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Amazing Selling Machine vs Freedom Ticket: What a huge difference!

It’s time to compare the expensive Amazing Selling Machine course to the significantly cheaper Freedom Ticket Course. A huge difference is certainly here.

I’m often comparing courses that I’ve done and try to keep this uniform. However, we’re looking at two very different things here. ASM and Kevin King have two different offers.

Let’s jump straight into it.

Kevin King vs Amazing Selling Machine Course Comparison

Through this we’re going to look at multiple characteristics:

  • The course content (quality and methodology)
  • Type of student that you’ll find in each course
  • Course pricing, both upfront and ongoing
  • Student events for you to continue onwards

And to be honest, both are offering excellent value in the marketplace. Each has been around a long time. Anyone who’s in this education space for 5+ years is considered a veteran based on how new FBA still is.

Freedom Ticket vs ASM Course content

I’m launching with this 1st as it’s the most important. The actual A to Z.

Both offer quite high-quality course content. Each is filmed in a studio setting with great lighting and sound. I wasn’t disappointed with either of them.

Strategy wise, they’re also quite similar too. Kevin’s strategy is more-so to stay on Amazon while ASM teaches launching with Amazon and then transitioning towards Shopify to help net a 7 figure exit in the future.

The course content of Freedom Ticket vs Amazing Selling Machine

To be honest, most people just want to make some dollars on the internet. I mean, that’s you…right? You’re just wanting to get a start at least. A 7 figure exit sounds exciting, but also something that’s a long way down the road.

And Amazon really is a marketplace which can generate you a full-time income as it is doing right now for thousands of people. So I like Kevin’s strategy of sticking to Amazon and riding that gravy train. If you wake up one morning wanting to sell, then spend the next 12 months diversifying platforms and you can get a reasonable exit as there’s less risk for the take-on buyer.

ASM is more of a business / eCom course (with a huge focus on Amazon, of course) while Freedom Ticket is really just Amazon-centric. Patents and trademarks are a big focus of Amazing Selling Machine, while Freedom Ticket is more of a “Let’s just get you selling profitable products” type of approach.

You’re far more likely to get a 6 or 7 figure exit with Amazon through ASM than Freedom Ticket. But as I said, that’s a long way away from where you are today.

The best part about ASM is constant updates. They fully refresh content every 6 months while Kevin’s is more-so “as it happens” and he’s less focused on making money from his Amazon course.

Student calibre on the insides

I touched on this just earlier: I see ASM as more of a business course. It is therefore designed for higher net worth achievers who are chasing big numbers.

Freedom Ticket, on the other hand, doesn’t have this higher calibre type of people on the inside. I mean – there are some, but really not many. It’s more-so everyday people.

Amazing Selling Machine’s students are pretty well motivated with strong capital backing, often with years of experience in other businesses. Rarely would they take the time to read online reviews, instead opting to “Just get into it NOW and dominate the marketplace” like a beast. Perhaps you know people like this.

Amazing Selling Machine vs Freedom Ticket Course for Amazon FBA
The committed individual that you’ll find inside Amazing Selling Machine

Freedom Ticket’s students often “Think about it, read online reviews, think about it some more…and…more…and finally join in 7 weeks time”. πŸ™„ I’m more of an ASM student “Come on, let’s get this show on the road now!!!” though previously was more a Freedom Ticket type of person some years ago.

Freedom Ticket Kevin King Course
The more casual approach of Freedom Ticket students

Look – I just don’t have the time to mess around.

With these things, I just want to get started today.

I’ve been both types of people described here. It’s just good to know what each bucket looks like on the inside. Some of these people you might meet in person and you’d want to vibe with them, yes?

At the same time, you’ll find a few people in ASM that belong in Freedom Ticket and vice-versa. These are just tribes at the end of the day and both are good!

In terms of gender ratios, ASM has 65% men and 35% women while the ratio is closer to 80/20 with Kevin King. I think it’s just an Amazon thing and I look forward to seeing more women get started with this platform and even out those ratios.

To the best of my knowledge, Sophie Howard is the only one in the world who has a greater female/male ratio at present. I certainly recommend her course too.

Course pricing for new students

Clearly it’s going to cost you some dollars to join an Amazon course. I believe in education and being invested for your future.

