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AMZ Importing for new Amazon sellers: Any good?

Some readers have requested an AMZ Importing review, so I felt this was necessary. I’m an Amazon USA seller based on the Gold Coast. I’ve done a range of courses during my time, so this one comes with experience.

I sell on Amazon USA from Australia

I’ve been running this blog of mine since 2011. I’ve covered a lot here, including a full range of Amazon seller courses catered for Australians.

Today I sell on Amazon US, eBay Australia and own a range of eCommerce businesses. As some would say, I’m “living the dream”. But I started just like you, a beginner who was eager to learn.

My thoughts on AMZ Importing Alliance

AMZ Importing is a unique company. As opposed to creating a training course for students, they are providing a full suite of services. This even includes mentoring, which other courses generally don’t offer unless you buy the upsells.

Fortunately, as a fellow seller, I provide some email support should you choose to purchase certain Amazon courses available here on my blog.

Here’s what I liked

  • More than just a course
  • Actual mentoring services
  • A direct link for sourcing in China
  • Group trips to the Canton Fair with guidance

Here’s what I didn’t like

  • Lack of video content information
  • A distinctive lack of existing student reviews
  • Very little social media presence leading to a lack of trust

What should a beginner do?

I honestly believe that it’s best to learn Amazon yourself first. AMZ Importing is focused more-so on being the mentor to you. That’s great. But if they close up shop, whose got the knowledge? They do.

If you do a course, you’ll have the knowledge. And you’ll likely not need a mentor. In fact, I recommend with most courses in the marketplace, that you won’t need a mentor. These courses provide you with all the information you need, backed by thriving student-only Facebook communities.

On the other hand, while many people don’t need a mentor, most people want a mentor. This is where Amz Importing comes in. They do fill a void in the marketplace, without charging a fortune.

Dozens of Australians have requested me to be their mentor, and have offered an incredible amount of money. I’ve always rejected this, but have thanked them for the humble offer. You need to learn the knowledge, not pay the mentor with the knowledge. A real case of “teaching a man to fish….

AMZ Importing Review
You can choose to use AMZ Importing. Or go solo. Either way, just start!

The cost for AMZ Importing Alliance is on-par with most Amazon seller courses, including those catered for the US and Australian prospective students. Yet the course content isn’t as diverse, isn’t as in-depth. Their Facebook page, at the time of writing this, has 91 likes. That to me speaks of a very tiny pool of students, though they do have some content on Instagram.

Their group trips to the Canton Fair is a worthwhile investment. Though consider that any course listed above has a significant amount of students that also visit the fair. There’s a strong community feel. You’ll easily be able to meet up with other (experienced) students at the fair for helpful advice, tips and strategies.

Which courses should I look at?

That’s the best part, I’ve done the work for you! I’ve put together an extensive list of every popular Amazon course available in 2019. However, that list will overwhelm you, especially if you’re new to selling on Amazon FBA. So, I’m providing you a much smaller list, a list of Amazon courses run by Australians.

Here it is:

Is selling on Amazon USA from Australia really possible for beginners?

Yes, it’s possible. I started as a beginner. I’m doing it right now. I’ve been doing it for 2 years now. Plus, thousands of other Australians are doing it right now. So, I’m not alone in this.

Trust me, there’s room for many others. ✌️ The Amazon opportunity is better now than what it was when I started researching almost 4 years ago! So much untapped potential.

Dealing with Chinese suppliers is actually easy. Yes, there’s a language barrier, but they genuinely want to help. Their factories want to be profitable. Plus there’s inspection services such as KRT and V-Trust that are extremely reputable, to check your product before it ships to Amazon. Amz Importing does have an office in China to help with product sourcing.

Who is AMZ Importing for?

Ideally, you’ve done a course, but now you want a bit more. Perhaps a coach to help you out. Amz Importing offers one-on-one support that I personally cannot offer with the limited time that I have. If you need someone to talk to about your product ideas, then this could be a good starting point. Likewise, the Canton Fair trips are worthwhile too.

Amz Importing Alliance Australia
Direct from Instagram: AMZ Importing product sourcing trip with current clients

AMZ Importing does have a course but is unlikely as deep as other offerings out there. That said, the support, training and assistance element is necessary for some people. ☺️ There are Amazon coaches in other companies offering packages for 5 figure investments, and I generally steer people away from such upsells.

