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My 5 Favourite Amazon FBA Seller Conferences to Attend in 2020

This selling journey can be boring and would be depressing without top Amazon FBA conferences to attend. It’s where the magic lies – networking and lessons.

I’ve been to multiple Amazon seminars over the years. All have been absolutely fantastic with minimal upsell pitching.

I do recommend flying to Amazon seller conferences, even internationally!

So in this blog post, I’ll be showcasing my top favourite Amazon FBA conferences that I look forward to attending in 2020.

Amazon FBA conferences are worthwhile

Being able to network with people just like you on the journey is worth the event price plus travel expenses. Every single dollar. I’ve come away from every event with a positive ROI.

Essentially, they are worthwhile if you’re taking this journey seriously. As these events are priced up, they attract real Amazon FBA sellers.

These 5 listed conferences are all designed for big business builders. After all, you’re not looking to make pocket money or mess around. You have the next 3 years to build a sensational Amazon business, so let’s examine my top 5.


SellerCon is the baby of Amazing Selling Machine, and at this time of writing, is the world’s #1 Amazon course. Not only have they produced more student results, but their training is simply world class.

SellerCon is run once per year in either Las Vegas or Miami. I previously attended SellerCon and shared my experiences. No doubt I’ll be back for 2020, and yes, from Australia.

Retail Global

This isn’t an Amazon-specific conference, but an eCommerce conference designed for established marketplace sellers. Shopify, eBay and Amazon are all here.

As a high-level event, you really need to push through some sales numbers before attending. Beginners are likely to get overwhelmed, but those experienced will get a lot of value.

Prosper Show

The Prosper Show is geared for the current or future million-dollar Amazon seller. Like SellerCon, they run this in Vegas.

It isn’t cheap, and nor is the attendee caliber. But if you’re dead-set serious about building a big and profitable Amazon business, this is the one.

Reliable Education

Australians will find the best bang-for-buck with Reliable Education Summits which are held once per year. This is a chance to network with your fellow students.

Unlike every other seminar here, this is a closed door event to students only by intention. This is both to protect them from tyre-kickers and also create exclusivity.

Global Sources Summit

If you’re going to the Canton Fair, then this is an excellent seminar to attend. Held in Hong Kong, the Global Sources Summit is an event created just for Amazon sellers.

Held at the same time as the Global Sources trade fair, it is a great opportunity to hear from real Amazon sellers in the 6, 7 and 8 figure range. Speaking at this event is quite the honor and a rigorous process to get accepted for.

Closing on events

I would highly recommend that you get to at least an Amazon seller conference in 2020. Even if you have to travel long distance, as I have to, the experiences are always worth it.

Because this is a lonely journey otherwise. Sitting in front of the computer and ordering samples and inventory from China. Inputting data into your listing. Dealing with irate customers who want to return your products.

I believe this is an introverts game. I was born for this, but not everyone is, especially the extroverts. Those that are social butterflys really do struggle.

Amazon FBA conferences can be just the solution you need, to pull through the hard times and accelerate the growth in your business. I see them as an investment in my future, as opposed to a business expense. One that will pay me for years to come, much like an Amazon business does.

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