property renovation strategies and refunds generally not offered.

πŸ”₯ The X-Factor

Feels much more like a real and long-term mentorship rather than an overnight get rich property expert.

Students come in with realistic expectations from Day 1.

πŸ“ˆ Industry Trends

Australian property prices may stagnate through 2022. Either this will be the best time to buy, or the worst time.

Either way, it does pay to be educated.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» My Verdict

PK offers an excellent course that helps beginners build a solid property portfolio without the hype or sensationalism of other courses. It’s expensive, but affordable when compared to using a buyer’s agent.

The underlying premise is to fully educate you for the long-term, so you can ‘fish’ as much as you desire.

Course Rating

About Me

Hey there, I’m Joshua. I don’t drive a Ferrari, sip coconuts on the beach or post BS on social media.

My focus remains on actual work and consistent progress through:

✏️ Building Passive Income Websites

✏️ Consulting and some Client Work

✏️ Building eCommerce Stores (side hustle)

I’ve been blogging since 2011. Today, more than 750,000 people globally (many of these fellow Australians!) have read my blog and in-depth course reviews.

It should be noted that while I have been through his course, I haven’t been paid a cent for this review by PK. On the other hand, I do have affiliate links on this page but have clearly and unapologetically stated my own criticisms of his course. I’ve also come into his course with a lot of knowledge and experience (4 properties), so I can spot BS a mile away.

Anyway, enough talk. Let’s get this going.

Course Modules

Week 0

Like many courses, this is the introductory module.

This module is quite short but warms up everyone with the basics.

PK reminds us to be focused, stay committed and avoid distractions.

I highly recommend that you actually combine Week 0 and Week 1 together, given how short this is, being just over 20 minutes in total.

Week 1

PK jumps straight into the strategy development phase of the course.

In this module, PK helps you develop a clear understanding on how to calculate your starting & useable equity, your borrowing capacity, passive income and more importantly, how many properties you’ll need to acquire & have paid off, before you hang up the gloves and retire.

He guides you towards the mechanics of buying an investment property and then how to use the equity in one property to buy the next investment property and the one after that. In essence, you become your own helicopter pilot where you layout your future portfolio plans.

It was very clear from this module that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. He helps you see the forest from the trees so you can build your dream, not someone elses.

After all, someone chasing $60k/year in passive income through property is much different than the person chasing $200k/year.

In terms of strategy, I believe that most people will need some help with customising their strategy and this is where the 1:1 mentoring element comes into play.

Week 2

This is the suburb selection phase

In this module, PK teaches you how to find periods of imbalance between supply and demand in property markets and how to use this to your advantage to predict price growth.

In plain English, that means analytizing potential suburbs using software.

He shows you how to do proper and THOROUGH due diligence using data.

You aren’t limited or pigeon-holed into a corner either. He shows you how to examine all suburbs and towns across Australia, whether you’re looking in Palm Beach, Port Lincoln or Parramatta.

I found this week reasonably easy to get through, as did many others. It feels like the core of the course right here and where you’ll find the most value.

Week 3

PK delves deeper into property selection.

Once you’ve picked the best suburbs, it’s time to delve into finding the right investment property.

After all, even if you find a good suburb to invest in, not every property in that location is an ideal investment as there will be inferior vs superior neighbourhoods.

Some homes might be vastly overpriced or structurally flawed or designed in a way that doesn ‘t suit local tastes. A good example would be a brick house in Cairns that requires the airconditioner to almost always be running.

PK likes to grade streets and homes and categorize these into grades. A-grade, B-grade and C-grade, and often from a tenant’s point of view.

He does let you run properties by him to help you in the vetting stage. He doesn’t provide financial advice but will simply give you some unbiased feedback.

Overall, I really enjoyed this module and it was more detail-orientated than I was expecting.

Week 4

From here, students focus on valuation and due diligence

In this module, you’ll be getting very close to finding a property and making an offical offer.

He shares how to determine the true value of a property before you buy without relying on sales agent opinions of online estimations that have low accuracy. Better yet – you’ll learn how to find properties WITHOUT a real estate agent, so can save on those hefty commissions.