Often the more you spend, the better quality you get. That old saying “You get what you pay for” is something that I’ve always said is true with Amazon courses, until now. 😲

Because this is a HUGE difference. The course pricing of Freedom Ticket against Amazing Selling Machine is significant.

Amazing Selling Machine costs $4,997 USD upfront. Alternatively, you can make 6 payments of $997.

On the other hand, Freedom Ticket is $997 USD upfront.

So we have a big question now on our hands….

Is it worth paying 5x more for ASM?

Freedom Ticket offers excellent value and quite simply, the team at Amazing have a course that’s only marginally in front. In other words, ASM is worth the $4,997, however, Freedom Ticket should be priced at $2,997 at least. πŸ‘

(Hint: It’s really good)

Freedom Ticket is only just behind ASM (who’s distinctively the winner here) but at a price-point which is significantly lower. This way you can save money for inventory.

But then we have the INCREDIBLE offer. My affiliate link provides FREE access to Freedom Ticket. Yep – you heard right. Sign up to Helium10 with my link and you’ll be able to get the complete full course included.

Even better – use coupon JOSHUASDISCOUNT50 for 50% off the first $97/month price of Helium 10. Quite clearly this is the best value offer around right now.

I’d say very few people are jumping into Amazing Selling Machine with an incredible and value-packed offer like this. πŸ˜ƒ Save some dollars for inventory.

And full disclosure: I am also an affiliate of ASM that earns 40% on each sale, yet I believe in the better value which Freedom Ticket offers. By the way, they pay me much less than 40%. I genuinely just feel this is the best value offer around and dozens of people have chosen to use my link above.

I could share my affiliate link here but have chosen not to. Reach out if you wish to go in that direction instead. ✌️

Student events you can attend

I’m a little against online-only courses. Why? There are so many people who do an online course only to fall by the way-side.

Joining a course with an offline component is often the best solution. This way you can meet others who are on the journey with you as well as the teachers themselves.

Amazon conferences and workshops – where the magic happens!

Amazing Selling Machine offers SellerCon. It’s only ever held in the United States. Guess what? I’ve been! More details here:

On the other hand, Kevin doesn’t really have a conference for his students. It’s more of an online conference. However, he does speak at Global Source which is an excellent event held in Hong Kong which I highly recommend that you attend.

The cool thing about SellerCon is that you can attend even if you’re not an ASM student. 😁 Yep, these days they let non-students actually come for the same price.

To say that another way, you could join Freedom Ticket for just $97 per month (Hey, use my discount code to make it cheaper!) then still come to SellerCon in June.

So you get to experience the high-quality training that Freedom Ticket offers for such a low price, then hang out with a tribe of go-getters at SellerCon in 2020. Neat! ✌️

Final Verdict: Is Freedom Ticket better?

Amazing Selling Machine has done well as a tribe of go-getters. With almost 30,000 students, there is no question that they have held the title of the world’s best Amazon course for many years.

Look – there are more success stories than they will ever have time to film.

Certainly it’s not the cheapest. It’s addressing a particular dynamic of an individual. The type who are driven and committed to succeed and who pays little attention to pricing.

On the other hand, a good portion of the world is budget-conscious. They want to play in the Amazon arena, but the high prices of some of these courses do hold them back.

I’m always surprised when people say “I’m going to save up for ASM” when really, they should find any possible way into Amazon NOW. You can always upgrade down the track. Don’t delay your journey for an expensive Amazon course.

Fact: Freedom Ticket offers the best value around. When compared to Amazing Selling Machine, it only falls a little short but is made up in the significant savings.

Not only that, but it isn’t driven so hard by affiliates. ASM pays its affiliates a shit-ton of money (I should know, I’ve had a few sales…) whereas Freedom Ticket grows mostly organically.

Those who use my Freedom Ticket affiliate links are those who value the time, effort and energy I’ve put into my blog over the years. They understand that I genuinely want to help them make a start without the large capital outlay, especially with the many resources available here for free.

So Freedom Ticket vs Amazing Selling Machine? 99% of people should go with Kevin King all the way. You can always join SellerCon (tickets available from March)

If you’re on the fence, start with Freedom Ticket. $97/month and you’re starting today. You can always upgrade down the track.

Maybe I’ll catch you inside the Freedom Ticket group and at SellerCon. 😎

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