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The Great Courses Reviewed – Will you actually go further in your educational journey?

As a lifelong learner, I felt necessary to write a complete The Great Courses review. My thoughts and opinions are my own, and I often review courses to provide a better framework for students to decide upon what is right for them. Let’s get into it…

In an ideal world, we never stop learning. Knowledge is unlimited but our time and resources are finite. In college or at the university, we fly through the “general” subjects so we can hunker down and focus on our majors. There was no time to delve a little deeper into art and literature when you were racing to get that engineering degree but now, with so many resources available online, it’s never been easier to get back to those passions and start learning again, or in some cases, learn even more.

Before the explosion of YouTube and the gamut of videos it hosts, the Teaching Company, based on Virginia, USA, created The Great Courses in 1990 and since then, it has created and produced more than 500 courses, with company officials reporting having sold 19 million courses.

The Great Courses is a series of college-level audio and video courses with subjects ranging from business, economics, fine arts, music, ancient and medieval history, modern history, literature and English language, philosophy and intellectual history, and religion to science, mathematics, social sciences, professional development, and better living.

As opposed to bite sized, day-to-day topics that most online tutorials cater to, The Great Courses caters to a more niche demographic. Their customers are “lifelong learners” who are passionate about learning and perpetually curious. The courses are delivered through engaging, immersive learning experiences that are different from the typical online tutorials, amateur podcasts, or college lecture halls. And since the business model is driven mainly by customer, they play an integral part in the subjects chosen, courses produced and the professors chosen to teach them. There is a real partnership, a give and take, so to speak, in making The Great Courses a success and they remain relevant by creating current and fresh content and maintaining a stream of new talent.

One of their most (mainstream) famous and notable Great Course professors is Neil DeGrasse Tyson and self-described fans include Bill Gates and George Lucas. With heavy hitter and big names like that, it is easy to lend them credibility whilst giving you an insight of what kind of people this platform attracts.

Every component of the courses and lecture series are carefully produced to be optimally engaging and each go through rigorous customer surveys. No incentives are provided for those who participate in the surveys and this symbiotic relationship not only strengthens the bond between customer and company but keeps the quality of the courses top notch. This results on courses that customers are willing and happy to invest in and keeps the ball rolling.

The perks of The Great Courses is they have honed in on who they are, who they cater to and what works. They have taken the best out of the educational journey by choosing the best and most engaging professors while taking out the time constraints of regular classes and the four walls of a classroom. There are no prerequisites, no exams, and no homework. You can choose the format that best suits your lifestyle and needs, whether it be video or audio, discs, or digital on any device you choose, be it watching it on a TV or a laptop or listening on your headphones during your morning jog.

The Great Courses is the brainchild of Tom Rollins, a former lawyer. As he tells the story, he came across the idea an audio and video course when he was cramming to study for a final exam on the federal rules of evidence. Instead of scouring through his notes and reading volumes of books, he watched 10 hours of videotaped lectures by acclaimed legal professor Irving Younger. What he discovered was, through this video format, he was able to digest the subject much easier; “Professor Younger’s lectures were outrageously insightful, impressively thorough, and engagingly witty. Most important: They hammered home the concepts in a way that made the subject both accessible and interesting. They made learning not a chore to be accomplished but an adventure to be experienced.” Rollins’ gamble earned him an A on his exam and a business idea that later gave birth to The Great Courses.

According to Rollins, the success of The Great Courses rest on two key pillars:

  1. Find the top 1% of college professors in the world, selected entirely for their ability to teach.
  2. Use feedback from customers to help craft courses into formats uniquely designed for the lifelong learner.

The courses offered range from $20 for a short audio download to more than $500 for a multi-lecture DVD set. And to keep up with the times, The Great Courses will soon offer an online monthly subscription fee at $49.95 that offers hundreds of full courses and even more stand-alone lectures.

Here are some of their best selling courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Photography by Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer

Available in video download (currently on sale for $49.95) or DVD format (currently on sale for $69.95), this course teaches you how to best apply the fundamentals of camera equipment, understand the modern photographer’s workflow from shooting to editing to final product, and to discover how to use the advance and powerful tools of the modern cameras.

  1. The Everyday Gourmet: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking by Chef Bill Briwa of The Culinary Institute of America

Available in video download ($234.95) or DVD format ($269.95), this course teaches you which knives to use, when to use them and how the experts utilize them. Also the learn the fundamental cooking methods from roasting to poaching to stir-frying and unlock the full potential of your spice rack.

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Techniques for Retraining Your Brain by Professor Jason M. Satterfield, Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco

Available in video download ($234.95), audio download ($149.95), DVD format with closed caption ($269.95), or CD format ($199.95), you’ll learn how to set “smart” goals and watch three patients receive initial assessments. You’ll also understand how stress, depression, anxiety, fear, and anger can all be addressed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and find out how external changes to your daily habits can help alleviate dependencies and negative responses.