Towards the end of this module, he touches on how to validate the best property manage team. This is something I wish I had when I started, as I’ve had some bad experiences with lazy property managers in Whyalla, SA.

I ended up with a few months of vacancies and lost rental yield. Fortunately, I now know how to vet these companies to keep my portfolio running well for years to come.

I think one of the key reasons why people are buying his course is not having to rely upon Buyers Agents or having to physically travel to inspect an interstate property in person. He goes into detail about how you can use property managers and building inspectors to your advantage to vet properties on your behalf, so you have some local boots on the ground.

Week 5

A strong focus here is on deal negotiation

I must admit – negotiation is NOT my strong point.

That said, I came away here a bit more confident with some powerful strategies to avoid overpaying for my next property purchase.

PK really changed my thought process around negotation. Instead of it feeling like someone often comes away worse off, he made me think about it as the crucial process for both parties to walk away feeling like they have each arrived at a good deal.

I’ve come away thinking that the real skill lays in finding out what the buyer really wants, rather than what you’re willing to pay. If you can find a win-win in that process, then everyone comes away happier!

Week 6

This week covers tax, legal protection and property renovations, although it’s a bit light on that end.

After the excitement and knowledgement I gained over the previous several weeks, I felt a little disappointed with this one and wanted a little more.

I think his course is positioned for passive investors rather than active property renovators. He gives some brief information about things you can renovate, but doesn’t really go into the trenches about managing tradesmen, site and council rules, access, design concepts and more.

He’s definitely into more of the cosmetic side of renovations – painting the walls, new flooring and other touch-ups. Many of his students prefer this simplified approach as well.

Hopefully he does read this review in the future and considers adding a bit more into this module. I get that it’s not a full-blown renovation course like Cherie Barber’s, but could be expanded a little further.

In addition, he briefly covers some tax minimisation strategies and legal protection (Trust/Company/Own Name) in a very general sense. This makes things easier when you then speak to your conveyancer and accountant.

Wrap Up

This is a small Wrap Up module where you’ll find the previous Zoom calls.

This concludes the whole course and does has elements of personal development. You could almost feel like PK’s been to a Tony Robbins event… πŸ˜‰

You’ll be able to get to know the community even more, and tap into all the previous Zoom calls. My Tuesday evenings are generally busy so I’m usually in here on the weekends catching up on past calls.

There is also a bonus gift in here, but I won’t spoil what it is. πŸ™‚

Course Positives

Very In-Depth

PK’s course is very in-depth (but is a little overwhelming if you go too fast).

He leaves no stone unturned in his course so you’ll be able to find good deals WITHOUT buyer’s agents and their associated fees.

I did his course after buying a couple of other courses a few years ago and a ton of books (Steve McKnight, anyone?) to become more knowledgeable.

I’m an advocate of quality education which forms a large part of my blog, and this course slightly overdelivered on my expectations.

Clear Videos and Audio

Just like YouTube, PK has invested in quality equipment.

The videos are calming yet informative, with clear detail and a high resolution.

He’s invested in a strong microphone and avoids distractive backgrounds.

I’ve done numerous online courses before where there are background distractions including children, lawnmowers and dogs barking. It’s not only tacky and unprofessional but distracts from the background.

I did get a sense that PK had recorded some of his videos more than once where he may have stumbled getting his point across. He also avoids frustrating jump-cuts where possible.

Uses Data, Not Opinions

PK doesn’t give investment advice. It’s of general nature only.

You’ll never see PK saying ‘buy this exact property’ but instead, he uses data to suggest the types of regions, properties and demographics you might want to consider investing into. It’s not advice – it’s simply data-driven education.

It’s clear throughout his course that he’s against buyer’s agents and property investing ‘advisors’ that, in reality, work for rich property developers. Those guys often get a $30,000 or more “kick back” for selling off the plan properties.

PK also doesn’t rely on one data set, and brings together data from a variety of local and dependable sources. He also tries to avoid sensationalistic media headlines “this mining town is going to boom!!!” and simply keeps a level-head through his processes.

Easy To Understand

From beginners to advanced investors, his course makes sense.

Regardless if you’re a seasoned professional or a notice, his course is easy to absorb. You also get PDF handouts and additional assignments to go through.

