ARIXX Review | It’s Not A Scam | Discover Why I Didn’t Join….

So let me guess, you’re curious about ARIXX after going to a presentation in person or a webinar. Did your friend or family member invite you along?

It’s always good to do your research before joining one of these ‘systems’ or opportunities. Because you’ll be more equipped with the knowledge and can make a rational decision.

Let’s have a good look at ARIXX, what they offer, and more importantly…if you should join.

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Let’s begin.

ARIXX Review

Now let’s establish something important upfront – they are a good company.

This is why they aren’t a scam at all – they seek to do good in the world.

It’s just that they use a questionable distribution model – network marketing.

What is network marketing? It’s MLM or otherwise known as multi-level marketing.

Think of Amway, Herbalife and the like. These companies seek to recruit others into the same system.

People like to investigate and research companies like this

That’s probably how you discovered this ‘opportunity’ just recently. Your friend or family member is on the inside already.

They would like you to get in, as it helps build their business. And it’s always good to support those close to you in their business.

At the same time, not too many people actually get far with this business model.

Because it’s hard. I mean – everything is hard, but this business model is especially harder.

(This isn’t an attack on Arixx here, but the industry itself…)

If you want to be successful, you’ll need to join and then recruit friends and family ourself. It’s free and a good place to start (if you’re comfortable to do that…)

On the other hand, you can run Facebook and Instagram ads. But lots of marketers are doing that already, which has really pushed up the cost of online advertising.

So it could be challenging either way you go.

That aside, let’s look at some good attributes.

Arixx benefits

The industry has been tarnished by some not so good companies in the past.

In fact, some of these have fallen over. Either they turn out to be pyramids, or the owners themselves have let greed get in the way.

The leadership team from Arixx seems to have the right mindset. That is – they genuinely want to help you be successful, or at the very least, reap the benefits of the products.

While that’s important, so are the recruits. Those on the bottom and medium levels of the pyramid. Yes – I say pyramid, but this isn’t a pyramid scheme. Stay with me here.

Arixx benefits
Arixx Rated

Those who join are interested and motivated to do good in the world. Perhaps it’s their first foray into the world of business, sales, marketing or a system that can relieve them from their job.

If that’s you, then I applaud you! So many people would be so eager to just sit on the sidelines. You are genuinely interested and committed to doing something positive for your future. 😃

Not only that, but Arixx puts on some great live events. These are motivational and inspirational to help keep people on board. Most people really do enjoy these experiences.

Lastly – it’s the protection for members. This company clearly does its best to address the concerns of those on the inside.

Hard products on offer

Arixx offers some great products, so let’s have a look at what’s on offer.

  • Nutrifii which are supplements
  • Slenderizz for weightloss
  • Puritii which are water and air filters
  • Jouve which is their skincare brand
  • NuCerity which is another skincare brand (Why are there two of the same?)
  • Reviive which are soaps and conditioners
  • Prime for essential oils (I hear DoTerra is better though?)
  • Limu which is their energy drinks.

They have a similar lineup to what Amway offers, and sometimes there is too much overlap in their product offering.

The pricing for Arixx products is often costing more than what you will find at supermarkets and other stores.

You don’t have to buy all of them – just what suits you and how much you’ll consume.

Soft products on offer

The cool thing about Arixx is it isn’t just pills, potions and lotions. They have spread a little further.

You have the following options:

  • Loyalty shopping scheme (for their own products mostly)
  • Arixx Travel for flights and accommodation discounts
  • Arixx Diamonds for discounts on jewellery
  • Finally, Arixx Medical for health insurance discounts

And I think that’s where this company separates itself from the pack.

Trends over time

Something I love to share is the trends. Like….are people genuinely interested in this company or is it merely fluff?

Because that’s important, you know. We want to see the longterm viability here.

(You want to jump on a stallion….not a donkey)

Now let’s have a look in Google Trends:

Arixx review
The trends on Arixx don’t look good

Steady interest but it’s minimal compared to other companies.

Not only that, but it’s interesting how Arixx is mostly in France.

Arixx France, United Kingdom and United States

There are minimal movements in the United Kingdom and United States markets, with almost no interest in Arixx Australia.

Wondering why so few people are interested in this company? Let’s have a discussion.

The future of this industry

Network marketing companies thrived 20 and 30 years ago. Back then the only way to quit your job without the expense of a traditional business was MLM schemes.

Companies like Amway absolutely thrived. It was so easy because no one had heard of it, plus you can’t research online as you can today.

In my opinion, the longterm viability of MLM schemes looks bleak. Today you have far greater opportunities than in the past.

Now, while Arixx might survive in 10 years, I don’t want to be on a platform that is just ‘surviving’. I want something strong and rigid, on-trend which will take me through the tough times.

That to me is the way of the future, where you can actually ride a stallion…not a donkey.

(Again, not an attack on Arixx, because they are a great company).

MLM schemes just aren’t as hot as they once were, I’m afraid.

Common questions about Arixx

Naturally, I get a lot of questions here on the blog. I’ll do my best to answer them.

What is Arixx?

Today Arixx is a multi-level marketing company that seeks to distribute their products and services through friends and family.

Is Arixx a pyramid scheme?

No, Arixx isn’t a pyramid scheme. Their physical healthcare products ensure they able to bypass restrictions in most countries where pyramids are in fact illegal. Their products are legit and do often provide benefits for members inside the scheme.

What does it cost to join?

Joining Arixx and becoming a member costs $190 today and you must renew every year. If you choose to become a distributor as well, then you’ll need to Enrollment package which can become quite expensive.

Should I join?

You should join ARIXX or any network marketing company if you’re passionate about the industry, and are genuinely driven for success. It’s an uphill battle where very few people reach success.

An exciting opportunity

One thing that I found not too long ago is the trends on eCommerce.

Previously I showed you the trends on ARIXX which didn’t look promising.

On the other hand, we can see a massive difference with say…selling on Amazon.

That’s interesting. So many people are choosing to become an Amazon seller.

Am I wondering why this is? The answer is quite obvious…

People are genuinely interested in selling on Amazon. It’s an upward trend, after all.

Remember I talked about riding a stallion? You’d want to jump off the donkey.

Selling on Amazon is an epic opportunity that can change one’s life.

One epic community

Not too long ago I found one awesome community. One that has literally changed my life.

Everyone inside has decided to get on board with the Amazon opportunity.

They wanted something that was on-trend, where the fire hasn’t burned out yet.

(You know, you want to be early to the party…not late to the party)

The best part is the 100% FREE training series. It walks you step by step through the process.

It’s built for business owners. It’s built for those driven for success, and who actually will do the work.

If that’s you, then jump on board today.


Arixx is a good company and certainly isn’t a scam, but it’s clear that some people aren’t happy with this company.

If you read the online reviews, it doesn’t look that attractive.

But then we need to question the mindset of those who come out with such outlandish remarks.

Because this company and those representatives inside are genuinely committed to helping people.

(Those like you seeking a way out of the rat race)

On the other hand, the business model itself might not be viable for the long term.

That’s why I didn’t join. A small company with minimal marketplace footholds.

But on the flip side, great ethics and transparency for its members’ long term.

Now, I already have started my journey elsewhere with a thriving community.

One that gets results, through hard work and implementation.

My business is partnered with the world’s #1 marketplace – Amazon.

Where 50% of eCommerce sales are happening right now.

And that trend only continues to rise.

Arixx Rated
  • Product line
  • Company leadership
  • Product pricing
  • Live events

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