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Alex Tooby Course Review: Is It Worth It?

Alex Tooby is a popular YouTuber with a range of courses. The question is: Are they any good compared to the free content around?

She has a popular course for Instagram called Ivy League University and also offers training for Pinterest and other platforms through her popular YouTube series.

In this unbiased review, I’ll unpack whether it’s worth becoming a student inside her community.

Now, I may earn an affiliate commission via the link below yet this hasn’t influenced my analysis. That is – I’ll share the downsides too.

Let’s begin.

Alex Tooby Review

Alex isn’t new to the world of internet marketing. In fact, she’s been at this game for almost decade now and her experience certainly rings through in her free training.

I went through most of the content and I’m certainly somewhat of a skeptic. After all, I’ve bought my fair share of courses over the years.

Most have been great while a few were a complete disappointment. We as humans always tend to think of the negative experiences more than the positive.

Instagram Ivy League Course

Alex’s core platform revoles around her Instagram course called Ivy League. I was quite surprised to see how indepth this course actually is.

There are 10 Modules in total and each module includes video lessons, workbooks and progress trackers.

As someone who invested so little into social media previously, I pretty much had a standing-start.

And I’m surprised just how much content is actually here. Who’d have thought that Instagram requires such an analytical approach?!

Course Positives

The content is seriously in-depth. It’s clear that Alex really knows her stuff. She has more-so generalized knowledge in Pinterest and Google land, but she knows that Instagram is where it’s at for certain marketers.

Furthermore, there is 12 months support on offer. I recently bought this excellent Pinterest course which had a live 1-hour coaching call included with the course for under $700. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Alex’s support inside her Facebook group is undervalued in my opinion. You can search for past questions and see student progress, as well as networking with others on the same journey.

The frequency of responses is refreshing. Alex is in there just about every day. I’ve bought other courses with Facebook groups and the course creator might check their own group once per week…if you’re lucky. It leaves some students feeling frustrated.

Course Negatives

Right – so what is wrong with the course? What reasons can I give you so you don’t buy it?

It’s interesting as most people simply read course reviews for the bad stuff. They want a reason to retreat and not move forward. A cognitive bias if you will.

They’ll hunt around online and research for hours. They might even include catchy keywords like ‘scam’ to see what comes up in the search results.

Now – Alex’s course isn’t perfect. No course is perfect. They all have their flaws.

In her case, the price could be more affordable which would allow a greater number of people on the inside. Additionally, a few of the video tutorials didn’t have the best sound quality.

I also found some of the workbooks to be excellent though unnecessary for me. I’d rather just get out there and implement right away.

Certainly there is much more to love about this course than hate. And trust me, I’m often a little skeptical. It’s clear that Alex has seriously put some work into this one.

In Short

Alex has a very good course and I do look forward to taking another Instagram course to compare this favourably to. The video tutorials are more bite-sized than compared to longer YouTube videos.

You’ll also find her tone switched from friendly and light, to focused and determinded. That is – she doesn’t wallow around and gets straight into business. And that is teaching beginners how to make the most out of Instagram.

Certainly, I learned quite a lot and wish that I had found her sooner. Paired with this Pinterest course, you’ll be pretty well set to generate some huge traffic too.