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I’m Joshua, online marketer, blogger, Amazon guru with a love affair towards passive income. If you desire to create an online business of your own but you are unsure of where to start, this page is for you.

For me and my blog followers, the focus is on building opportunities that take advantage of automated systems allowing transactions, cash flow and growth to happen without needing a real-time presence.

Success is a journey

My motto since 2011. Focus on the journey, taking small steps to achieve big goals.

My belief in helping you learn is quite straight forward. I work hard, share the truth and lead by example. That’s what I love to do, and my blog is an extension of that.

Domain and Hosting – My Strategy

Having your own website is a necessary part of any profitable passive income business that’s running online. There are numerous free options such as the popular WordPress and Blogger platforms. Whilst these make excellent options for some people, this is one path I do not recommend as you’re restricted towards your customization options for design, functionality and revenue generation. Also, your domain name is typically an extension of the service providers own name. As an example, if my blog were on WordPress, the web address would be instead of the more authentic

Bluehost: The Company That I Have Trusted Since 2013

I’ve used numerous services and find that BlueHost has the best reliability, customer service and live chat. I can give you horror stories that I’ve experienced with competitors, but I’ve never had them with BlueHost – it just works! As an entrepreneur, this gives me amazing peace of mind!

Free: My 7 Steps Towards Creating Your Own Online Business

Before you start your engines and jump straight into your online business creation, I’d love to share with you some great insights and guidance that I’ve experienced about starting an online business the proper way. I created this because I believe it is important to start out your journey with a focused and nurturing experience that rewards those who are committed.

My Appreciation!

I’m here for you both as a friend and as a guide to the sometimes complex digital world.

I’m just a normal guy who enjoys working smart. I’d love to know how else I can help you, through this we can both learn and grow together.