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Fun Facts About Him

Published: January 28, 2023

Last updated: January 28, 2023

By Joshua Smith πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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Welcome to the ultimate analysis of Adam LZ for 2023.

I truly admire the success of many YouTube creators who have insights that we can learn from.

The goal of these profiles is to show you the different ways people have built 6 and 7-figure careers. I hope to inspire you to create your own success online, starting today.

Adam LZ Facts

πŸ’‘Full Name and Age

Adam LZ is 29 years old.

His real name is Adam Lizotte-Zeisler.

πŸ€‘ Net Worth

YouTubers are typically wealthier than they admit, often downplaying their net worth to appear more relatable.

As of 2023, Adam LZ has a net worth of $4,700,000 USD.

This is based on the value of his house, workshop, extensive car collection and online business.

VINwiki did a reasonably accurate estimation on his value:

So yes, Adam is a multi-millionaire but doesn’t care much about his wealth.

🀩 Income Streams

YouTube ads, brand sponsorships and merchandise sales

🏎 Car Collection

At this time, Adam LZ has a:

➜ BMW E46 M3

➜ BMW 3351

➜ BMW E36 M3

➜ Porsche 992 GT3

➜ Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6.5 TME RS

➜ Nissan 250SX S13

➜ Nissan Silvia S15

➜ Nissan Skyline R32

➜ Nissan Skyline R34

➜ Nissan 350Z

➜ Nissan 370Z

➜ Toyota Supra

➜ Toyota Chaser

➜ Honda CRX

➜ Ford Mustang GT350

➜ Chevrolet Corvette

➜ Ford E350 Platinum

He plans to continually expand his car collection.

🌍 Location

He lives in the United States, although his workshop location remains unclear.

✌️Common Praise

He’s worked incredibly hard, is an encyclopedia of knowledge and has inspired so many people.

❌ Notable Complaints

None that I could find, apart from haters and trolls on Reddit and Facebook groups.

πŸš€ The X-Factor

He has remained humble despite his wealth, and has no plans to retire.

πŸ“ˆ Creator Trends

Adam is in the prime of his career. I don’t think his channel will grow in terms of subscribers, but video views and comments remain high.

πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Private Life

Adam LZ is dating Collete Davis who runs her own super successful channel.

It appears that they are sustaining a long distance relationship. So no, there is no relationship break up here.

Adam and Collette are extremely loyal to each other.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» My Verdict

He’s one of the most dynamic, funny and down to earth creators around town.

About Me

I’m Joshua Smith from Australia. I have been building profitable content sites since 2011.

Today, in addition to managing my own portfolio, I actively help others on their journey.

How much does Adam LZ make and how?

Adam LZ makes roughly $72,000 per month on YouTube.

He’s turned his old yearly income into a monthly income.

He’s done this through:

➜ Ads that play on his videos (his audience is considered premium)

➜ Sales of his official merchandise (their designers are incredible!)

➜ Some brand sponsorships by well known car mod companies

However, he has avoided making his channel feel commercialized. As a result, his content feel so personalized and relatable which has helped him maintain incredible channel metrics.

Creator Praise

Many people have been watching Adam’s content for years.

I personally loved the time that he visited us here in Australia:

It’s a shame he didn’t do a video with Mighty Car Mods.

Anyway, many people like Adam’s content and have been watching for years because:

➜ He puts a ton of effort into creating remarkable videos

➜ He’ll undertake projects that most people will pass on

➜ His work ethic is simply off the charts

➜ He’s given away several of his cars over the years

And despite having more than enough, Adam absolutely won’t be retiring until his old age. Even then, he’ll be tinkering in his garage.

Creator Red Flags

Adam joins numerous other automotive creators who haven’t generated controversy or criticism, although some of his audience do provide recommendations on how to make his restorations easier.

My Verdict

I’m so inspired by this man’s success on YouTube. From watching so many videos (I’m a car nut), there are key lessons that can propel ourselves forward, both on a business and personal level.

My key takeaways include:

➜ A strong work ethic will always get you places in life

➜ Open your mind to opportunities that exist online

➜ Surround yourself with people who’ll push you forward

➜ Play the long game rather than chasing short term wins

Adam has turned his passion into a profitable online business and has built a remarkable car collection in the process.

It’s never too late to get started on your journey too.

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