Sure – there will be modules that you’ll have to go through more than once to understand properly, but you do have lifetime access to his training.

The content is well curated and updated regularly as the Australian property market is clearly going through some changes.

Long Term Focus

Just like me, PK focuses on the long-term.

His own property portfolio is 10+ years in the making. He started with just 1 on a small income, and grew it from there.

My own blog here is 11+ years in the making (I started this in 2011). I started with 1 little website, and have grown it to more than 20.

We both believe in playing the long game and staying consistent.

For him, he’s done it with property investing in key growth regions.

For me, I’ve done it with digital assets. Both take a lot of time to gain traction.

PK’s property course teaches you to avoid shiny objects and stay committed for 5 to 25 years, depending on where you’re starting.

Certainly there are no overnight success stories here.

Vibrant Community

PK’s community is full of go-getters.

It’s no secret that I’ve bought a ton of online business and property courses.

So much so that I’ve spent more than $100,000 on my education since 2007.

And so it was always a disappointment to enter a low-calibre community.

You know, those who are looking for the ‘next big property thing’ to boom.

I like to find those who play the long game, and I found many within PK’s group.

These people are very social, regularly jump on Zoom calls and help out others in the Property Investment Accelerator community. It definitely feels like he has brought the right people together.

Also, the community isn’t on Facebook. While there is 10,000+ Australians in a Facebook group, this is available to anyone and everyone.

His private community is on Kajabi which I prefer since I dislike using any forms of social media.

No Upsells. Ever.

You won’t be offered the $25k package + steak knives.

It used to annoy me a ton when I already spent a small fortune on a course, only to be offered more course content and mentoring at a weekend bootcamp.

Even when I could afford to part ways with my money, I wish that the so called ‘expert’ was upfront about pitching upsells along the way. Very frustrating.

Fortunately with PK’s course, there are no upsells to be seen or even developer recommendations for that matter. He has no bias or agenda at hand, and simply wishes to empower his community to attain similar results as he has.

This is a strong reason why the course has been highly recommended paired with strong reviews online. Students simply feel safe within his community.

Course Negatives

It's Expensive.

A common complaint is the $6,197 that PK charges for his course.

This is the main criticism of PK Gupta’s course. It’s expensive but it’s by-design.

Property investing by nature requires students to have a lot of working capital.

Case in point: On his course information page, he states “at least $50,000 to get started” which references the deposit you’ll need to buy just 1 property.

While his course could be much cheaper (and it has been in the past), it seems he has purposely made it more expensive.

I’m guessing he’s done this because it encourages only those who are more serious to enrol. Those that aren’t willing to spend the money still can watch YouTube and join the free Facebook group, but miss out on the extra content.

Keep in mind that his course includes lifetime coaching, unlike other property investing mentors that create this often as a sensationalized upsell.

Because of the price, the student community mainly comprises of the most serious property investors seeking to actually build a property portfolio, as opposed to those who are simply dreaming or ‘getting by’ on their journey.

It Requires Work. Real work.

It’s not just a course, but a process that requires a few hours each week.

Part of this process will be tuning into the Tuesday night Zoom calls (optional, but they’re awesome!) where PK goes beyond what is shared on YouTube and brings to life the theory and applies in front of your eyes in the real world.

You’ll also need to do your own research and look at properties regularly. This can all be done online, even while during the Zoom calls.

This might require giving up some time in the evenings or weekends to do your own due diligence on properties, but this can really pay off if done properly.

I’ve noticed as well that with 600+ students now, the 1:1 lifetime mentoring which is part of the package seems to be on demand – the more you ask, the more you get sort of deal. So it seems you’ll have to make the effort both DURING and AFTER finishing the course.

Refunds Generally Not Offered.

While not publicly stated, PK generally doesn’t provide a course refund.

PK has made it a solid point that his course hasn’t been created for everyone. I mean – let’s remind ourselves of the price tag again.

This also is a key reason why there’s a phone call, so you can’t simply buy it online. Through that phone call, they’ll let you ask questions and also get to know you and make sure you’re as serious as they are.

He emphasizes on finding the ‘right fit’ for both the student and the educator. The results of that are in the FB group, as his students are of very high calibre.