Interestingly, as opposed to most publishers, they offer a satisfaction guarantee! “ If a course is ever less than completely satisfying, you may exchange it for another of equal value at any time. You may also return any course, within one year of initial purchase, for a full refund. And, if a disc ever breaks, warps, or gets damaged, we’ll replace it as long as the course is in production, free.” That’s a huge plus in my book and I think it’s worth the investment if you are considering going further in your educational journey.

Craig Hamilton Evolving Wisdom – A “Transformative Education for a Changing World”

I felt it necessary to share my thoughts on Craig Hamilton within this Evolving Wisdom review. Hopefully it paints a better picture of what you’ll be discovering.

In today’s fast paced, anxiety-filled life, it is easy to get lost in the everyday grind and the shallow connections of the digital era which results to a present and growing need in creating and maintaining a bridge to our spirituality. Craig Hamilton has made it his life work to be a pioneer and a leading proponent of evolving spirituality and in the movement for conscious evolution. He is the founder of Integral Enlightenment, “an authentic, contemporary approach to spiritual practice designed to bring about a total transformation of our humanity.”

He describes it as “a path for those of us who appreciate the great wisdom traditions of the past, but feel a yearning for a new spirituality that is informed by a leading-edge understanding of both the human condition and our place in the Cosmos.” It is for people who believe that their spiritual life is more than personal happiness, peace, or contentment and this philosophy is in direct contradiction to the prevalent “me-oriented spirituality of the contemporary West.” In his journey to bring about a more enlightened world, he offers spiritual guidance and teachings all over the world, and his online courses have more than 14,000 graduates to date.

Craig’s spiritual journey, beginning from the ashrams and monasteries of the East, have eventually brought him to the forefront of consciousness research in the West. It was in this journey that his key insights took shape. His programs are deeply rooted in his decades of intensive spiritual practice and have lead him to create Evolving Wisdom.

Evolving Wisdom is a global e-learning community that offer virtual courses, online workshops, and events specializing in transformative education. The aim is not only to inspire and aspire big ideas but to guide people into a “process of deep transformation.” Evolving Wisdom is open to everybody, whether you have been on a long transformational journey or just recently dabbled or discovered it, but it’s important to note that true and lasting change don’t come easy or quick. For people who want to go on this path, it requires true commitment and genuine spiritual investment.

At Evolving Wisdom, there are four key components, which they refer to as the Four Pillars of Transformative Education, to bring about human transformation, to be able to embrace one’s true potential and a new way of being:

  • A step-by-step transformational program
  • A structure of ongoing guidance and support from a teacher or mentor
  • Ongoing practice and reflection
  • A supportive community of kindred spirits who are on the same journey

When you visit their website, you’ll find a list of the courses they offer and a detailed description of what they are all about. Their list of esteemed and notable faculty are also listed there so you can have a closer look into the dynamic group of people who will lead and guide you in the courses you choose. Also available are links to the websites of their different programs and free audio seminar events. I find the courses they offer to be very inviting especially since they offer a 14-day money back guarantee so there’s very little risk for you to try it and to determine if this is the right path to follow in your own spiritual evolution.

Here are their list of programs and my personal favorite course/s for each:

  1. Life Purpose & Personal Power

These programs aims to teach the “art and science of uncovering, exploring and achieving your greatest potential in life.”

  • Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose with Jean Huston. A 7-week course that helps you discover the essential tools and techniques to activate your unique destiny and live your highest calling.
  • Live Your Quantum Destiny. A 9-month program designed to offer regular support and intensive additional training in pursuing your life’s purpose and further developing your Quantum Powers.
  1. Spirituality & Meditation

These programs are focused “to powerfully shift your worldview, uplift your approach to life and provide you the tools to thrive.”

  • The Practice of Direct Awakening. A transformative and comprehensive meditation journey with a focus on awakened consciousness and provide the tools to sustain it. This course includes weekly video introductions, 90-minute course sessions, multiple guided audio meditations, and coaching sessions for a fully immersive and supportive experience.
  1. Love & Relationships

This program offers supportive programs designed to “free you from limitations to love and to open new doors to the meaningful relationships you’ve dreamed of.”

  • The Soulmate Secret: A 7-week Course to Manifest the Love of Your Life. For those who are on a seemingly endless journey to find The One. It’s a 7-week course based on the best-selling book by Arielle Ford that teaches you how to apply unique manifestation techniques to attract and find the person for you.
  1. Success & Prosperity

Focusing on the areas of Abundance and Prosperity to help “create the financial situation for yourself that best suits your desired life goals.”