Now, these guys do have a slight spoon-feeding element, but it’s designed to have clients actually learn the ropes themselves. It’s a case of working with Amz Importing whilst transitioning towards going independently on this journey yourself, fully supported unlike some Amazon courses out there.

This company also offers listing and PPC management services. So if you’re a live seller like myself, but don’t wish to manage everything from this stage of the journey, you can outsource such elements. That way, you can simply focus on sourcing / launching more products.

My closing thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this AMZ Importing Alliance review. I hope this has been of value to you, as it has been to dozens of Australians already. That it has provided a clear and concise overview of this mentoring company.

It’s excellent that you’re doing your research, that you’re looking on Google before making the plunge. That’s a wise choice my good friend. Consider that the vast majority of people who undertake Amazon FBA courses don’t actually need mentoring after completion. Once you’ve got the knowledge, paired with a thriving Facebook community as the 3 courses provided in the link above have, you’ll be unstoppable.

AMZ Importing Alliance
Amazon courses have thriving communities that in some way become the mentors!

I truly believe that it’s possible for people to start this journey, irrespective of where you’re starting from. You will need some capital. You will need some time, patience and perseverance. But if you’ve got a winning mentality, then selling on Amazon is right for you.

Amz Importing Rated
  • Course Depth - 6.9/10
  • Personal Support - 9/10
  • Program Pricing - 8.5/10
  • Student Volume - 5.9/10
  • Teacher Knowledge - 9.2/10

Summary of Amz Importing

I’ve rated this for the prospective person who’s looking for am Amazon course / community with mentoring aspects.

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5 thoughts on “AMZ Importing for new Amazon sellers: Any good?”

  1. This was very helpfull.You really helped me make a decision. I like your thoughts on this company. One other thing you beleive their priced fairly.

    • Hi Michael! Thanks, appreciate the feedback here. Yes, for a company that helps you with a more personalized approach, they are quite reasonably priced.

  2. Hi Joshua, We are actual clients of AMZ importing. We were selling from Australia and new to the Amazon selling world. We paid our money for a hold your hand set up and sell program that they offer and were fully aware that they don’t guarantee your product will sell when we signed up.
    Our product was finally located in China after a prolonged period. This was due to poor correspondence from AMZ importing. We should have learnt at this point that while they say they hold your hand through the process you have to remind them that they are doing this. Our product was set up on Amazon with full assistance from AMZ. Thank you AMZ for this there was no issue with setting up our product.
    Like many products selling on Amazon getting reviews and selling the first products can be difficult. AMZ tried to assist us with this by doing a promotion and one of the workers brought a product as a result of these doings our product was suspended. We tried to contact Amazon numerous times. AMZ tried to contact Amazon. Our inventory was removed and destroyed our hard earned money gone.
    This is a hold your hand company.
    Joshua, I read your concerns about this company today and one point you made was distinct lack of existing student reviews. I have tried to leave a review to tell other people of our experience but there is nowhere to do this on their website. I wonder how many other people have paid their money for a hand held experience and lost everything. At least AMZ are making money on the NON REFUNDABLE sign up fee.

    • Hi Samantha, sorry to hear about your bad experiences. Yep, there is a distinct lack of student reviews though I know some people who have had a great experience. Getting suspended from Amazon is the worst experience (I’ve been there) and when there’s a 3rd party at fault, it’s even more tricky.

      I’ll stand by my recommendation to learn the process first before outsourcing anything, and while often easier, there are certain risks involved in outsourcing. I do hope you can recover from this one and I’m hopeful that they will provide a full refund for two clear faults in the process.

    • As with any review or bad experience, there are always two sides to the story. While we are sad that Samantha had a bad experience with Amazon, she didn’t explain what really happened. 95% of her frustrations are toward Amazon, the company (and Amazon seller support customer service and policies) and not us, AMZ Importing. 🙂 As with any business venture, not everyone will find success. And while we help our clients A TON, long-term success depends on them and their level of commitment. We do take pride knowing that we are a genuine small business that provides real mentoring and expertise. MANY of our clients have found success, and continue to find success.