So if you have any hesitations, then the course might not be for you at this time. You can always get started later on when you’re ready and I like that he doesn’t use “this special price for today only!!!” strategies as you often see in property seminars.


PK Gupta Has Genuine Results

PK has created his own 6-figure annual income from property investing.

I always recommend buying from someone who has genuine results.

It’s clear from 300+ YouTube videos that PK knows his craft very well.

So much so that he could’ve done perfectly fine without the fanfare of YouTube and building a mentoring business, but he’s clearly into empowering others.

Many Students Have Results

I’m not just talking about 2 or 3 students either.

Many of PK’s students have created their own results from his training.

While some have bought property investing courses or books before, many have accelerated their results from buying his data-driven course.

I personally know some of his students – including my 2 brother in laws and a close friend of mine – that have done well with his training.

It's Deeper Than YouTube

It’s more systematic and precise.

Just like you, I watched a ton of his YouTube videos and wondered if it was worth joining his course. He really gives away so much for free after all.

But in the end, I would definitely say it’s been worth the experience.

The Property Investment Accelerator Course is on a whole different level. He doesn’t focus much on the surface content and dives deep for those who are serious about building a profitable property portfolio.

This Requires Consistent Work

This isn’t a ‘set and forget’ strategy.

While the end-game is passive income from property, students need to still research.

The Property Investment Accelerator Course gives the education and helps create a solid pathway, but still requires work on your part.

This Requires Consistent Income

Generally speaking, you’ll need a higher than average income.

Property investing is a long-term play but one that requires a solid income.

Whether that be through a business or career, I don’t recommend quitting your job anytime soon until your portfolio is well and truly established.

In addition, a household salary of just $50,000/year probably won’t yield you the results you’re seeking through his course. Most of his successful students are much higher than this, often leveraging the equity in their houses too.

This brings us back to the long-term play of his strategy.

Should you wish to have the lifestyle freedom a little sooner, I recommend checking out digital assets. Link at the bottom of this page… πŸ™‚


The Property Investment Accelerator Course is the most genuine in Australia, backed up with a ton of 5-star reviews.

PK Gupta has built a course and community like no other, with no catches, gimmicks or weird marketing tactics.

He simply shares his passion, enthusiasm, and most importantly, data-driven knowledge on YouTube.

He appeals a little more to the migrant community who are often skeptical, but with hundreds of 5-star reviews, it’s a testament to the quality of his course.

As for me, I’m awarding it 4.7Β  stars. There are a few things I’ve noted in this review worth addressing, but they’re small in comparison to the entire course.

Some people will do perfectly fine not buying his course, but for those fully committed to his strategy, then this is one that I highly recommend.

Property Investment Accelerator

EYH Academy Review: They Want $4k From You…

Have you recently come across Expand Your Horizons Academy and you’re curious about what it’s all about?

It’s an online training platform created by Brent and Molly Orwell that started in early 2022.

I’ll be spilling the beans here as a fellow Australian. Strap in for a ride…before they take you for a ride.

And yes…they do want to get $4,000+ out of your pocket, and I’ll show you how they might just get it. πŸ˜ƒ I’ll unpack their whole strategy here.

And unlike all of their representatives, I’m not biased about it. They aren’t paying me anything for this review but I know many people think it’s sketchy or a scam. I’ll just give you my honest insights without needing to say all good things about it, as everyone else awkwardly does.

Let’s begin.

EYH Academy Review

Expand Your Horizons, otherwise known as EYH Academy, is an Australian online training platform.

It’s been modeled off other Australian online business platforms such as Build Your Empire University and The Freedom Era.

In these communities, you’re taught helpful skills in the world of social media marketing, personal branding and leveraging a high-ticket offer.

And trust me, it’s skills that you REALLY need if you’re running a business online. A lot of their training videos have a ton of good stuff that you wouldn’t really find on YouTube.

But all their fanfare sounds a little suspicious, doesn’t it?

Like…why are they ALL so excited about this? Because there’s potential for everyone up top to make a ton of money here. πŸ€‘

The commissions are HUGE if you can convince people to buy into this scheme.

The Work Involved

EHY Academy is not a pyramid scheme, but there are a few select people at the top of the pyramid structure. They’re usually pushing everyone else below to do most of the grunt work.

