Great news for Amazon sellers! IP Accelerator Program launched

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How does the new Amazon IP Accelerator Program work for private label FBA sellers? Will it help you quickly get brand registry? Seems like great news to me.

If you’re an Amazon seller, no doubt you know about one of the biggest issues that we face – the long waiting period (up to 12 months) to file a successful trademark and gain the benefits. If you’ve missed the recent announcement from Amazon themselves, I’ll outlay the basic details here.

Amazon IP Accelerator program

Amazon’s recently launched IP Accelerator program is free for professional sellers, providing them access to a network of excellent intellectual property lawyers who have already been vetted. This network has been curated, with pre-negotiated rates.

It seems that this network is for trademark registration of your trading name. That said, I’m sure there will be opportunities for patent and copyright lodgement too.

More details directly on Amazon:

I found some interesting quotes in there:

Amazon will provide these brands with accelerated access to brand protections in Amazon’s stores, to better protect their brand months, or even years, before their trademark registration officially issues


Amazon does not charge businesses to use IP Accelerator—they only pay their law firm for the work performed at the pre-negotiated rates

…which is great news! I’m curious to see what the pricing is with the IP Accelerator program.

IP Accelerator Program launched
This could be the perfect fast-track to protection for private label sellers on Amazon

In addition, you may have also heard that applicants that are not based in the United States must use a US-based attorney. This was a recent change and seems to coincide with this launch.

This could really be a turning point for the sellers who are up against the Chinese. As you probably know, competition is becoming greater on Amazon over the last few years, from all parts of the globe.

How does the IP Accelerator benefit me?

It will generally mean that you get access to Enhanced Brand Content through their Brand Registry program a lot faster. Not only that, you can kick off the hijackers a lot more quickly.

Amazon no doubt released this in response to a massive backlog of customer service queries regarding listing counterfeiters. The “lodge a trademark and wait 12 months” just wasn’t cutting it for most sellers, whether beginners or experienced.

But then this easier path to EBC could lead to a greater amount of fake applications of brands that hold no real weight. Both the higher barrier of entry, of both time and money, stopped a lot of competitors from upgrading to the higher levels of privileges within Amazon’s seller platform.

At this stage, we’ll have to play the waiting game. I’m continuing to use my US-based attorney who charges north of $4,000 per trademark, but I have the assiduity of things being done properly. Two brands this year already.

In summary

If you’re ready to join the Amazon IP Accelerator, you can do so here.

This program has been created for existing sellers who already have some sales velocity. Those who haven’t sold on Amazon yet should get educated and work on that 1st product launch. I enjoy sharing my free guides for beginners.

Trademarks are extremely important, even if you only aspire towards a part-time income. But securing one is both expensive and a long drawn-out process, sometimes taking years.

Amazon seems to have come to the rescue for sellers…for once! 😅 Understandably, many are skeptical as to the longterm success of this program.

This is just one of the many aspects of becoming a successful marketplace seller. Stay the course, think long term and protect your castle through building a big moat. A strong trademark is a cheap insurance policy.

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