      Joshua, we feel like we would like to explain more about what happened here and defend ourselves a bit. To any clients who are considering joining us, please kindly read below and reach out to us directly to discuss more! Happy to explain much more and discuss what we offer in depth.

      Samantha and Paul joined as clients a couple of years ago. We provided hours of one-on-one mentoring, training, and support. Our experts helped them identify a product niche that I feel (to this day) was awesome and had huge potential!

      Our sourcing team in China then helped them source this product, vet suppliers, negotiate, arrange quality control, and assist with importing. There were some delays due to Chinese new year and some other things, but we take pride in helping our clients source high quality products and protect their investments. This process isn’t a fast “get-rich-quick” process, as we all know. It takes time to do things right. Hopping on Alibaba and ordering a product can be faster at times. But there are SO many risks when doing that if you don’t know what you are doing. Our sourcing teams in Asia are a huge asset for our clients.

      Our Amazon experts then helped them set up and optimize their Amazon listings, create shipping and product labels, deal with any product approvals, and helped them get up and selling on Amazon. We also assisted with marketing support and training. We even went above and beyond to help them create some coupons and deals!

      Looking back at past correspondence, we had over 75 emails with them, dozens of mentoring calls, and provided plenty of support. And they had a great high-quality product at Amazon that was selling! And we are still here to help them in the future on new ideas. I would say that is well worth a one-time fee for sure!

      Now that we got them all set up, it is then their responsibility to run and manage the day to day of their account. And we are here to help with reorders or new product ideas.

      Well Amazon unfortunately suspended their account. No one truly knew why. It could’ve been due to running some deals on a deal site, but that is within Amazon’s terms of service. It could’ve been because one of their friends purchased their product to leave a review? Or because Amazon found another account tied to their name? We honestly don’t know. Amazon doesn’t typically just suspend accounts like that. As you know, Joshua, Amazon is a GREAT platform to sell on. But any experienced seller will tell you that Amazon will throw issues at you from time to time. And as a seller, you just have to fight with Amazon seller support to get a resolution.

      Even though they were in charge of running the day to day of their business, we went above and beyond and assisted them with exactly what they needed to do to get their account up and running. And how to contact Amazon. They were the ones that had to contact Amazon though (as it’s their account), and they didn’t follow up with Amazon or put pressure on Amazon for a resolution like we urged them to do. Which is unfortunate. In fact, to this day I bet they could get some money back from Amazon if they reached out and followed up with them. But unfortunately, they just didn’t seem willing to reach out and put the pressure on Amazon.

      We have only ever had a similar issue one other time. This doesn’t happen very often at all! And even if it does, 99% of the time you can get your account back up and running, as you know.

      So yes, we are sincerely sorry that this wasn’t a great experience for Samantha and her husband. In fact, we are still here for them if they need anything or want to get another product going! And we are here to help them in any way we can. But we are NOT Amazon, and this is their business. If Amazon wouldn’t have given them that issue, and if they would’ve followed the steps we showed them to get their account up and running again, they would’ve likely been selling quite well! And they would’ve been very happy with us.

      As Joshua and I have previously discussed, we are not the right fit for everyone wanting to start an online business. And that’s ok. If you are looking to sit back, do nothing, and have us make you successful.. then you definitely aren’t the right client for us. If you are just looking for videos and a facebook group, then we probably aren’t the right fit. If you are going to demand a refund from us 5 years later when Amazon throws an issue your way, then we probably aren’t the right fit. We are the right fit for clients who are looking for one-on-one help, sourcing support, and expert mentoring during each stage of the process. We are the right fit for those who are serious about getting real support to achieve their goals for their business.

      We genuinely feel like we are the best option out there for those looking for real support and hand-holding! We charge about the same as many others who just send you videos too.

      Happy to chat with you, or any other potential clients, and show you some of our personal accounts, and client accounts, that are experiencing ALL TIME HIGH sales due to the massive amounts of people shopping from home. We don’t have a ton of reviews out there, and that’s mostly because we work with a few select new clients each month. But what I can show you, or anyone, is actual Amazon seller central accounts from clients who have given us permission to show others. Amazon is insane right now! I think now is as great of a time as ever to build an online business.

      Hope you are well Joshua. Happy selling!


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