And this work involves posting on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok all about the potential to earn from your laptop, phone and social media.

The basic idea is to get you keen on the lifestyle where you’ll then buy the membership. Once you’re inside the membership, they’re keen to get you upsold to the high-ticket offer.

That’s where the seriously juicy commissions are.

So the high-ticket offer = a product.

And what is that product exactly?

It’s a $4,000 Enagic water machine, although packages can be as high as $12,000.

But it gets worse…that’s in US dollars. The popular K8 filter is almost $7,000 Aussie dollars!

It’s a ton of money for most people, but regardless, some still buy into this scheme.

If you don’t have the cash, then don’t worry! I’ve seen some Enagic members go into debt (credit cards, personal loans) just to buy these machines, and some advocate doing this too.

But going into debt to start a business is never a wise idea. I believe you’re smart enough to know better.

Once you’re enrolled as an EHY member, have joined the Facebook group AND bought your water machine, your work now is to do the same. Repeat exactly as the person above you has done.

They’ll show you the exact tools and strategies they secretly used to rope you in…so hopefully you can rope your mates into this too. 🀩 Bloody genius! And hence the training…

So yeah, it’s a rinse and repeat strategy. You’ve always gotta be recruiting…

Feels kinda like making money off ya mates.

But it feels weird, doesn’t it? And does anyone ever get burned?

Some good questions worth thinking about.

Also, just wanted to add the 2020 US Earnings Disclosure Statement from Enagic:

Rank # Sellers % Sellers Median $ Earned
1A 13,747 56.73% $285
2A 4,105 16.94% $680
3A 1,497 6.18% $1,445
4A 1,787 7.37% $2,464
5A 994 4.10% $2,814
6A 1,469 6.06% $5,710
6A2 425 1.75% $13,159
6A2-2 125 .52% $27,666
6A2-3 57 .24% $113,502
6A2-4 20 0.08% $253,022
6A2-5 5 0.02% $515,088
6A2-6 3 0.1% $1,715,931
Note: The last row (6A2-6) includes higher ranks. This table isn’t a promise of earnings.

Just… 😐 Damn. You’re going to start at 1A, assuming you even make a sale…

And the bulk of the money is being made by the big dogs up the top.

Keep in mind this does NOT account for your initial upfront or ongoing costs.

So if you were lucky enough to get to 6A which everyone aspires to (it’s only $5,710/year median) you’d first have to hand over $4,000 + $129. 😬

And going by Enagic’s official statistics, more than half these people invested $4,000 to make a measly $285 back…in 2020 when people were so much more desperate and motivated.

I’m still waiting for the 2021 statement to go public, so watch this space.

The Awkwardness

It’s going to feel a little weird starting this journey with Expand Your Horizons Academy.

First, you may have to ‘re-program’ your thoughts about success, business and money.

It’s all by design though. They want to make it as easy as possible to part ways with $4,000.

All for this fancy Japanese water machine that sits on your kitchen benchtop. I’m not a hater, ’cause I’ve got one. But meh…they’re not worth $4k.

You can pick ’em up much cheaper on eBay btw from disgruntled former Enagic distributors. Or perhaps they just got lazy.

Second, you’ll spend your days making social media posts about your freedom and online lifestyle. Preferably with a 4wd and caravan in tow. Better on a weekday too, just to rub it in.

All the while speaking nothing about the Enagic water machine you’re actually selling. You gotta keep it all a closed secret.

You’ll notice that almost no one talks about the end game…or the $4k USD they want from you.

Third, you’ll talk about online businesses WITHOUT owning one. It’s Enagic’s business, not yours.

They have a ton of compliance and regulations you must abide by, like this:

Having read through that, I think some of their own representatives might be non-compliant already.

Keep in mind though, that you can take their social media and mindset training that I highly recommend and use it elsewhere. That’s at least the greatpart.

But then again, you can learn a ton on Udemy and Skillshare for cheaper.

