An evaluation of Amachete – Amazon seller perspectives

Today I’ll be evaluating Amachete in this review which is a Chrome extension for Amazon sellers. This software is one that I’ve been excited to try out.

This blog of mine is geared towards existing and new Amazon sellers from around the world. I’ve helped many both get started and stay committed to the journey. If you’re new to selling on Amazon, be sure to check out some of the resources available right now.

Amachete Review

This software was built as a chrome extension to help new and existing Amazon sellers. It allows you to quickly analyze your competitors plus stop hijackers. Most other seller software providers do also stop hijackers as it’s a simple connection to Amazon’s API.

I do like that Amachete has been featured in several places such as FBA Allstars, eCommDo, Private Label Journey and Seller Sessions. There’s also a sense of exclusivity, in that not many people have access to this.

Unfortunately, Amachete’s pricing is unknown. They uniquely use a limited-time offer like some Amazon courses out there, in order to give some of their existing users an advantage. I’m not so sure that there are exclusively unique features within this software package, but hopefully there is!

They do provide a free 14 day trial with Amachete, so it won’t cost you anything to at least get started. That said, you’ll have to jump on the waitlist for now.

Since the doors were closed when attempting to create this Amachete review, I was unable to provide the deeper research and user experiences that I typically do. Based on my Amazon selling experience and use of numerous software tools, I look forward to roadtesting this software for product research in the near future.

In summary

For now I’ve had to park this Amachete evaluate, as there wasn’t enough conclusive data and I was unable to jump in. This company also has minimal social media interaction, not many reviews or testimonials, plus their blog isn’t updated regularly. I could fix that though… ????

This software does allow you to analyze competitors and estimate profits. It’s typical of other providers such as JungleScout and Zonguru. I look forward to seeing more features added to this cloud-based software solution for Amazon sellers.

I also don’t think there’s too many Australians using this platform, in lieu of other solutions in the marketplace. Worldwide marketplace coverage is unknown based on the information from their website.

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