  • True Prosperity: Your 7-Week Journey To Financial Empowerment. A comprehensive 7-week training that will guide you to achieving financial stability and wealth, overcoming “scarcity consciousness” and give you the tools to overcome the financial challenges you will face.
  1. Women’s Empowerment

These programs are women-centered designed to “provide the tools, training and support that today’s awakening women need to realize their highest potential.”

  • Feminine Power 7-Week Online Course. Designed to empower women everywhere by connecting them to a supportive global community that taps into the “new co-creative power of women.”

Craig Hamilton’s Evolving Wisdom may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but, if you do find yourself attracted and drawn in, you are in good company. They have a global learning community that is committed to spiritual and cultural evolution that is ready to welcome you, in whatever level or phase you are in your own journey. It is very easy to join and a quick sign up on their website will be rewarded quickly with access to the Evolving Wisdom electronic magazine, special program offers, and updates on upcoming events.

Liz Benny Kapow Course, Social Monkey Business & 6 Figure Webinar

I independently review courses online, and this one covers Liz Benny. Her offerings are Kapow, 6 Figure Webinar Hero and Social Monkey Business.

Background on me

I’ve been doing this for years, and drive all my income from eCommerce. I’ve seen some real snake-oil salesmen (and women!) in my time, and this one comes from experience. Read on as I really give you the insights on Liz Benny….

Access this FREE video training course right now for beginners

Many Australians and Kiwis have taken this course. It’s how I started my eCommerce journey. After all, it’s a FREE course that you can start now.

Kapow and Social Media Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that social media has taken over the world. Every click, every swipe, every scroll is HUGE business. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest, these are the juggernauts of the industry. Social media influencer, social media manager, social media marketer, these are fast becoming highly coveted job titles among millenials. Navigating your way through this maze could prove to be a lucrative move IF you know how to make the system work for you.

If you think you can keep up with the best of them because you take drool worthy Instagram pics of your favorite latte and create smashing videos of your dog, you’re sadly mistaken. There’s more to being a social media manager than posting content. So much more.

Liz Benny’s Course

What exactly are social media managers and what do they do? Primarily they are responsible for curating a brand’s social media channels, this translates to monitoring, moderating, and responding to their audience. This also means they manage and coordinate social media partnerships and of course, create and post images and videos. It may seem like an easy job but let me tell you, this kind of job is for people who are creative, innovative, tech savvy, detail-oriented, organized, and always have their finger on the pulse of what’s trending and what’s up and coming.

You should know your market and your target potential audience. You have to be able to strategize and execute digital marketing campaigns. Your should be analyzing the data and traffic from these campaigns and create a plan of action based on this data to grow your audience. On top of that, you’ll need to be a team player as you’ll be working closely with a design team to create illustrations and visual content. If the job description above seems alien to you, this is not the job or industry for you.

But, if you ticked the boxes for all the qualifications I mentioned above, then you might actually have a well-paying and successful career as a  social media manager. That being said, how and where do you start?

Who is Liz Benny?

Liz Benny describes herself as “a crazy Kiwi chick, at the same time I’m deadly serious about success, and I’m super fanatical about having fun while creating that success.” Sounds like a paradox but she has built a successful business out of this paradox. Her philosophy of “playing life full out” is a breath of fresh air in the stuffy and often rigid corporate approach. Now more than ever, being your authentic self is highly celebrated and encouraged, and if this is something you subscribe to, then Liz Benny is your girl.

Her business model is all about helping others achieve success in the social media industry and she does this by sharing her message of how to be authentic in business as a keynote speaker, assisting others to aim high with various training programs, and she is also involved in one-on-one business mentoring.

Perhaps she’s most famous for her moniker, the Queen of Kapow, Kapow being her term for “a movement of people who will not settle for anything less than having it all!” One of the courses that she has developed under her Kapow banner is Social Monkey Business, and this is the course we’ll delve into more in this post.

Should you buy the course?

In a nutshell, Social Monkey Business is an all-in-one, business-in-a-box for aspiring Social Media Managers. It details everything you need to get started and how to make that business a success.

You can sign up for the Social Monkey Business course at her website and you have two option payments available. You can opt to pay one time for $997 or split in four payments of $299 per month for four months.

Now what do you get in this course?

  • Lifetime Access to the Social Monkey Business Training Course that includes trainings, PDFs, Checklist and a FREE “templated website” for you to start your business in less than 24 hours. Talk about immediate results!
  • The “Perfect Proposal” template is designed to bring in clients and close the deal.
  • The Market Analysis template helps you to monetize your research time so you can start earning money quickly.
  • The Social Media Strategy and Calendar template, which was personally created and still used by Liz herself, is another money maker that aims to reduce the “slog work.”
  • A Client Flow Chart, Client Workflow, Client Advertising, and Contract template that collectively will ensure a seamless and efficient business.
  • And full access to the Social Monkey Business Group Coaching Facebook Group where you’ll be in good company with the experts and coaches that are there to support and guide you all the way.

