10 Reasons To Home School Australian Children

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What exactly is home schooling and is it popular in Australia? Homeschooling is simply educating your children from the comfort of your home, just like it was done 100 years ago before governments (and corporations) took over the job of schooling. In terms of numbers, at the time of this writing there were approximately 3,000 registered home school students and an estimated 10,000 students unregistered (for numerous reasons). It’s likely that the amount of home schooled children in Australia exceeds 30,000.

Reasons for Australian home schooling:

1) Children learn from their own experiences.

In comparison to typical schools, the learning never stops for the child who can create their own personal experience. I feel a lot of my school years was simply over-rated babysitting (moving classrooms, filling in paperwork, listening to students answer questions I already know, doing work to pass the time).

2) Learn about financial education for kids

You’ll find that in typical government schools, money, business and financial education is hardly ever mentioned. No wonder so many people in Australia and in deed around the world are loaded up with debt right now! When you home school Australian children, you’ll have lots of time to include the subjects that government schools miss, and you can include material from financial authors such as Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

3) Increased social development.

I’ve found that through my research on Australian home schooling, the only valid reason for public schoolers to promote tehir choice is that children need school so they can develop their social skills. It’s fair to say that in the real world, we’re all surrounded by people of different ages, cultures, religions and belief systems. Thus children in schools will be surrounded by a narrow band and will be living mostly in an artificial bubble. I believe that it is necessary to have some social contact with children their own age, so out-of-school sports, theater, music, hobbies etc are highly recommended.

4) Children can question things

This one is a big reason for me and my children personally. Most children won’t ask questions at school due to the fear of being wrong or teased later on by their peers. On the other hand, those who are homeschooled tend not only to ask questions without fear, but also explore greater possibilities that could exist.

5) Lack of drugs / influence / violence etc

This point is obvious, you’ll have full control over the environment in which you place your children. Exposure to violence isn’t good for any children, especially before teenager years where the child needs to grow with love and self esteem that you as a parent should be providing them.

6) Open selection of subjects to learn

Your children can pursue an unlimited range of subjects in addition to the core subjects. 12 years is a lot of time to waste spend at school, so why not put that time to good use! Fancy teaching them three different languages? You can do that! What them to begin building a passive income stream? You can work with them to do that.

7) You can live anywhere

This is one of the best benefits of owning a location independent business. We have the ability to roam and live where we please. And indeed, most people move every 2-3 years as well, but if you’re kids are attending school, then there is some fear and stress associated with them settling in a new school.

8) You can choose your teachers

Homeschooling isn’t all about you assisting your child with their progress. You’re able to bring private teachers of your own choosing, meaning you can interview them first. Granted, I would say that most teachers in schools are well meaning with good intentions, but wouldn’t you like to have a choice in who you trust your most precious gift to?

9) Children can find out what they want to do in life

It’s the typical question asked of school children “what do you want to do when you grow up?” and most children are still lost even at their final year of schooling. When your Australian children are home schooled, you can indeed create opportunities for them to experience a job, business or lifestyle before they commit to doing so.

10) You are empowering your children.

Schools are intentionally dumbing down children. That sounds far-fetched but if you do further investigation (and read the book Dumbing Us Down by John Gatto amongst others) you’ll see that the governments and corporations don’t want a nation of creative thinkers, but instead a nation of workers. Which of course begins in school, where children are dis-empowered and are shaped to fit within a box and are unable to explore their own potential. This gives rise to an increasingly growing personal development industry to help adults re-empower themselves due to the effects of school.


One of the reasons that parents still continue to use public/private schooling is that is what was done for them, and thus they feel it is acceptable. But upon reading this, I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions as to whether or not you’ll home school your Australian children. I feel personally that the time has come to think again for ourselves, since the industrial age ended long ago and we now can create a new way of doing things!

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