Finally, you’ll often lose respect from some of your mates when you join a network marketing company like this. They’ll think it’s a pyramid scheme, which it certainly isn’t…but doesn’t it feel a bit like one? πŸ€”

You’re leveraging a relationship that has been built on trust, but that trust might be broken. It certainly makes the next Sunday BBQ or boys’ trip away a bit awkward. Assuming you’ll be invited…

Now don’t get me wrong – I believe building a business is a brilliant way to find true freedom and one that commands a high level of confidence and respect…

But it’s gotta be a business that YOU own, not someone else. Enagic will have you by the balls.

And so I’m not so sure about this Multi-Level Marketing opportunity that EYH is suggesting…

These network marketing gigs like Amway worked in 1994, but have been overtaken by the many opportunities available online in 2022.

The Solution

Should you join EYH Academy? If you’re new to online business, then I’d say yes.

I highly recommend it for their training as it’s designed for beginners like you.

You’ll learn a ton of skills in the realms of social media, branding and online sales.

Plus you’ll be in a community of go-getters. I really love the quote from this caption:

However, EHY Academy may not be the solution that you’re hoping for.

There are a ton of remote work and businesses you can do online these days.

The type that doesn’t have you feeling like you’re selling to friends and family.

Or making strange videos or posts on your social media about your weekend camping trip while pretending to work.

I’d still join their free trial to see what it’s all about, but spending $4k for a water machine so your mate can make a commission off you isn’t my idea of freedom. That’s a setback.

Other people obviously have different ideas though. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

If you’re just curious, you can get a 4-day free trial to see if becoming a water machine salesperson is your ticket to freedom, instead of building a real online business.

You’ll discover all the tactics they use, but also learn a ton about social media marketing too. That’s the really great part about their training. Take what they teach and use it elsewhere.

Now, before you think “Josh…surely no one would try to sell these expensive water filters…”

Well actually…your friend already got sold on the $4,000 water machine.

They really do believe that this is the way forward to success. πŸ™ƒ

And to recoup a little of what they’ve spent, they’re hoping you’ll join it too.

So when people say “Hey! Look what we’ve been able to achieve in the online space…” what they really mean is…they secretly convinced a ton of people to buy these Japanese water machines.

All the while being disguised as “building your own online business” and calling themselves an “entrepreneur” when they’re really just in network marketing.

That’s it in a nutshell.

In Summary

There are a ton of skeptics looking at EYH and rightfully so. No one wants to talk about the elephants in the room, namely the water machines or the work involved. I’m a rare exception.

And have you noticed on FB that no one is upfront and honest? Like something is kinda hidden?

If you can look past the awkward recruiting tactics, hidden agendas and social media posts, then there is some great value here. A lot of people DO need to expand their mindset and lifestyle.

Brent and Molly’s social media marketing training is an excellent start if you want to set up a social media marketing agency. You could offer management services to local businesses remotely and live the dream.

Also, surrounding yourself with the right people is a wise idea too, as their Facebook group is full of legends prepared to change their lives.

These people are way more optimistic than those people who instantly think that EYH Academy is dodgy. It definitely isn’t a scam, but obviously, they aren’t clear about what it’s all about either.

That’s the #1 problem, and that’s why you’ve come to my blog and read this far. πŸ˜‰ If people were honest and just told you upfront what it’s all about, then you wouldn’t need to search.

Am I right? πŸ™‚

Hopefully, this review has shown you what they’re ultimately trying to achieve.

This way, you’re able to make a fully informed decision before secretly selling Enagic Kangen water machines through your social media accounts…right in front of your own friends and family.

Now should you join it? Yes, I highly recommend their training, but just not the water machines.

Do your research because the choice is ultimately yours.

Hotondo Homes Review: Is Hotondo Too Expensive?

Have you been checkout out Hotondo Homes recently and wondered if they’re worth it? So have I and dediced to share my opinion after months of pain-staking research.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts as unbiased as they come. They didn’t pay me anything for this, nor has any other Australian builder for that matter.

Let’s begin.

Hontondo Homes Review

Hotondo Homes is one of the most recognized names when it comes to building a home, and often for the right reasons. Their reputation is pretty strong but not everyone is impressed.

Those that have had bad experiences have shared this online, but these are often rare. The customer service team here appears to be on the ball when it comes to issues that arise. And trust me – issues will arise, but will often be small.

Building a home is an emotional process. I knew this when touring the display homes in my area and spoke to many home sales consultants too. They are certainly a friendly bunch!