Currently, they are offering a special one-time offer for those of you who purchase the Social Monkey Business Course. If you sign up and avail of the Social Monkey Business Course, you can get the “Five Figure Meeting” mini-course for only $97.

This mini-course was developed and used by Liz and it gives you the blueprint she used to sign up her first client and the detailed,  step-by-step approach of exactly how she delivered the goods in two short days. This is a tried and tested method that I believe will be invaluable for people who want to jump in head first in the business and come out triumphant.

If you’re interested to know what else Liz has in her social media arsenal, here are other Kapow courses and programs that are currently available.


Six Figure Course Hero is a mini course to help you bypass the BS and get straight to your first $10,000 in Online Course Sales.

Six Figure Course Hero Review

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Start Here!
  • Six Figure Course Hero
    • The Six Figure Course Blueprint
    • Fast Tracking Your Course To $10,000 In Sales
    • The One Funnel You Need To Pre-Sell Your Course
    • How Making Money With Courses Actually Works
    • How I ROYALLY Stuffed Up And Lost Massive Money
    • Your Very Own Template And Step By Step Blueprint


  • Your Course Bonuses
  • [Case Study] Small Local Cafe Owner Maps Out Her Knowledge Into A Million Dollar Course Idea
  • Your Bonus Funnel! (ISS Funnel Along with EMAILS)


This mini course will teach you the key differences between a ZERO results webinar and a Kapow $100,000 webinar, step-by-step.

Course Content

  • Module 1
    •  Introduction and KEY Information
  • Module 2
    •  Two Webinar Side By Side
    •  Million Dollar Webinar Lessons
  • Module 3
    •  5 Keys To Make Every Webinar Sell Your Course
  • Module 4
    •  Psychology Of Webinar Sales


  •  Liz Dunoon Case Study (6 Course Sales Daily) with this simple hack…
  •  Social Monkey Business Slides
  •  Insta Social Secrets Webinar Funnel

Social Money Business

Ultimate Kapow is the complete success package. Imagine having Liz heading a team of specialists to support you all the way.

Liz Benny Social Monkey Business Review

Course Content

  •     Module 1 | Setting up your Business
    •         Introduction
    •         Branding Your New Business
    •         Email And Workflow Tools
    •         Setting Up Your Facebook Page
    •         Setting Up Your Instagram
    •         Creating Your Youtube
    •         Setting Up Your Pinterest
    •         Setting Up Your Twitter
    •         Building Up Your Website And Blog (A)
    •         Setting Up Your Website And Blog (B)
    •         Setting Up Your Website And Blog (C)
    •         Getting The Best Business Cards
    •         Registering Your Business And Bank Stuff
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 2 | Social Media Crash Course
    •         Introduction
    •         Facebook Crash Course
    •         Facebook In Depth
    •         Twitter Crash Course
    •         LinkedIn Crash Course
    •         Instagram Crash Course
    •         YouTube Crash Course
    •         Google Plus Course
    •         Pinterest Crash Course
    •         Snapchat Crash Course
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 3 | How To Get Clients
    •         Introduction
    •         Foundations of Selling
    •         Meet Melissa – My First Client
    •         Attracting Clients
    •         Gold Client Outreach System
    •         Who To Target To Get A Yes
    •         How To Find High Paying Clients
    •         The Client Getting Presentation
    •         How To Present A Proposal
    •         Close The Deal & Get Paid Fast
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 4 | Daily Social Media Management
    •         Introduction
    •         Professionalism & Dealing With Crazy Clients
    •         How To Manage Your Client’s Profile – Luciano
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 5 | How To Sell And What To Sell
    •         Introduction
    •         How To Sell
    •         What To Sell
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 6 | How To Upsell And Make Even More
    •         Introduction
    •         Important Concepts
    •         The Nitty Gritty
    •         Applications, Newsletters, Websites & SM Strategy
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 7 | How To Take Payment
    •         Billing and Accounting
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 8 | FB Advertising Fast Track
    •         Introduction
    •         Basics Done Right
    •         Luciano Espresso Bar Example
    •         SoYo Bridge Funnel
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 9 | How To Avoid Headaches
    •         Avoiding Headaches
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 10 | Mindset Coaching For Success
    •         Introduction
    •         I Am Statement
    •         Your A B C D
    •         Define Success & Goal Setting
    •         You Want This To Be Easy, Right?
    •         Homework And Extra Training
  •     Module 11 | Reporting Back To Clients
    •         Introduction
    •         Reporting
    •         Homework And Extra Training


Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Lifetime access to the Social Monkey Business Training Course which has been recently updated, including trainings, PDFs, Checklist and a FREE templated website for you to get up and running in less than a day! ($4997 Value)
  • The “Perfect Proposal” Template which will assist you to close clients so fast you won’t know what hit! ($397 Value)
  • Market Analysis Template which will help you turn all your research time into cash in your bank. No unpaid work  here!! It’s time to get paid ($347 Value)
  • The Social Media Strategy and Calendar Template that I personally created and use to make thousands and thousands without costing hours of painful slog work ($3997 Value)
  • Client Flow Chart, Client Work-flow, Client Advertising and Contract Template – Use these systems instantly to ensure you run your business efficiently instead of it running you! ($2488 Value)
  • Full access to the powerful Social Monkey Business Group Coaching Facebook Group (Value Priceless)
  • Client Questionnaire Template
  • The Consultative Close Process
  • The $1.4 Million Spreadsheet
  • Getting Started Template
  • What’s Going On Template
  • Week 3 Email Template
  • Service Contract Template


A detailed, complete and step-by-step program to assist you in not only creating your online course, but monetizing and scaling big.

Liz Benny Kapow Course Evaluation

Course Content

  • Introduction: A Massive Welcome!
    • Kapow Now Vs Kapow Life
    • Kapow Support
  • Step 1: Getting Clear and Focused
    • Laying A Solid Course Foundation
    • Your Course Roadmap
    • The STEP BY STEP (Anal Retentive Plan)
    • Understanding the Game
    • Personal Development | Know Your Strengths
    • Dealing with Adversity
    • Attractive Character | Who will you show up as?
    • The Basics of Starting and Opening a Business
  • Kapow Intermission
    • I Believe in You!
  • Step 2: How To Structure Your Course
    • What to put in your course?
    • Take a Sneak Peak at the Competition
    • How to work out Your Modules
    • How to work out Your Bonuses
    • Pre-selling your course properly
    • Case Study – Kapow Now! Course
    • Bonus Case Study – Stephen Kirby
    • Bonus Case Study – Brooke Spagrud
  • Step 3: Setting Up Your Million Dollar Kapow Course Brand
    • Domain Purchase
    • Setting Up Your Emails & Google Docs
    • Setting Up Your Emails & Google Docs – Walkthrough By Kieron
    • Your Kapow Logo
    • Your Brand Colours
    • Social Media 
    • Software and Systems You’ll Need
    • Case Study | Kapow Life Brand Set Up
    • Bonus: Build a Brand that sells your course
  • Step 4: Selling Your Course | Part One | Webinar Creation
    • Introduction To Webinar Creation
    • Lessons on a Million Dollar Webinar
    • Million Dollar Webinar Walkthrough Part One
    • Million Dollar Webinar Walkthrough Part Two
    • Setting Up Go To Webinar
    • Going Live On A Webinar
    • Funnel Scripts
    • Social Monkey Business Slides and Replay
  • Kapow Intermission 2
    • A Loving Kick in the Butt
  • Step 5: Selling Your Course | Part Two | Funnel Creation
    • Funnel Creation | Introduction
    • Getting Your Domain On ClickFunnels
    • Funnel Creation | Case Study | Webinar Registration Page
    • Funnel Creation | Case Study | Order Page
    • Auto – Webinar Funnel
    • Using Deadline Funnel
  • Step 6: Selling Your Course | Part Three | Emails & Text Messages
    • Introduction
    • Creating And Setting Up Your Emails
    • Setting Up Your SMTP Settings
  • Step 7: Selling Your Course | Part Four | Video
    • Videos to sell your course
  • Step 8: Making The Course The KAPOW Way
    • Introduction | Creating Your Slides
    • Recording Your Content
    • Pro Tips That Save Editing and Minimises Frustration
    • Plan Out Recording Time | Block out Time
    • The Full Flow Of Content Creation
  • Kapow Intermission 3
    • You’re so close Now
  • Step 9: Traffic and Getting People To Show Up To Your Webinar
    • Traffic To Get Registrations
    • Email List, Joint Ventures and Other
    • How To Get People To Show Up For Your Webinar
    • Meet Dan Henry
  • Step 10: Managing Your Customers | Admin Best Practises
    • Boring but Important Stuff
  • Step 11: Scaling Into The High Six Figures/Millions
    • Scaling Into The High Six Figures/Millions
  • Step 12: Growing Your Tribe and Movement Further
    • Growing Your Tribe and Movement Further


