A to Z Formula Review: Brendan Elias (China Import Formula)

I’m Australian, I sell on Amazon US and eBay Australia. I’ve written this review of Brendan Elias and the China Import Formula as an actual attendee.

I’ve many requests to do so. My blog is read by thousands every week, people who trust my honesty and openness.

Background as an Amazon seller

Since 2009 I’ve done a multitude of courses, been to the seminars and generally have improved my mindset. I’ve spent well in excess of $40,000 AUD during this process and I do feel that investing in yourself pays the best return.

Today I make dozens of sales online daily. Every course I’ve bought, I’ve put into action and have made money on. That is, I’m an action-taking sort of guy. Some courses have resulted in minimal returns, some have been winning horses.

A to Z Formula Review Brendan Elias
I’ve done a lot of training and courses previously, so I know what to expect.

So I’ve been in the trenches, I’ve seen the BS, and I’ve seen the best from the rest. And I’ll gladly tell things as they are. If I feel a course is rubbish, then I’ll tear it to pieces.

One company even shut down due to my blog, as I felt they offered little to no value for a $1,000+ course and I gladly shared my thoughts on my blog. Bye bye Studywell College.

Brendan Elias overview

So let’s get into this review about Brendan Elias. Is he the real deal? How does he compare to others in Australia selling ‘How to make money on Amazon’ courses? And the biggest question – will you be successful?

For this particular event, Brendan ran it at the Rydges in Sydney. Most events are in Sydney.

I went to Brendan’s student-only event and found himself and everyone on stage to be a unique presenter. His course is catering to a broader market. He teaches private-label with a strong focus on the actual importing side of things, exclusively with China.

Also, most other courses teach just Amazon. Not here! You’ll be able to learn several marketplaces and discover what works best for you and your personality.

I’ve attended Brendan’s live events and have the inside scoop.

If you’re great on the phone, then wholesale is a great strategy for you. If you’re the creative type, go private-label. If you like an offline approach, go retail arbitrage. You could even learn how to manage Amazon listings for other people for monthly retainers. Big tick right there

Another advantage is the smaller events. Whilst companies like Adam Hudson’s Reliable Education run HUGE events, it’s just not as personalized. These events are epic though.

With Brendan, you’re more in an intimate setting and are just about guaranteed to get questions answered by Brendan himself. Another tick. I mean look at the room size of actual students who attend. Just 30 or 40 people and the event is catered.

China Import Formula Review

I felt that the general target market for Brendan is the complete beginner. If you haven’t built a business before, then this is a great starting point.

Selling on Amazon has technical aspects but with Brendan and his teams’ experience, you can accelerate your growth. The average student is seeking a full-time income.

What I like about Brendan’s workshops is the intimate approach and range of speakers.

We all have to start somewhere and I’m glad that Brendan is catering to this beginners market who value affordability. Another tick there Brendan.

Sorry about the messy writing. ๐Ÿ˜‚

That said, the course isn’t right for most people reading this. Shocked? Don’t be. Most people are buying the hype, and don’t want to put what they learn into action. It’s just the nature of these courses.

You’re buying a shovel here, ready to dig in the gold mine called Amazon. There’s gold everywhere, and if you choose not to dig, then that’s neither me or Brendan’s fault. You’ll just be dirt poor. Ouch!

But yes, I tell things as they are, I’ve been in these make money online trenches for a LONG time. I’ve seen the seminar junkies, and I’ve even been one, but I put what I learn into action to get the results. And making money on Amazon FBA has been the BEST return in terms of simplicity, affordability and scalability.


There’s a range of great advantages in both the course and boot camp.

These include:

  • Brendan actually shows you some of the products he’s selling today
  • You’ll see that he legitimately has 10+ years experience in this space
  • The workshops are more intimate instead of rock-star style events
  • You can ask just about anything and get a response from the man himself!
  • Students are of decent calibre – they’re keen to actually do something

The biggest thing I’ve learned is the Yiwu Fair. I’ve been to Canton 3 times now and while I had heard of Yiwu, no one really talked about it. Brendan said it’s ideal for low MOQ orders and you will need a sourcing agent.

That’s the other thing – sourcing agents are different from trading companies. The sourcing agent is the good guy while trading companies are the true ‘middlemen’ that we want to avoid.

In 4 years of learning importing and Amazon, I still didn’t know this until I found Brendan’s training. That’s the power of education from someone who’s been doing it 10 years.


Since Brendan works with students more closely, that comes at a higher price than online-only training. But trust me – you want the offline component too like the Bootcamp I attended.

Also, they aren’t focused on Amazon, unlike other courses. That’s actually a good thing as it’s just one of several platforms and often full of Chinese sellers anyway.

Should you buy Brendan’s Amazon course?

If you think you’ll buy this and do nothing, then please don’t buy the A to Z Formula course. If you think that the China Import Formula course is a scam, then please don’t buy it.

Read this especially: if you think you’ll make millions online by Tuesday next week, then please put away your credit card.

Look: Fortunes are NOT made overnight. Be smart, research your product well and definitely don’t believe the first negative thing about Brendan that you read.

Most people in the world are just too lazy to actually do the work that’s required. That’s simply it. It’s so much easier to throw a cheap shot with review sites.

My friends, a get-rich-quick scheme this is not. Try a lottery ticket instead, as statistically speaking your chances of success will be higher. Another dose of my brutal honesty right there, and I make no apologies.

