Amazon FBA Seller Refunds: How to get money back from Seller Central

In this post, I’ll be covering how you can claim an Amazon FBA seller refunds on your fees. Essentially, you can get some money refunded right-back due to FBA’s own incompetence. Easily and without fuss.

Did you know that Amazon owns sellers money? I didn’t. In fact, more than 99% of Amazon sellers are owed money. Unclaimed dollars right on the table.

Not been here before? I’m Joshua and sell on FBA. I created a full time income and now I help thousands of people through my resources every month get started in the journey.

Most people here are beginners. But some of you aren’t. You’re experienced like me. I’m here to help you get your money back from Amazon. Money you’re owed, as their systems are never 100% accurate.

Why this happens

First question on everyone’s mind is: “Joshua, how do I get some of my FBA seller fees back?”

And that’s an easy question. Simply follow the recommendations here.

But why are you owed money in the first place? Amazon makes mistakes.

Sure, they’re a well-oiled machine, but they aren’t perfect. Ask any experienced seller how easy it is to deal with Amazon Seller Support and you’ll find grumpy faces all around.

Amazon FBA seller refund fee
With 227 million products, Amazon is bound to get some things wrong

Here’s some of the reasons:

  • Lost and damaged freight not accounted for
  • Inaccurate charges and fees in every account
  • Miscounts during inbound shipping processes
  • Customer refunds but returns left unfulfilled
  • Amazon’s own carrier has damaged freight

In fact, that’s not all. They lose and damage inventory every day. Sometimes they’ll claim to place items back in your inventory but it doesn’t eventuate.

Some sellers argue that they received a smaller reimbursement than expected. Or they gave a partial refund for the customer but you received nothing in return.

Worst still: Amazon sending a refund to a customer with more $$$ than the product costs. ???? Ouch!

How would you as a seller track and manage all of this? Impossible. I’d rather focus on sourcing new products and scaling my business.

Amazon FBA Seller Fees Refund Software
Amazon seller support is tough to talk to…at the best of times!

You’re only going to have these issues 5% of the time. But that could equal thousands of dollars.

So what you do you do? Say hello to automated software and virtual assistants.

Getting FBA seller fee refunds now

I’ve recently come across numerous software solutions to help sellers to get fees refunded. Without the headache of checking every order manually. When you’re selling hundreds of units monthly like me, it’s simply impossible to keep tabs on everything.

Note: Yes, some these are affiliate links below whilst some go directly to the software site. You can find these on Google and skip past the links if you feel that I’m the evil marketer that your parents warned you about. ????

Here’s the options I’ve collaborated:

  • Refundly which charges 12% of your refunded fees
  • FBA Auditor which charges 25% of your refunded fees
  • Rocket Refunds which charges $127 upfront and $0 ongoing (manual approach)
  • ToolsForFBA which is $130 upfront but it’s also manual data
  • Refunds Manager which charges 25% of your refunded fees
  • HappySeller which is a flat $80 per month (I’m guessing unlimited SKUs)
  • Amalyzer which also charges 25% of your refunded fees
  • SellerBench which also charges 25% of your refunded fees

As you can see, there’s many options available on the market. I’m not an advocate of simply choosing the cheapest solution, since it’s often a case of getting what you pay for.

If you’re unaware that you can get Amazon FBA seller refunds and your fees reimbursed, then you’re getting a free 75% back. Remember, these guys are doing the leg work for you.

Important warning: Amazon has banned automated software. They’ve advised sellers not to use automated solutions to open and close cases.

Most of what’s shown here are solutions that will have a human to actually audit each FBA seller fee refund case on your behalf. This means your account won’t be suspended. Hurrah! ????

In closing

I’d recommend jumping on board with one of the solutions here. Some of them are carbon copies of each other. Don’t decide based on price to get your Amazon FBA seller refunds starting today.

I would say that SellerBench is one of the best, and you’ll find them at trade shows such as the Prosper Show in Vegas and the IRCE in Chicago. That speaks volumes: They’re a real company.

Either way, you do need to automate many aspects of your business. It’s a challenge attempting to do everything yourself. Remember why we started this journey in the first place: Freedom and (mostly) passive income.

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