  • Your Kapow Course Bonuses
    • Bonus 1: Join Our Exclusive Kapow Course Facebook Group – $1,164
    • Bonus 2: Joint Venture Training & Dream 100 Sign Up System – $1,997+
    • 3rd Bonus: Kapow Life Course | How To Live The “Have It All Life” – $10,997
    • Bonus 4: Testimonial Training & Request System – $1,497
    • Bonus 5: Million Dollar Business Coaching and System – $1,997
    • 6th Bonus: Back End Training & Management System – $1,997
    • Bonus 7: Social Monkey Business Million Dollar Funnel (Live Webinar Funnel) – $15,997
  • Bloopers
    • Kids Blooper
    • Anal Retentive Blooper
    • Welcome To Module Number
    • Prattling On About Some Bullshit
    • Failed Starwars
    • Save Your Bacon
  • Behind The Scenes | Creating Kapow Course
    • How to KAPOW through this Process
  • Kapow Masterclass
    • Masterclass 1

If you’re fully on board Team Liz and the Kapow philosophy, you can also get a hold of some cool Kapow Swag, also available in the website.

Reputation of Liz Benny

Now, even though everything is pretty much laid out in their website, I’d understand if you are still feeling some trepidation about signing up. Good thing is, Liz has made it easy for you to have a more personal contact with the Kapow team should you have any questions about her program and courses. Telephone numbers for both US and New Zealand are stated on the website and you are welcome to give them a call to set up a chat.

You’ll find a long list of glowing reviews and happy customer feedback on her website and it’s a good read. You’ll be able to read and hear about real success stories of people who used the Social Monkey Business course and have gone on to find success as Social Media Managers.

This industry will likely just keep growing and growing in the years to come and shows no sign of slowing down. If this a bandwagon you’d like jump on, Liz Benny’s Social Monkey Business might just be the right course to help you get started.

P.s. Don’t forget to get FREE access to the Amazon training course. It’s available for instant access!

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Review: Is Neil Asher For Real?

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Review

22 Things You Should Know About Neil Asher's AOE Training



Founder. Blogger. Enjoys work.

Welcome to the ultimate Neil Asher Review for 2021.

I’ve spent thousands of hours auditing and reviewing the content from many online courses, including the popular Aussie Online Entrepreneurs training.

If you’re ready to enrol but need to know:

✅ How Neil Asher’s training compares to other popular Amazon FBA courses.

✅ What are the common criticisms of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

✅ Who is the individual behind this course and what is their experience

✅ If you really can achieve results with this training

✅ How to get a $1 trial for Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Then you’re in the right place, so let’s move forward.

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Overview

💡Core Concepts

Neil Asher primarily teaches Amazon FBA. Students learn how to launch their own products on the platform or, through additional training offered, become a consultant for existing brands.

💰 Current Price

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs costs $77/month. Occasionally a $1 trial is offered. To get access to the full content, students are expected to pay $247 per month.

🎓 Student Volume

3,000 students are in the Facebook group, however only a small portion of these are paid students as some have cancelled/refunded over the years.

👍 Common Praise

Very affordable pricing structure for base-level training. Daily Q&A from Neil. Low price for mentoring calls. Monthly webinars. Australian focused and charges in AUD.

Common Complaints

Targets struggling Aussie battlers. Lower quality course layout and video content. Low calibre students doing the bare minimum. Course has upsells. Understated capital requirements.

🔥 The X-Factor

Affordability – this is the cheapest available Amazon FBA course in Australia appealing to those on a strict family budget.

📈 Industry Trends

Amazon FBA is growing increadibly fast which is perfect for Australians earning revenue in US dollars. In 2020, McKinsey reported 10 years of eCommerce growth in 3 months. Neil Asher’s students are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this exponential growth.

👨‍💻 My Verdict

Set low expectations if you’re looking for good quality training. The value really lies in the daily interactions in the Facebook group.

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents


You'll Need To Work

Amazon FBA isn’t an easy ticket.

There are a lot of things that need to align for things to go smoothly here. In the early years, most people can struggle.

While Neil shows things as a bit easy, it’s actually going to require quite a bit of work here. Product, branding, logistics & more.

So it’s best that you tune out the distractions and delve into commercial viability of physical products online.

3+ Years of Amazon FBA Training

Neil Asher’s course isn’t new.

Australian Online Entrepreneurs has been running for a few years. While its early reputation wasn’t so strong, it is increasing.

Neil’s personally been at this game for many years. He’s a gun at physical products and shows you what he actually sells.

In that time, the community has really evolved. You often see the same faces as well as new ones coming in each month.

Some Success Stories

I’ve seen about 9 people become ‘successful’ from Neil’s training.

Given that Neil doesn’t charge a fortune for his training, students are left with some capital for inventory.

Thus, a few people are now selling products although they seem mostly to have sales revenue instead of real profits.

I think a large part of their success is due to his Facebook group as opposed to the course materials.