I did notice the attention to detail within their homes which isn’t always easy to spot. Likewise, they provide reasonable build times consider how much things have been delayed recently.

All in all, they’re one of the most reasonable home builders around town. It doesn’t surprise me to see how great their reputation is in Australia, although it can vary a little state-to-state.

But nothing can prepare you for this…

A Larger Issue

One of the biggest problems in Australia is the overpriced housing market. It’s the elephant in the room and one that won’t be going away anytime soon. Buying or building a home is way more expensive than it was for our parents.

It doesn’t matter so much who you build your dream home with. Either way, you’re probably going to be stuck with a mortgage that takes years (if not decades) to pay off.

And if interest rates rise, that’s only going to make the struggle harder.

So what can you do? Work harder at your job in the hopes you’ll be able to get a promotion?

In my case, I’ve chosen to build digital assets. I learned a ton from this free training video:

Matt and Liz have helped thousands of Australia to open their eyes to the potential online. Many have discovered exactly how they can begin covering their monthly mortgage repayment through a unique strategy.

Curious? Jump on their webinar now while you’re researching home builders here in Australia. At the very least, you’ll open your mind up to new possibilities and the chance to work from your new home…once it’s built!

Closing Thoughts

Building a home isn’t an easy process, but for many, Hotondo has made that easier. That comes at a price – because they aren’t cheap – but they aren’t too expensive either. They represent a great mid-market offering with quality homes at a reasonable price.

What isn’t reasonable is being stuck for 30 years paying the damn thing off!

Instead, this might be your chance to open your mind and see what’s possible online while working from home.

Catch you on the inside!

Montgomery Homes Review: Good For Your Dream Home?

Have you recently come across Montgomery Homes? I did too and ventured into their display homes. I knew that building a home wouldn’t be such an easy process so choosing the right builder would be a wise idea.

After months of research, I’ve decided to share my opinion. They haven’t paid me a cent for this so it’s as unbiased as they come. Anyway, let’s begin.

Montgomery Homes Review

The world has gone through some tough times in the last few years and prices are certainly rising. It’s certainly more expensive in 2022 than it was in 2019 to build a home, and it can take up to 15 months too.

This is due to the shortages of building materials and staff. Some people have also left Sydney and Melbourne for Queensland. I should know – it’s becoming increasingly busier up here!

I certainly checked out a lot of homes and did my research!

Going into the Sydney Montgomery display homes was a breath of fresh air. They certainly are a step up in terms of materials but also value. I really appreciated the higher ceilings and large bedrooms which would make for the perfect home office.

The people I spoke to were super friendly, even though I was wearing my gym clothes. And they were extremely knowledgeable too given that they had all built their own homes too.

Like many people, I just wanted things to go according to plan. I did a ton of research about what to expect through that entire process. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but anything to reduce my overwhelm was important.

But yet, I knew that I’d get stuck with something…

Long Term Challenges

The thing that most people don’t realize is the huge expense you’re stuck with after building with Montgomery Homes. That’s the huge mortgage that you’re left with.

It’s the one that robs you of your freedom. You’ll be stuck for up to 30 years to pay this thing off, stopping you from the luxury overseas holidays, the new cars and much much more.

But what if you could build an online property portfolio? And without taking on any debt?

I found Matt and Liz not too long ago that teach this exact strategy. The best part? You can start learning for free:

They have a huge community across New South Wales whom are building their digital asset streams so they can reclaim their lifestyle back sooner. Better yet, they have helped hundreds who have built their own home to at least figure out how cover their mortgage repayment.

They’re definitely worth looking into.

In Summary

Would I recommend Montomery Homes? Certainly! They’re for the middle-class and above who demand quality and some excellent finishes. It certainly is more pricey to build a home with them and yet, you’ll find hundreds of families signing those contracts each year.

Most don’t realize how taxing it can be to keep paying off that mortgage. The alternative? Look for create ways to cover your biggest expense. For me, that’s through digital assets and working from home.

Check out the free training below, and do let me know how your experience with Montgomery Homes is as well!

Mummies On A Mission Review: What Is It Really?

Seeing these posts on social media recently?

