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Amazon FBA Courses: Examining cost justification

Hi there – Joshua here.

Often on the blog and in direct messages, I am asked about cheaper Amazon courses. Particularly, the questions are related towards why the top 5 most expensive courses in the Amazon learning space justify their higher costs. In this guide, I’m going to break that down for you.

You’ll get my fundamental thoughts as to why these courses charge the prices they do. And why, despite many cheaper offerings, people including myself decide to invest in their knowledge the right way from Day 1.

You see – affordability is a relative thing. For many, the best way to justify the cost of any course to themselves would be to simply think how much paying for mistakes would cost. Especially when you’re starting a business from scratch, without prior experience on Amazon.

The business model is OPEN

These Amazon courses have shown you the opportunity. Why don’t people just go and do it themselves? Why pay these course providers at all?

  • They’ve told you it’s clearly Amazon FBA
  • They’ll show you products selling right now
  • Accurate sales statistics are shown online
  • Most give away some free training upfront
  • There’s no secrets withheld…it is Amazon!

Why not do some reading and spend the weeks researching and figuring out all 200 steps? Because it’s a complex world on Amazon…that’s why. Let me ask you this simple question: Do you know the complete blueprint?

I know it, but I invested in myself.

When considering training, I simply wanted several things:

  • A complete library of organized knowledge
  • Someone who’s got real Amazon experience
  • Support from a strong & friendly community
  • Live events where I could meet other sellers
  • Learn from a multiple 7 figure business owner

That is – I didn’t just want a course. You can get courses everywhere. I wanted the full deal, the real experience and a strong sense of community, one that is full of achievers. I didn’t just want a 10 minute Uber ride, I wanted to own the car myself.

Time and Experience

With these courses and programs, you’re buying time and experience. The cost in many cases is irrelevant, as you’re buying expertise that has come through years of experience.

Have you ever asked an accountant or lawyer to work for free? You woudn’t of course. You’re paying for the time they took to learn what they know, and are avoiding the pain of costly mistakes legally or financially through their advice. Note: Most accountants and lawyers aren’t 7 figure Amazon sellers who have courses, but lawyers and accountants will gladly invest in their knowledge, as they know where this could lead them.

You don’t have to go through years of university to learn Amazon, unlike numerous professions. You can gain years of experience within a matter of weeks. There are some seriously good Amazon courses out there. You’ll learn from people who have made plenty of mistakes, but plenty of great decisions too.

The bottom line

I personally always come across honest and transparent. As an Amazon seller, I don’t want you to make expensive mistakes, especially when you’re risking your own capital. Paying for education is one thing today…paying for mistakes in the future (due to lack of education) is a whole other thing entirely!

Selling on Amazon is somewhat like flying a plane. Would you trust a pilot who hasn’t taken lessons? Would you trust a complete beginner to jump in a Cessna tomorrow and start flying solo? I think you know the answer.

There are cheaper courses out there. Just like there’s dozens of cheaper alternatives to the iPhone. Copycats always come out when someone launches a highly successful service, and that’s certainly the case with Amazon courses.

This is very relevant to Amazon courses: What do you REALLY want?

The cheapest coach is never the wisest move for the long term. I want the real deal, I’ve been in this wealth creation space for around 10 years now. I’m sick of the scams and charlatans. Just give me the business person who’s built (not managed) multiple 7 figure businesses – that’s who I want to learn from.

There’s always those who want cheap. And honestly, cheap people won’t last long on Amazon. You’ll just get smashed by the local Chinese sellers who will always get better pricing. Not only should you invest in one of the best Amazon courses (and communities) in the world, your product needs to be superior as well.

Starting on Amazon today

If you join a program that’s priced at $5,000, then that’s the equivalent of a daily take away coffee over 2.5 years. I always advise that it will take 2 to 3 years to build any type of business online, whether Amazon or otherwise, when starting from scratch.

The cost therefore is minimal.

A university or college degree is MINIMUM $20,000 and takes 3 to 5 years to complete, with less than half actually working in their field within 7 years of graduating. And…that position is very unlikely to have any passive income attached to it upon graduating.

Starting a traditional business is upwards of $40,000. Equipment, staff, marketing, advertising, stock, accountants and the like. A very tough way to make money in this year and beyond.

Purchasing a traditional business? Upwards of $100,000. Let’s not go there.

Purchasing an eCommerce business? Again, upwards of $100,000 and a very lucrative market for sellers. There’s many buyers looking to make money online from Day 1, with deep pockets as well.

Suddenly, $5,000 for an Amazon program from a powerhouse company doesn’t seem that much after all.

The thing about these Amazon programs is, in my opinion, they shouldn’t ever cost you money. Through that knowledge, they should only make you money in the future. That is, through your time, capital for products, effort and loads of persistence.

Invest the minimum today, but have a 5 to 10 year time frame. I think long term, I’ve been here 8 years on this blog, and I’ll be here for another 10 years and beyond. This blog started as a side-hustle, as did Amazon FBA.

I knew if I invested in myself, and I put in the work, I could get some results. You could too – if you’re prepared to back yourself.

Closing thoughts

My friends – there’s cheap courses all around. Then, there’s courses that promise the world with ridiculous statements. It’s up to you to find the course that best resonates with you. I’d go for the superior program every day of the week, because I know the results I want.

My goal is simple: Multiple 7 figure Amazon businesses built over the next 10 years. That goal is one I look at every single day, and I learned Amazon direct from multi-millionaires who have done it. Not Mr cheap Amazon course.

If you want pocket money, go for the cheap courses. You get what you pay for in life, and that’s certainly true of Amazon courses too.

When you have found that ideal course for you, it’s time to take the next step forward. Some offer payment plans which are helpful. Plus – I offer assistance with 2 of the best Amazon courses that I know, like and trust to get me the results I want.

I choose to work only with those that want REAL results. I don’t want tyre-kickers, there’s plenty out there. Tyre-kickers buy cheap courses, then wonder where it all went wrong. I want the drive, hunger, passion and committed individual (or couple) that wants to hit the 7 figure territory on Amazon.

If that’s you – jump on the opportunity that I’ve been working at for 3.5 years, and let’s work together!