Because as you’re about to see, the course really isn’t that good compared to many other options out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Replace My Income With Neil's Methods?

Maybe. There are just so many factors at play.

Making $10k/month on Amazon isn’t that easy. You’ll need to put in capital, work consisntely and stay committed.

While some have hit this mark, it appears their $10k/month is sales revenue. At 30% profit, they only make $3k/month.

Amazon FBA is a capital-intensive business model. The capital you put upfront does take quite a lot time to return.

Why Are People So Into Amazon?

It’s a powerful opportunity.

Living in Australia, we’re able to take advantage of the US dollar and the conversion rate very much in our favour.

Plus Amazon is a sales beast. It’s not uncommon to launch a product and get 100 sales per day. Try that with Shopify…. 😔

The opportunity suits those who want to quit their jobs for a better lifestyle, as well as those wanting to go big online.

It’s also less technical than SEO, content marketing, SaaS and many other online strategies. Physical products you can see.

In many ways, it’s like eBay but so, so, so much better! So it really appeals to everyday people looking to go online.

What Can You Tell Me About Neil's Background?

Well, Neil Asher has had an interesting past.

Prior to building several eCommerce brands and his Aussie Online Entrepreneurs training business, Neil has done a few things.

Most recently, he ran Roar Local – a digital marketing company based in Sydney. He lives in Portugal now to avoid taxes.

Prior to that, he’s been a chef, a lawyer and been in business with one very questionable individual. If you do enough research, you’ll find the details online.

I would say that today, Neil’s really farming on fresh pastures. I think we all make mistakes in the past and we can move on.

Common Praise

Very Affordable Training

Starting at $77/month, Neil represents great value.

As opposed to other companies that might charge thousands of dollars, Neil has taken a different approach.

He’s targetting those who don’t have much money to begin with, so his offer of $77/month makes good sense.

Given it’s an Australian-centric training community, Neil has kept his course on AUD pricing which has been well received.

The entire course can be consumed in the few first weeks so you could pay $77 for the entire lot and then cancel afterwards.

Daily Community Involvement

Neil doesn’t ignore his Facebook group.

Unlike a couple of others I’ve seen in US-based courses, Neil hasn’t created this sense of “I’m high and mighty…”

Instead, he welcomes daily questions into the group and answers them with pride. Sometimes his coaches answer them too.

You really do get a sense that Neil is there to serve his audience first and foremost with current stragies which are working.

This also makes it easy to sell addtional training like Diamond coaching or the annual live conferences in Australia.

Monthly Student-Only Webinars

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs provides regular and current training.

I do take a dig at the low quality course content later in this review, but one thing’s for sure – the webinars are there.

Neil puts these together for his students to learn what’s working for him and his business right now.

Sometimes these are run by his coaches as well. I’ve seen some good training on eBay by Sue Josephson.

These aren’t designed to be pitches either. Sure – Neil has upsold coaching in the past but it’s not the main focus.

Casual and Friendly Students

This is a journey best done together.

When you join Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, you get a sense that people aren’t just about building profitable businesses.

The yearly conference on the Gold Coast is a great opportunity to meet other likeminded people who share the same values.

Given the COVID-19 restrictions in place, some students have organized small local meetups in capital cities.

So don’t just look at the training and support offered, but what you can get out of having access to others.

Super Cheap Coaching

$250 gets you 2x coaching calls.

Much like the course, the coaching is also cheap. You’re offered these upon signing up and there is great value in these.

One of the biggest questions is “What product do I sell?” and these calls can help flush this problem out of the way.

Plus his optional Diamond coaching package for $5k offers personal assistance while others charge a fortune for similar.

So real props here for offering genuine assistance to complete newbies for a fraction of the price of what others charge.

Common Complaints + Criticism

Neil Targets The Less Fortunate

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs is geared for struggling Australians.

Some Australians are hopeful but also desperate too, and some of these people join AOE.

Life may have not gone so well and they need to get the house in order pretty damn quickly.

Essentially they’re looking to fix their money problems ASAP and see Amazon as the answer.

Psychologically, this makes for a less than pleasant situation to be in. They need to get earning revenue within months.

And thus, when that doesn’t work out…then comes the negative complaints as you’ll find written online.

So I think Neil should focus more on the middle class who has a better mindset for success.

Because Amazon FBA is a long-term play. Potential profits don’t arrive typically in the first year in business.

The Bare-Minimum Work Ethic

Neil Asher’s students typically aren’t striving for excellence.

Following on from the first point, AOE students typically aim to do the bare minimum of work.

Because students can mess around for months or years, success stories aren’t so common.

I believe that building a good brand and a profitable business is a multi-year approach.

If you really want it, expect to spend several years, thousands of hours and dollars into getting yourself moving.