All about inspiring you to live your best life

Under the name of ‘Mummies on a Mission’

And you’re curious what it’s all about… πŸ˜‰

Because it’s not so obvious on their website.

Well, I’m about to spill all the beans here

I ain’t holding back on this ride either.

Get ready, strap in and let’s begin.

Mummies On A Mission Review

Let’s get straight to the point about this.

Mummies On A Mission is an MLM funnel.

It’s a very cleverly disguised one too

Very few of them want you to know this.

And they hate on me for sharing the truth

‘Cause network marketing has a bad image

And also, they feel a bit awkward doing it

So they have to get a little creative here.

To eventually make you a distributor.

Placing you straight in their downline.

They want you to spend $100/month.

On these fruit and veggie pills.

‘Cause, you know…passive income. πŸ˜…

Which MLM is it?

Mummies on a Mission sells JuicePlus.

They’re a well-known MLM globally.

But Mummies on a Mission is quiet.

They don’t share much on socials.

Not much on their website either.

But I did find this recent article:

Been thinking about joining Mummies on a Mission? Have you heard? Becoming a Mummies on a Mission Ambassador will be 67% cheaper until the 28th of February 2022. Good news for you, the company we have chosen to partner with Juice Plus+ has gone absolutely bonkers mad and are reducing the partnership fee all the way down to just $50 + GST in Australia and New Zealand. That’s $50 + GST to own your very own business in a box

$50? That’s a pretty good deal IMO

Most MLMs are like $500 to $5,000.

But JuicePlus can be competitive too.

There are thousands of reps in Australia.

It was very popular a few years ago.

Back when it was just getting started.

Nowadays, most women know about it.

So Mummies on a Mission was born…

And they became the mask for it all

Staying hush-hush super duper quiet…

Using women’s empowerment content

And look, I’m definitely all for that! πŸ˜ƒ

Women can genuinely benefit from this!

But, I just wish they would come clean.

You know, unmask their true intent.

(Signing up new JuicePlus members)

That’s real empowerment to me.

Tell the world who you really are.

Especially to those who trust you

(Young mothers needing support)

JuicePlus should be easy to find.

No mask. No filters. Just be raw.

But not here. They’re different.

They make little mention of MLM.

Because of the reputation issues.

Although I did find this one video:

Worth it?

I definitely believe in their training.

You’ll come away feeling much wiser.

And way way more empowered too!

Even if you’re in a different MLM today.

Or even if you’re antimlm like most. πŸ˜‰

You’ll enjoy their free training videos.

You can even become an Ambassador.

And use their marketing materials too.

So you can share it around on socials

And your friends won’t see what’s up.

Or spot that you’re really in an MLM!

Ideal if you want to be secretive πŸ˜ƒ

Since people don’t like MLM in 2022.

Now, about the actual company…


In Feb, the TGA ‘banned’ influencers.

Which I believe is a bit heavy-handed.

And yet, the TGA knows JuicePlus well

‘Cause they gave them a $37,800 fine.

I think they lost some distributors too.

People felt a bit concerned about it

Or even embarrassed by doing MLM

Some joined other MLMs like Enagic

While some just quit MLM completely

Is it worth joining JuicePlus then?

If you enjoy the products, then sure!

And if you can handle all the rejection.

Plus the emotional challenge of it all.

It’s not for the faint-hearted women

As you really have to sell the lifestyle

Since selling juice capsules is hard

As-is losing your friends and family

But for some people, they love this

JuicePlus becomes their new IG life

And if that’s you, I’d say..go for it!

In Summary

JuicePlus could be what you need

The chance to meet other mums

And create a part-time income

By either recruiting or selling

And hopefully, you’ll “make it”

While keeping your friends too

But for some, they can’t do it.

They look at their moral compass

And they believe in higher ethics

Without those weird MLM vibes

This just isn’t for them at all.

And want to build their own biz

Something they own and control

To me, that’s real empowerment

As JuicePlus could be gone soon

But your own business can live on

You can start your own online biz

Surrounded by other Australians.

With realistic goals and visions.

Either way, I hope I’ve helped you.

I’ve been neutral within this review.

Mummies On a Mission = JuicePlus

It’s helpful for network marketers

And maybe exactly what you hoped

Or you may prefer something else.