My readers appreciate that, in a world of social media fakeness and MLM hype.

You’d only invest in an Amazon course if you’re truly committed to success. If you actually want to build a long term and sustainable business. There are numerous teachers in the Amazon space and Brendan is one of the best.

The ideal Amazon student

The course is right for you if you have some capital, have some time, possess some patience, perseverance and a willingness to succeed. If you understand that success takes time, then this is for you.

Play the long game guys, it’s the only way to win online.


So I do hope that this A to Z Formula review written by an experienced Amazon FBA seller has opened your eyes as to whether this is the path for you. It’s always a good idea to discover why you’re choosing to embark on this prior to joining.

  • Extra money to pay off the house?
  • Retire your parents?
  • Pay off the credit card?
  • Buy the Ferrari? (lol…)
  • Or simply do good in the world?

Work out what it is you’re chasing, and whether this is going to fit in your journey. I personally feel that selling on Amazon is one of the easiest platforms to make money online in 2019 and beyond.

Numerous people have had questions regarding this course, and you’re welcome to drop them into the comments below. I’ll do my very best to answer them quickly.

And I do hope to see you at an Australian event in the future, at the Canton Fair or even at US Amazon seller events. Selling on Amazon has afforded me the complete flexibility to travel when and where I choose, for which I’m forever grateful.

A to Z Formula Ratings
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  • Course Depth
  • Facebook Community
  • Refund Policy
  • Course Cost

Summary of the A-To-Z Formula

This summarizes my words here towards Brendan’s Amazon course and seminar

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15 thoughts on “A to Z Formula Review: Brendan Elias (China Import Formula)”

      • I paid gor the course but never received my login information. I’ve reached out numerous times to the support email listed on his website but I just keep getting a response saying we’ve forwarded to the resolution team. I paid on Wednesday and it’s now Sunday and still nothing. Please help. I feel like I’ve been scammed here.

        • Maybe it’s hitting their junk mail box? There might be a phone number listed when you signed up.

          If no luck then simply contact your bank. Cheers

    • Hi Josh if you could only purchase one course, with knowing what you know now? Who would you choose?
      Kind regards Cherry

      • Hey Cherry, so me personally? Reliable Education. It’s built for those who are serious about Amazon AND 7-figure business building in general (That’s definitely me). Now, it’s not a fit for most people actually as it can be overwhelming and you have a sense of being pushed to keep up, as opposed to binge-watching. Different tribe dynamics. To say it another way, it’s a premium business-class style experience with its core focus on FBA as opposed to other available marketplaces.

        I’d recommend Brendan for a more relaxed and intimate approach if you’re looking to get started with importing, Shopify, eBay and Amazon. His workshops only have like 30 to 40 people. Also, I really like that some of Brendan’s students publicly share what they’re working on and selling, while RE students are more secretive. This is understandable as numerous are having 6 figure months. That said, when you build up a reputation on the inside as I have, students are more willing to share their product line privately. I’m impressed with many of the epic brands being built here.

        But then again, it certainly isn’t about what I would choose. I’m just a guy on the internet. Choose the course and teacher who best fits what YOU are looking for right now on YOUR journey. โœŒ๏ธ There are a few different options out there. The most important thing is not just learning but actually executing on the work involved (it isn’t easy, nor is it fast either…)

  1. Thanks for review, I have just watched a webinar on A to Z formula and have also watched all the free videos on Amazing Selling Machine after speaking to another Australian who is doing well after doing ASM course though that cost a lot more. Having not much money to lay out at present, what do you suggest would be the best to do. At age 54 I want to be self employed now and make the most of every day after recently losing my daughter. Being self employed and travelling is something I wish to do and I am prepared to put in the work but want to know that I’m not throwing money away on something that might not be legitimate or give enough help. Any other info or suggestions? How much money would be needed for stock etc? Can you start small & build up? I haven’t sold on Amazon before but have sold many times on ebay & use to have an ebay store so have had a little experience with online selling. Thanks

    • Hi Julie, firstly I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. I’m glad to hear of your optimistic outlook.

      I am actually here right now at the ASM student conference in Vegas. Amazing Selling Machine is certainly worth the increased price tag, and this course has created more millionaires than any other Amazon course in the world. I always say $5,000 minimum on top of course costs to get yourself started. Yes – you’ll start small and build yourself up, exactly as I have. Your eBay experience will come in handy for sure.

      Hope that helps! Happy to answer any further questions.

  2. Hi Joshua, enjoyed your blog:) I came across Sophie Howard and she resonated with me. I was wondering is her stuff worth the investment. Iโ€™m a beginner and also donโ€™t have alot of cash to splash around and donโ€™t want to go from course to course. Just want something to give me enough info to get me in that space, work hard and reap the rewards. Look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for the feedback on the blog. Both Brendan and Sophie are worth the investment. My education has reaped some serious rewards after of course a lot of consistent work.

      Now if you don’t have much cash, Amazon is a hard business model. You’ll run out of money long before you run out of time or knowledge available. 1 course is certainly enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Joshua, Iโ€™m really interested in joining the boot camp but Iโ€™m only 16. Do you think itโ€™s ideal for me to join at this age? Should I wait a few years? Thank you

    • Hey Hamna, great to hear you’re getting started at such an early age. If your parents are excited to come along then you can do it together as a family. If they aren’t that interested then maybe wait a few years, unless you have some capital saved aside. There are numerous teenagers that have been along to Brendan’s bootcamps in the past.


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