This is why I gravitate towards more established Amazon FBA selling communities. I want to be around the big dogs in town.

Then again, I think that such drive and ambition can be overwhelming for the beginner.

Some people really find the cruisy nature of AOE’s Facebook group to be much more at their pace.

Essentially, if you need to go slow, then this is for you.

Inaccurate Claims of Minimum Capital

Neil Asher has vastly understated the capital that one requires.

The most common reason I see why people fail on Amazon is not having enough cold, hard cash.

While Neil Asher might say “Get Started For A Few Hundred Bucks!!” it actually takes far more.

Building a successful business online takes REAL capital. If you just want to “get started” then a few bucks is all you need.

$10,000 USD (about $12.5k our money) is the bare minimum to make any real money here.

However, after speaking with dozens of Amazon sellers, $40k and upwards is really the sweet spot. $100k = winning.

I think it’s wise to state the real minimums upfront so you know what’s REALLY necessary if you’re looking to win.

That said, some AOE students have joined together while others doe consulting for other brands and make a few K per month.

So I wouldn’t exactly discount or reject the AOE training based on Neil’s incorrect claims, although he really should change this.

There is merit if you do Amazon but from a different strategy. Consulting for other brands is an excellent way that he teaches.

Poor Quality Course Layout

Neil Asher’s Course is filmed like it’s 2003. It’s now 2021.

Neil’s taken the approach of home-style video lessons. I think this is the biggest complaint for most people.

In an age where free content on YouTube is AMAZING, you really have to go the extra mile if you want money for a course.

While his lessons and strategies are current, the course layout and video quality is sub-par. Some free courses are better.

A real case of getting what you pay for. The community and daily involvement from Neil sure makes up for this though.

So if you already know Amazon works and just need some cheap training and a good mentor, then AOE is ideal.

Incorrect Course Pricing and Upsells

Neil Asher says $77/month is all you need. It’s actually $247. 😕

The beginners level is $77/month but there are elements which have been intentionally left out.

If you really want the whole lot, you’re up for $247/month. If you stay for 12 months, then Neil Asher will cost almost $3,000.

That still shows good value as you can spread your payments over time unlike other courses that expect upfront payments.

I guess my biggest gripe is that I was expecting to get everything for $77/month as stated, but this simply isn’t true.

Then we have the constant upselling to Diamond coaching. This is where you can get proper phone mentoring.

I haven’t taken this but at $5,000 it’s good value when others charge $15k and more…and people actually buy.

I’m certainly not against upsells. I think it’s a good way to experience a product/service/expert before investing more.

The best part is that you can get a refund if you don’t like the service. 30-days is pretty typical and it’s pretty easy to do.

I’ve even seen Neil refund Diamond coaching packages which is really a good gesture. It’s unlikely anyone else would do that.

Final Verdict

Good For Low-Budget Australians

If you just want basic, then this is for you.

The word ‘Aussie’ in the course name gives a hint to who this appeals to. If you’re on a budget, then this is a good start.

You’ll be surrounded by others who have struggled a bit in life and are now on the same Amazon FBA journey.

Chances are that you won’t be able to launch your own physical products because of the financial limitations.

Don’t let this stop you as consulting is a good strategy. Let’s assume you get 5 clients at $1k/month each and you’ll be sweet.

That’s an assumption though. There is some real work involved here and it isn’t quite a casual walk in the dog park.

Course Needs a Real Overhaul

I think really Aussie Online Entrepreneurs could be so much more.

While the course is geared for the non-tertiary educated Australians, they still expect to see some good quality.

After all, YouTube content has really become incredible. So Neil really needs to overhaul his training for 2021.

I’d like to see bite-sized content with superior sound and videoes. I’m sure he could hire out a production studio for a few days.

Once this happens, I’ll be happy to rate this course so much higher. It’s one of the key aspects holding this back.

Australia's Best Pricing

Neil wins hands-down with the pricing.

Instead of paying a fortune as with other courses, Neil has taken the approach of student affordability.

This means that you can get started and dip the toes in without needing to stretch all the way…for now.

For $77/month, you can get started today. Neil Asher sometimes offers trial access for just $1 which is a steal.

Add that in with a 30-day refund policy, and you’ve got a good segway into the world of selling on Amazon US from Australia.


To go from 3,000 to 10,000 students, AOE can do better.

Neil Asher has made a solid start with his Australian-specfic training and community.

Certainly the community aspect is a good 9/10, while the training is more like a 6.9/10.

There’s no doubt that Neil really walks the talk with his own Amazon businesses.

I guess then, he’s more of an Amazon seller than an educator, and that’s certainly a great thing.

Because if you want to learn from someone who’s doing, then you’re in a good place. 🙂