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I’m Joshua, and I’m a student of Australian Success Academy by Shane and Jess Fozard. I felt this review would be helpful to new students. I’ve done their Hypnosis weekend and have also invested in their more intimate trainings. Thousands of Australians reach my blog every month and appreciate my honest insights.

With the rise of Hypnosis and NLP Training Providers in Australia, I felt it was necessary to write a review about this company. It’s true that some people have their reservations about these companies, going so far as to call Australian Success Academy a scam or numerous other derogatory names.

I just desire to shed light on this company and their true intentions.

My experiences with Australian Success Academy

Personally, I have completed numerous courses by ASA. Firstly, the Australian Hypnosis Certification weekend course twice, as well as Australian Success Mastery Phase 1 and Phase 2.

I’ve been able to help numerous friends attend for significantly reduced prices. This is through coupon/discount/promo codes provided below.

There’s a real team spirit within Australian Success Academy

Every person referred has found these events to be a profound experience. Thus, this review speaks from not only my experience but the experience of others as well. My thoughts are mirrored through the dozens of Facebook reviews as well.

Introductory Hypnosis Certification weekend

The Hypnosis Certification weekend is run in most Australian capital cities twice per year. Beginning Friday evening, registration typically opens around 5pm with a 6pm start, finishing around 10pm.

Keep in mind that Shane presents for 4 hours straight with no breaks, so have dinner first and bring a snack and some water. Note: this evening section is mandatory if you desire to attend the rest of the weekend.

The weekend segments run from 9:30am until 6pm both days, with just one long break for lunch and one short break for a snack/coffee. Again, it’s very important to bring snacks and drinks with you.

The content for this weekend is highly useful for your health, wealth, well-being and success. You’ll discover how you can become fully qualified as a Hypnotherapist, with the ability to work from home and potentially earn yourself a full-time income.

Intimate Success Weekend

The Intimate Success weekends are also run in most Australian capital cities. At the time of this blog post, this event has superseded the Hypnosis Certification weekend courses. These weekend courses run similar timings to the Hypnosis weekend, but the content is very much different.

For those who are in a relationship, you’ll discover how to re-ignite the passion and intimacy within your relationships. If this interests you, then it’s very wise to bring your partner with you. This way you both can make a huge positive impact on your relationship.

For those who happen to be single, then you’ll discover how you can create the change within yourself. This could lead to you discovering the person whom you want to attract (it’s happened more than once!) either at the live events or otherwise.

I personally haven’t done this training yet (despite being single) though I’ve heard immensely positive feedback about it, just like the Hypnosis Certification weekends.

Going deeper with their Mastery Phase 1 & 2 courses

The Australian Success Mastery Phase 1 program is a chance to go deeper in the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Prepare to delve into the deep world of mind conditioning and the study of human potential.

The hours are long but the days are fully packed with content. You’ll be informed about the opportunity to attend this 5-day event when you attend either of the two previously mentioned courses. It’s not a hard sell – trust me.

All of the Australian Success Mastery events are held on the Gold Coast. This is intentional to allow you to have this experience outside of your home and comfort zone. Australian Success Mastery Phase 2 builds upon Phase 1, allowing you to utilize NLP for improving the lives of those around you.

Australian Success Academy Review
ASA’s Hypnosis Weekend is highly recommended!

Phase 3 is essentially designed for those who desire to have incredible presentation skills and leadership potential. All 3 events are sheer immersion, yet will create some radical changes in your life.

Be prepared to breakthrough barriers that were previously holding you back.

The main downside to these immersion events is the price. They’re not cheap, but you’re only paying the cost once for a lifetime of knowledge. Hundreds of people have chosen to go to the next stage in the journey, myself included. The other downside is the necessity to travel to the Gold Coast and pay for accommodation/flights.

Travelling to the Gold Coast was actually welcoming for me at the time, especially having lived in Adelaide. Now fast forward 5 years, and I’ve made the Gold Coast my home! So not exactly a bad thing… 🙂 Shane and Jess planted the seed.

Closing thoughts on Shane and Jess Fozard

In summary, this Australian NLP training company will help you regain your own life as well as help others around you. You’ll understand that behaviour is simply a choice, and you’ll be able to expand the number of behavioural choices you have for any situation.

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The only drawback is the price for these events. But with an Australian Success Academy coupon code, you’ll be able to attend either the Hypnosis Certification or Intimate Success weekend courses for a significantly reduced price.

Simply enter ‘jsmithvip‘ and you’ll be able to attend as my guest for a fraction of the usual price for attendees.

I felt it was about time that someone gave Australian Success Academy a review. My aim was to share my experiences, and provide users the opportunity to get a discount on their event tickets.

It’s my hope that this article has provided enough information to make a conscious choice, so you can gauge if their events are right for you.

For those with questions on Shane and Jess Fozard’s hypnosis training, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop them into the comments below.

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Summary of Shane & Jess Fozard's Training

I’ve rated Australian Success Mastery Phases 1 and 2 for new prospective students.

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    • Hi Stephen, sorry that you didn’t find what you were looking for here. I was merely sharing briefly my experiences, which quite frankly, were 6+ years ago now. I would be keen to go again to see what’s changed.

      If you want to know about the courses and the people behind it, there is plenty of information on the Australian Success Academy website. Have you had a look there? Also, there are dozens of students who have left feedback on their Facebook page.


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